Top 5 Best High Airflow Case Fans

If you are looking for a the Best Airflow Fans then this post is for you.

In this post, I will be sharing with the top 5 best high airflow fans available right now.

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Before going further more let's have a quick look at the fan specifications.

Overall Best High Airflow Case Fans

Fan NameMax Fan SpeedAir FlowStatic PressureNoise Level
Noctua NF F12 iPPC-30003000 ±10%RPM109.88 CFM7.63 mmH2O143.5 dBA
Cooler Master JetFlo 1202000 ±10%RPM95 CFM2.72 mmH2O36 dBA
Scythe Kaze Flex 1202000 ±10%RPM89 CFM2.99 mmH2O38 dBA
NZXT Aer P 1202000 ±10%RPM73.11 CFM2.93 mmH2O36 dBA
Thermaltake Riing h14 RGB1400 ±10%RPM63.19 CFM1.53 mmH2O27.2 dBA

Why to Buy a High Airflow Case Fan?

High Airflow case fans can create well ventilation inside your PC case which results in making good cooling system in it.

You may ask:

How to know if a case fan has High Airflow?

In the specifications of  a case fan you will find a section of airflow with the unit CFM. the more its value is the more airflow it will provide.

If have confusion with CFM then you can ask:

What does CFM stands for?

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. It's a unit for measuring Airflow.

Things to know Before Buying a High Airflow Case Fan

You need to know the following things before buying a High Airflow case fan:

  • High Airflow fans create a lot of noise at max speed. If you are buying one of these fans then be sure you have a sound resisting case.
  • High airflow doesn't fulfill all the expectations. So, be sure to check all the specification of these fans before buying them.

Below there is a list top 5 best High Airflow or High CFM case fans:

5 Best High Airflow Case Fans and Their Reviews

High airflow case fans are very good for ventilation and  they are good for cooling radiators as well if they can provide a high static pressure.

This list of best high airflow case fans is made on their performance and excellent built quality.

Here are the Top 5 Best High Airflow or High CFM Case Fans with their review:

1. Noctua NF F12 iPPC-3000


Noctua fans are the best in the market right now for their awesome performance.

Their Noctua NF F12 Industrial PPC-3000 fans the the highest airflow providing fans available now.

These fans can provide upto 109.88CFm airflow at insane 3000RPM speed.

Yes, it's a bit noisy. It create 43.5 dBA noise at its highest speed.

This fans is one of the Best Static Pressure case fans at it can deliver upto 7.63 mmH2O static pressure.

These fans are minimal looking and performs the best in any type of PC case.

If you want some LED lightings in the case fans then the next one might be a good option for you.

2. Cooler Master JetFlo 120


Cooler Master's Jetflo series is special for high fan speed and great airflow.

These Fans can deliver 2.72 mmH2O static pressure and can speed upto 2000RPM. 

These helps them to make an airflow of insane 95CFM.

One thing to note that:

There are 4 variants. Three of them have white,red or blue color LEDs and the other version doesnt have any lighting

Max noise created by these fans is 36 dBA.

3. Scythe Kaze Flex 120


If you want a silent fan which can provide high airflow than this fan will be good for you.

Scythe Kaze Flex 120 Case Fans have a  noise level is only 14.5dBA at 800RPM.

But you can obviously boost up the speed to 2000RPM which will help it to provide an airflow of 89CFM.

Static pressure proded by this fan is 2.99 mmH2O at its highest speed.

This fan is highly recommended if you don't need that highest speed all the time.

The design of these fans are also minimal. They come with wither black and white color or full grey color.

4. NZXT Aer P 120


NZXT always makes minimal looking products and their Aer P series fans are no different.

These fans can provide 73.11 CFM Airflow at 2000 RPM speed.

2.93 mmH20 static pressure of these fans allow them to be usable for cooling any sorts of radiators and heat sinks. 

These fans have a RGB variant too. If you are interested then check our separate post on best RGB case fans.

At its highest speed this fan is noisy and it creates 36dBA noise.

5. Thermaltake Riing h14 RGB


Thermaltake Riing h14 RGB is the only fan in this list which is RGB. 

Yes, this is the only fan that can deliver a great performance being a gorgeous looking RGB fan.

If you really care about aesthetics of your PC then this is the fan to get.

These fans can speed up to 1400RPM providing 63.19 CFM airflow.

You can also use these fan for cooling radiators as they can deliver 1.53 mmH2O Static pressure.

Noise level of these fan is also less than the other ones. This fan create only 27.2 dBA noise at its max speed.

These fans have the highestbuilt quality provided by any manufacturers.

They good thing is:

These fans have anti-vibration rubber coating of making them even more silent.

you ca control the RGB lighting of these fans by almost all motherboard lighting apps.

You can even do this by your phone and your voice if you install the TT RGB Plus app.

Final Thoughts

High Airflow case fans are awesome to have. But they create a bit more noise.

So, if you want a quieter yet good performing fan then be sure to check our separate post on best quiet case fans.

Hope you have find and get the best high airflow case fan for your PC.

Comment below if you have any other inquiry about these fans.

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