Best PS5 Games for Kids in 2024 [Agewise Categorized]

Written By Sajal Dipu

About (60-70)% of kids play video games on new-generation consoles. So, it is better to pick selective games for kids so that they don’t see any violent or age-restricted videos in front of their eyes. That’s why I will provide you with games rated E on the PS5 store.

I’ve also categorized games according to different age groups, so you can easily find a suitable one for your kids.

Best PS5 Games for 3 to 6 Years Old

1. Sackboy: A Big Adventure

sackboy-a-big-adventure Specification

Release Date: 11/12/2020 | ESRB rating: E for Everyone | PlayStation Store Price: $59.99 | Metacritic Score: 79 (Great)


  • Has local multiplayer for 2–4 players.
  • Well-crafted worlds and lovely character design.
  • Not too hard and not too easy.
  • Better 3D transition.

Why We Picked It

The adorable freebie Astro’s Playroom may steal the hearts of many PlayStation players, but any 3D platformer fan won’t leave Sackboy: A Big Adventure without a shot. This spinoff from Sumo Digital is implacably fascinating, implementing creative ideas into a familiar gameplay design.

The game also has a couch co-op so that you can enjoy this game with your child to increase your family bonding. This game focuses on a cute, linear adventure about Sackboy trying to save the Craft world from evil Vex.

The story is a cute and nonstop slew of fun, which feels even good with stages made of cardboard cutouts and other household objects.

The game levels are wide-pathed with tons of things to do. You and your three friends can run all over, grabbing point bubbles, beating up baddies, and hunting collectibles as you progress the stages.

A good portion of Sackboy: A Big Adventure’s charm comes from its music. A good collection of originals and innovative reworkings of classic tracks made it more pleasant to play.

This game is basically the PS5’s counterpart of Super Mario 64, but with newer graphics and tons of new things to do. Here during Co-Op, you can feel the nostalgia while strengthening the bond with your junior.

What Your Child Can Learn

Sackboy: A Big Adventure isn’t just a fun play. It helps your kids to improve their skills to a certain extent, like:

  • Working memory: Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a platforming game where players must combine the buttons and chain their moves to create combos. This process greatly improves your child’s working memory and calculation speed.
  • Critical Thinking: The Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a puzzle-solving game. And doctors proved that solving puzzles increases the critical thinking capabilities of kids’ brains.
  • Strategy Building: In Sackboy: A Big Adventure, you need to move your character around to collect dreamer orbs. And on some levels, you need new movement combinations to go to certain platforms–which ultimately helps your kid build new strategies for completing the level.

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toem-ps5 Specification

Release Date: 17/09/2021 | ESRB rating: E for Everyone | PlayStation Store Price: $19.99 | Metacritic Score: 80 (Great)


  • Quick Gameplay
  • Witty writing with goofy yet grounded characters
  • Budget price
  • Easy to understand

Why We Picked It

Sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy something calm and quiet– to fulfill this need, the Something We Made team comes with TOEM. TOEM is a perfect game to finish in one contented sitting on a calm evening with a scented candle and a mug of coffee.

This game is all about the joy of photography. Here you play as a young protagonist with only a camera and a pair of clogs to start his journey.

After departing from your quiet hometown, you get adorable diverse areas like a dense forest, a city full of rushed business folk, a seaside town with sunny beaches, a snowy mountain, etc. The primary camera you get has simple functions like zooming or Selfie controls.

However, you get much-advanced equipment like a tripod or a horn that helps to get goofy photos. And the game mechanics also take real-life environmental hazards into consideration–like Mud and water splash damaging your camera lens.

Though its areas are short, they are densely packed, intricate diorama-like designs with an exceedingly well-made 3D comic environment–making it a good game for your kids.

