Top 59 Best Case Fans Reviewed:

Sorted by Size/RGB/CFM/Speed [2020]

If you are looking for the best case fans for your PC then this post is for you.

In this post, you will get to know which are the top 59 case fans as well as the buyers guide.


This list includes case fans of size 50mm, 70mm, 120mm, 140mm and even 200mm.

Here, the case fans are sorted by size, RGB illumination, Airflow, Speed, Static pressure, Noise level, Build quality, Durability and many other feature.

So, let's get started.

PC Case Fans Ultimate Buyers Guide

Here are some important points you need to know before buying case fans for your PC:

  • The first thing you need to know before buying  a case fan is its size. There are case fans of different sizes. The case fans you need totally depends on the PC case you are using. It's better to use the highest sized fan that you can mount in your case.
  • If you want the case fans for cooling your PC by ventilating air inside your case then you will need to be concerned about the Speed and Airflow of the fan. The more a case fan can speed up and provide airflow, the more cool it will be inside your PC case.
  • If yo are looking for cooling heatsinks and radiators then static pressure is the thing to think about. Remember that, Higher static pressure = Better cooling of heat sinks and radiators.
  • Noise created by any case fan is distracting. But it's obvious that a fan can not be totally silent. So, make sure that the noise level of the case fans is tolerant to you.
  • Finally, the build quality of the case fans is the most important feature of case fans. The build quality of a case fan is responsible to makes it more durable and efficient in terms of performance.

Best Case Fans and Their Reviews

Case fans are one of the most important parts for PC cooling. And it's the most affordable key to enhance your PC's performance

So, you shouldn't compromise a single matter while buying a case fan.

All the case fan lists are 120mm and 140mm except the last two.

Here are the Best Case Fans with their review divided in few sections based on their best unique features:

RGB Case Fans


RGB case fans are the best looking case fans with RGB illuminating parts on their body.

This has become a trend now to have RGB case fans. 

These fans can adorn your computer and give your desk setup a gorgeous look.

But buying any RGB fan isn't worth it. 

So, this list of best RGB fans is made based on their better RGB illumination and performance.

Here're the complete reviews of 11 Best RGB Fans

High Airflow Case Fans


High Airflow is one of the most expected feature of any case fan. So, it's very important to have atleast a few high airflow case fans inside your PC case.

High airflow inside your PC can improve the ventilation which will ultimately result in enhancing the overall performance of your PC.

The list of these case fans includes the highest airflow providing case fans.

Here're the complete reviews of 5 Best High Airflow Fans

High Static Pressure Case Fans


The main purpose of using high static pressure fans is to coll the heatsinks and radiator in a PC.

The more static pressure case fans can provide then more they will cool down the radiators and heatsinks of the PC.

This list of high static pressure case fans are the best performing and the highest static pressure providing fans.

Here're the complete reviews of 9 Best High Static Pressure Fans

Quiet Case Fans


Silent fans are the best for a workstation PC. 

If loud noise annoys you during important tasks then this fans will be best suited for you.

But you shouldn't be compromising any other important features of a case fan for making it quiet.

This list of quiet case fans will be very helpful for you by not distracting you in future.

Here're the complete reviews of 9 Best Silent Fans

Aura Sync Compatible RGB Case Fans


Aura sync is the most trending app for controlling RGB lighting of of gaming PCs.

If are using an Aura sync compatible ASUS motherboard and you want to control the RGB lighting of your case fans then you will need to get these fans.  

But all aura sync compatible fans aren't the best performing.

So, this list of Aura Sync compatible RGB case fans are only the most superior case fans among the compatible ones.

Here're the complete reviews of 5 Best Aura Sync Compatible RGB Fans

200mm Case Fans


200mm case fans are obviously the best sized case fans if your PC case has the feature of mounting 200mm fans.

These fans provide excellent airflow for their bigger sized fan blades.

the interesting thing is:

200mm case fans are less power consuming than multiple 120mm/140mm case fans.

Here're the complete reviews of 11 Best 200mm Fans

50mm and 70mm Case Fans


50mm and 70mm case fans are most suitable for smaller PC cases and raspberry pi PCs.

These fans are the best performing compact sized fans.

So, check them out if you want to cool down your tiny PC.

Here're the complete reviews of 11 Best 70mm and 50mm Fans

Frequently Asked Questions

I listed down the 3 most common questions you guys asked me regarding case fans.

In this section, I'll try my best to answer these commonly asked questions.

How Many Case Fans Do I Need?

You should have at least 3 fans in your computer case.

And depending on your rig setup the numbers can increase.

But, If you're trying to build a gaming pc then you should go for a minimum of 3 fans.

3 fans case setup will make your gaming life easy and cooler. You don't have to worry for over heating and performance loss.

Which Way Do You Install Case Fans?

To find the fan direction just look at the sticker label and arrows engraved on your case fans.

Many of you find this confusing.

I mean, to some point I also struggled to determine the fan direction.

All you have to do is see the sticker or engraved arrow direction on your fans.

Every fan comes with this arrow printed on them.

In case your fans don't come with a direction label, just point the motor towards outside of your case. And it'll work as an exhaust fan, simple!

Where to Plug in Case Fans?

You have to plug your case fans into the 3 or 4 pin plugs.

Depending on your setup you'll see either 3 or 4 pin plugs on your PC.

Also, you have to check your BIOS for enabling the fans after connecting (There are some BIOS that require you to enable the fans manually) .

Final Thoughts

Case fans always have a great impact on your PC's performance.

So, if you want the best performance out of your PC then it's better to get these fans for your system.

Hope you have found and got the perfect case fan for your PC and enjoy its ultimate performance.

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