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Nintendo Switch is an amazing handheld console, which we can use as our daily driver because of how handy it is.

With a Nintendo Switch, you can game anywhere, any place, and probably any time as well. As long as you charge in it, you are good to go for some super Mario Adventure. Also, for games like Animal Crossing, Sims 4 where you have to jump on a daily basis to increase your level.

Carrying it everywhere makes it more delicate as we are in constant fear that, what if it gets stolen! 


Can a Nintendo Switch be blacklisted?

Yes, a Nintendo switch can be blacklisted as long as you report it as stolen and give all the documents to Nintendo officials, including the serial number and account details. The console will be digitally banned from eshop and downloading software updates.

We might have to lock out the switch because you don’t want your children to always game on that device, or you don’t want people to touch your games on Nintendo.

And this is what this guideline is all about, all the ins and outs when it comes to Nintendo’s security.

So keep reading till the end to get your desired fix.

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Can a stolen Nintendo Switch be tracked?

As we all know, you track stolen electronic devices because of the built-in GPS in them. However, Nintendo Switch doesn’t come up with a dedicated GPS in it, but still, it can be trackable if you report it to the police.

Not all handhelds come with GPS features in them. There was this PSP from Sony which had GPS on it. And you might be wondering, hey, why was there a GPS feature on a PSP and not a Nintendo Switch?

This portable gaming system from Sony, dubbed as “PSP,” is more than just a Handheld console. You may compare it to a cell phone. That way, you may use the PSP as a mobile phone and play games on it at the same time. 

It’s hard to imagine someone who wouldn’t want a phone that had the God of War game. Yes, I was the kid in school who had a camera-equipped PSP and spent all day playing the god of war. I have no remorse about my mindless pleasure.

That was a massive step from Sony if you think about it that the PSP came out in 2006! Which can raise a bigger question that why didn’t Nintendo add a GPS feature on it?

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I guess because PSP’s GPS was a massive failure when it came to tracking the device. However, yeah, When it came to monitoring the location of the PSP, the extra GPS on the gadget was more for gaming purposes than anything else. Yes, you might use an extra GPS device to find the PSP. However, it wasn’t the most impressive aspect of the handheld console.

Isn’t it true that we all now play Pokemon Go on our phones? The answer is yes; Sony did just that in 2006. Games like The Hot Shots Golf series used GPS data to lead players through real-world courses back in the day.

Well, people ask, How do I recover my stolen Nintendo?

Now that we know that you cannot track a Nintendo Switch through GPS, what can we do then? Well, to be honest, if you lost a Nintendo Switch, the possibility of finding it is pretty less because of not having a unique code to track the device. However, you can always contact the police and list it as in stolen item and give all the details about the switch.

Also, you can give out your console details to Nintendo support as well. Nintendo Support may have been notified if a Switch was reported stolen. Deactivating the Nintendo Account and erasing all data from the console are the most common reasons for this. 

This step also helps in fixing a water damaged Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Support staff may request the serial number of a stolen Nintendo switch. It’s possible that if they do, they may record it as belonging to a stolen Switch in their database. The team might be contacted, and your issues could be discussed. Your console serial number may be requested in order for them to examine its current state. 

So when the next person is trying to open an account or trying to log in with your Nintendo switch will be blocked digitally, and they will not be able to play games online or update them.

Can a Nintendo Switch be Locked?

Yes, the Nintendo Switch can be locked, but without any password or anything; it is more like locking the device so that you cannot accidentally touch the screen and launch games. Or to put the console in sleep mode.

Here are the steps to lock a Nintendo switch:

  • Go to settings.
  • Scroll down to Screen lock.
  • Toggle the setting to on.

Keep in mind this will only lock your device when there is inactivity or when you press the power button. You will not be allowed to set any passcode or anything which will prevent your device from people you don’t know or your kids. Which I believe should be a thing because you can lock up every console. From PlayStation to Xbox. You can lock your mobile phones as well. So not having a passcode system on a console that you will use on a regular basis and take outside. It is sort of a weird move from Nintendo not to have it in the console in a direct way. Unfortunately, there is presently no approved solution to protect the Nintendo Switch from being accessed without a password. For those who wish to keep their gaming consoles protected from unwanted access, this presents an issue.

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While this constraint cannot be avoided, there are alternatives. You can put a lock screen and unlock it with a passcode if you follow some steps. The Mobile Switch Parental Controls software is used in the unauthorized way of setting a password on your Switch. With a Master Key, the console’s parental controls can be evaded even if the console itself has parental controls. The Nintendo Parental Controls PIN Reset webpage may be used by anybody to get a Master Key for their account.

So without any further ado, let’s get into troubleshooting.

Here are the steps to lock your switch with a passcode:

1. Download the Application

In order to lock your Switch with a passcode, you have to download the “Nintendo Switch Parental Controls” application on your mobile phone. You will find the application both in the Google play store and also on the app store of apple.

Here are the steps to download the Nintendo Parental Control application:

  • Go to your mobile app store.
  • Search for Nintendo Parental control application.
  • Download and install the application.


After downloading the application, you have to register your Nintendo account with the application.

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2. Link your Nintendo Account

The application will only set a passcode in the account you are registered in your Nintendo Switch. So you have to link your account through registration.

Here are the steps to link your Nintendo account:

  • Go to the Nintendo parental control application.
  • Register with your Nintendo account.
  • Select your account for linking.
  • Copy the code.


  • Go to Nintendo Switch settings.


  • Scroll down to parental settings.


  • Select “I already have the application:


  • Enter the six-digit code.
  • Tap on the link account.


There you go; your account is now linked. Now you just have to set the restrictions.

3. Set Restriction level

The passcode will only appear when you have the restrictions on it. You can put the lock for some time, or you can put the lock always in your device. It depends on your restriction level.

Here are the steps to set restriction levels on parental control applications:

  • Go to the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls application.nintendo-switch-code-disable-parental-controls
  • Click on settings.
  • Set the age restrictions to none.
  • Set the daily limit.


  • Select every day and set it on 0 minutes.
  • Enable “suspend software” on.


  • Select next and set your PIN.


Now every time, you unlock your device, they will ask for a pin. Without the pin, nobody can go through your Nintendo Switch.

Final Thoughts

Nintendo Switch has been the best handheld device for some time. It is literally seating on top without any competition. But there can be some changes in the UI for better security.

Hopefully, you can get all the answers to your queries with this guideline.

And if you still have any doubts, you can always reach out to us.

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