What Your Child Can Learn

TOEM is an easy-to-play cartoonish-looking 3D photographic game with something to teach every child:

  • Helpfulness: In TOEM, you need to collect stumps from citizens to progress in-game, and you only get those stumps if you complete the quest of those people. However, the developer created those quests as if you were helping someone in need– which can increase the helpful nature of a child.
  • Photography: TOEM brings out the photographer in all of us. Its gameplay mechanics cover the basics of photography. When your kid plays TOEM, he will get a general idea about Angling, lighting, and frame management. However, the game is just a simulation. So it’s your job to help your kid to distinguish between real-life and gaming life.
  • Eye for Detailing: TOEM features different environments with different challenges. You have to explore the map to upgrade your gear and complete the challenges. So the player develops a keen eye through playing the games.

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3. Overcooked: All You Can Eat

overcooked-all-you-can-eat Specification

Release Date: 12/10/2021 | ESRB rating: E for Everyone | PlayStation Store Price: $39.99 | Metacritic Score: 84 (Great)


  • Couch Co-Op and online multiplayer
  • Simple controls
  • Easy-to-understand game mechanics

Why We Picked It

No co-op player of PS5 won’t fill their inventory without having Overcooked: All You Can Eat in their arsenal. This package from Team17 comes with both Overcook 1 & 2 and tons of additional content within a $40 price tag.

A good round of Overcooked games seems like dancing with the rhythm, where missing a step burns your food, your kitchen gets on fire, or a wheelchair raccoon dives into lava.

In Overcooked: All You Can Eat, you and your three friends work together on a three-minute round, performing simple cooking-related actions to fill food orders. Overcooked is basically a two-button game — one button is to pick up things like ingredients, pans, or plates, and the other is to chop, cook, or wash, depending on your cooking station.

However, combining these two buttons in a tight time limit can be more challenging than it sounds. And the cleverly designed game mechanics mess with you in every possible way, making the game harder but more enjoyable.

Overcooked is a great couch co-op game with a perfect combination of strategy and chaos. Here you & your teammates have to think on your feet and do everything possible to complete its smart and strange levels.

What Your Child Can Learn

Overcooked: All You Can Eat has a lot to teach your children. Some of them are:

  • Strategy building: At every level, the player has to build a solid strategy and work according to that–which increases the planning capabilities of your children.
  • Quick Thinking: Every Overcooked match has a 3-minute time limit. This short time frame increases your kid’s quick decision abilities.
  • Teamwork: In Overcooked: All You Can Eat, teamwork is everything — your movement must be in sync with your teammates, or there will be chaos.

These are the reasons why you should buy the Overcooked: All You Can Eat for your junior.

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4. DORAEMON STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of the Great Kingdom

doraemon-story-of-seasons-friends-of-the-great-kingdom Specification

Release Date: 02/11/2021 | ESRB rating: E for Everyone | PlayStation Store Price:  $59.99 | Metacritic Score: 75 (Great)


  • Grate farming simulator
  • Familiar characters
  • Beautiful watercolor landscapes
  • Gentle soundtrack

Why We Picked It

When you mix Doraemon with a game developed by the original creators of the Harvest Moon, you get DORAEMON STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of the Great Kingdom. Though the first game of this franchise didn’t do well for the critics, this game learned from its mistakes and improved it gradually.

The story starts with Nobita starting a rocket ship journey with his friends to an unknown planet for summer break. There you find an injured boy Lumis, who shows you around the planet and lets you stay in his farmhouse after you patch him up.

But the queen of that planet seizes all DORAEMON’s gadgets, making you unable to return home. So you need to gain the queen’s trust through farming in order to head home.

Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom is a wholesome bundle of agriculture fun that still creates an individual identity in the farming sims genre. With an engaging story, you will never be bored during your gameplay. Honestly speaking, I play this game with my little cousins every now and then.

What Your Child Can Learn

Doraemon Story of Seasons mainly gives you farming-related knowledge. Also, completing different orders can increase critical thinking.

  • It gives you knowledge about different crops and their farming season.
  • The game has a fishing aspect. So your junior gets to learn different types of fish.
  • The game has a tutorial about different farming tools and equipment. So you get an insight about those.
  • It has various quests that require critical thinking– which improves the brain’s capabilities of your kid.

These are the reasons you should get your kid a copy of DORAEMON STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of the Great Kingdom.

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Best PS5 Games for 7 to 10 Years Old

In this segment, I’ve included harder games than the previous ones so your 7-year cub finds the games exciting and enjoyable.

1. Alba: a Wildlife Adventure

alba-a-wildlife-adventure Specification

Release Date: 09/06/2021 | ESRB rating: E for Everyone | PlayStation Store Price:  $19.99 | Metacritic Score: 80 (Great)


  • Relaxing adventure game
  • Great presentation
  • Charming & Cozy
  • Gorgeous message

Why We Picked It

Alba: a Wildlife Adventure is an open-world exploring & photographic adventure. Here you play as Alba–a young girl who visits her grandparents on a small Mediterranean island. Here you find out the mayor is planning to build a modern hotel/resort in the nature preserve.

So you are trying to save nature while helping the animals and the townspeople.

The main gameplay aspect of this game is photography. Alba explores the game island, takes pictures of different birds and animals, and documents them all so that she can preserve them in time. Thanks to its attention to detail, the game grabs your attention from the very moment.

The game Not only gives you a wholesome fun experience but also relays very important messages about taking care of the world around us.

What Your Child Can Learn

We all have something to learn from Alba: a Wildlife Adventure. Here are the perspectives that your child will be introduced while playing:

  • Importance of preserving nature: This game perfectly teaches you how modernization destroys nature and what consequences you face for it. And what to do to maintain the surrounding environment.
  • Different wildlife and their habitats: In this game you get to know various animals and how they live in the environment. It increases your geographical knowledge.
  • Focus: To complete quests in Alba, you need to use your focusing skills to stay on task and follow the directions you receive from the NPCs. It increases your attention to detail and focus skills.

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2. FIFA 23



Release Date: 30/09/2022 | ESRB rating: E for Everyone | PlayStation Store Price: $69.99 | Metacritic Score: 76 (Very Good)


  • 4-player local co-op
  • Various Sprint Styles
  • New Chemistry system

Why We Picked It

EA’s football simulation giant, FIFA’s last installment is FIFA-23. As the license expires with the football federation, we won’t see any new FIFA games from EA. However, this last FIFA game provides the same experience we have been playing for years with reliable gameplay mechanics.

Dramatic gameplay mechanics like ferocious Power Shots and improved acrobatic goalkeepers help FIFA 23 to stand out from its predecessors.

FIFA 23 rewards you for carefully planning and shot execution. Fine-tuned passes are hard to master but satisfying when you beat your opponents with deadly perfection.

FIFA 23 is a fun game that gives you all the enjoyment of the previous ones. Ultimate team moments, action replays, and Power Shots make it a memorable game of the football simulation genre. However, all-too-familiar mechanics push it back from being overwhelmed.

What Your Child Can Learn

FIFA 23 is a football simulation game that can teach your children a lot of things, like:

  • Strategy building: FIFA games mainly move around player strategy. For team building to give long passes, every aspect of this game needs careful planning if you want to beat your opponent. So playing FIFA will increase the strategy-building capabilities of your child.
  • Team management: In FIFA 23, you must manage the whole 11-player team, increasing your management capabilities.
  • Multitasking: If you want to shine in FIFA 23, maintain well-placed shorts and short and long passes while keeping an eye out for enemy tackling. So your ability to multitask increases as time passes.

Checkout FIFA 23 →

3. DIRT 5

dirt-5-ps5-game Specification

Release Date: 12/11/2020 | ESRB rating: E for Everyone | PlayStation Store Price:  $59.99 | Metacritic Score: 80 (Great)


  • Has couch 2–4 multiplayer.
  • Looks great in PS5
  • Easier controls
  • Enjoyable to all kinds of users

Why We Picked It

The latest edition of Codemasters–Dirt 5, is an excellent game to pick up and play for even players who don’t have any motor vehicle knowledge. This rowdy racer is a mix-up of doorhandle to doorhandle arcade racer with a mighty visual.

The game’s night lighting and extreme weather controls will keep you captivated around for a long time. The DIRT 5 is influenced by many of its predecessors. You get the dash of Dirt 3’s gymkhana mode, MotorStorm’s rough-and-ready tracks, and even Trackmania’s track-building customization.

This cocktail of racing games makes Dirt 5 more enjoyable.

Dirt 5 is a true step forward in its genre and feels fresh enough because of its variety of modes, unlockables, and vehicles. Also, the game honed fundamental mechanics to a new level. That’s why you get an actually entertaining campaign, deep customization mechanics, a gorgeous track location, and an intensely dynamic weather system.

What Your Child Can Learn

Not only is Dirt 5 a fun and pleasing game, but you also can learn some great things from it, such as:

  • Creativity: The track builder and vehicle customization increases the creative thinking of your junior.
  • Quick decision: Dirt 5 is a competitive racing game with a variety of muddy and curvy tracks. So the player has to make quick decisions during racing. So their decision-making ability increases.
  • Focus: You have to give your 100% focus in Dirt 5. Otherwise, your car will stick in the mud, or your opponent will hit your car and make you off track. So your kid’s focus on detailed skills will upgrade while playing this game.

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4. Fall Guys

fall-guys Specification

Release Date: 21/06/2022 | ESRB rating: E for Everyone | PlayStation Store Price: Free | Metacritic Score: 81


  • Easy to Play
  • Variation gameplay
  • Cartoonish goofy looks
  • Colorful environment

Why We Picked It

Fall Guys is like a breath of fresh air in the battle-royale game genre and very additive for its family-friendly formula with colorful level design. Mediatonic has done a great job in Fall Guys by taking a less explosive approach without losing any of the tension. So this game becomes a great choice for your kid.

This game is a straight knockout tournament with extreme elimination challenges. Here you matchmake with 60 others and start rounds of randomized maps until someone wins.

In this game, you operate your fall guy with a joystick-like you can jump, dive, grab other players, pull yourself onto an edge, etc. The game itself is quite simple, but the depth of the fun lies in the clever design of the game modes and courses.

This game is without guns and rocket launchers but feels just as enjoyable for every ride you complete. It’s a fun, enjoyable experience to play with friends, and it’s even free.

What Your Child Can Learn

Fall Guys brings the rough and tough battle royale genre to a colorful place where it teaches your kid various things. Some of them are:

  • Teamwork: Several modes in Fall Guys require teamwork and coordination to beat. So your child learns to work with others in an easy and effective way.
  • Memory exercise: Several minigames in Fall Guys require players to remember multiple pieces of information straight away to remain in the game. So your kids do memory exercises unconsciously during their playtime.
  • Rapid decision: In Fall Guys, you must make rapid high-risk-reward decisions while navigating through the obstacles. It increases your child’s critical thinking and rapid decision capabilities.

Checkout Fall Guys →

5. Disney Dreamlight Valley

disney-dreamlight-valley Specification

Release Date: 06/09/2022 | ESRB rating: E for Everyone | PlayStation Store Price: $29.99| Metacritic Score: 80


  • Fun gameplay
  • Solid characters cast
  • Great visual
  • Cleaver Quest build-ups

Why We Picked It

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an irresistible blend of city planning inspired by animal crossing with quests and a progression system from common RPGs. Its all-star cast of adored Disney characters and magical simulation steals your dozens of hours without you knowing.

The game is like a dream journey for anyone who has any level of attachment to the Disney characters. Here you rebuild the village, create bonds with Disney’s iconic characters, complete their quests, and take them to your village.

Also, deepening the bonds with various characters lets you visit different other character realms and gain more credit.

Gameloft has done a great job of keeping a perfect blend of joy and sorrow in the narration of Disney Dreamlight Valley. You also get a load of customizable options in character creation and furniture to decorate your house and the Towns–making the game much more enjoyable.

What Your Child Can Learn

Disney Dreamlight Valley teaches many things to your children, such as:

  • Mathematics: Many quests in the Disney Dreamlight Valley involve calculation. You need to solve those to clear the quests. And during the process, your kid unknowingly horns his Math skills.
  • Planning: The quest in the game has a variety of puzzles. You need to have a solid plan to solve those problems. So your junior’s planning skills increase while playing the game.
  • Diversity: Disney Dreamlight Valley features a variety of locations with different weathers and environments. So your kid can always get something new.

These are the reasons to choose Disney Dreamlight Valley for your kid.

These are some games you can consider for your kid before 10. Also, there are some other games, like Just Dance 2023, NBA 2K23, etc., you can select for them. However, you must check the ESRB rating before selecting any games.

Checkout Disney Dreamlight Valley →

Best PS5 Games for the 10+ Years Old

Parents face the most difficulties while picking a game for their 10 to 12 year kid. Because these children are almost teens and their transition of views and way of thinking already starts.

So they won’t like any childish carefree games, and you won’t want them to play anything with violence. In addition, parents are more concerned about their child’s online safety in this age group.

That’s why we put an extra effort into selecting PS5 games for the 10+ age group, so you don’t have to worry about your pre-teen child.

1. Minecraft

minecraft-ps5-game Specification

Release Date: 03/09/2014 | ESRB rating: E +10; for Everyone above 10 | PlayStation Store Price: $29.99| Metacritic Score: 89


  • Open World Creativity Game
  • Rewarding crafting
  • Infinite replayability
  • Adventure sense

Why We Picked It

Minecraft is an open-world creativity game where you are the king of your world. From cutting trees to making a roller-coaster ride, Minecraft gives you all the freedom you want in-game.

The main motto of this game is to collect items from the Minecraft world to craft something new. To make things interesting, Minecraft added animals, zombies, villagers, traders, fishermen, and more unknown discoveries.

You can play several modes in Minecraft, like survival mode, adventure mode, and even multiplayer mode. In survival mode, you will spawn in a computerized generated world where you will have no resources on your name.

You have to gather items, create your shelter, and eat food from time to time to survive. However, spiders, zombies, witches, etc., will try to kill you.

You can build your world to show your creativity. Playing Minecraft with Friends is also one of the major features of why children and elderly people play Minecraft together.

Crafting and hunting are more fun with friends. Besides, you can build monuments and a whole new decorative world and show them to your friends using the online multiplayer mode.

What Your Child Can Learn

Besides the fun part of Minecraft, your junior can also hone some real-life skills. Some of them are:

  • Problem-solving: Here, you need to manage your home and defend it from monsters and other disasters. And during this time, players will face numerous challenges and difficulties. So your junior’s problem-solving skills increase.
  • Geometry: Minecraft is all about blocks. Here the player grinds different block shapes as a resource and uses them to build everything in-game. During this process, your kid learns more about geometric shapes, which also helps them in real life.
  • Teamwork: Two hands aren’t sufficient to build a skyscraper. But to create something that big in Minecraft multiplayer, you need proper coordination and understanding among your teammates. So your kids’ team management and teamwork skills increase by playing this game.
  • Resource management: In Minecraft, you need to manage your resources properly because you don’t have unlimited space. Also, your kid has to learn which tools he needs to build and how he acquires that. This management skill will help your kid in the near future.
  • Creativity: Minecraft lets you build almost anything you can imagine. However, the player must maintain the game’s physics and center mass to stabilize the structure. So here, your kid learns to think out of the box and sharpen his imagination.

In short, As a Sandbox game, Minecraft encourages open-ended exploration and imagination. By playing alongside your children, you can unleash your creativity, build appealing structures together, and marvel at the incredible world you created.

Checkout Minecraft →

2. Astro’s Playroom

astros-playroom Specification

Release Date: 12/11/2020 | ESRB rating: E +10; for Everyone above 10 | PlayStation Store Price: FREE | Metacritic Score: 83


  • Great for learning PS5 controls
  • Free
  • Superb Audio
  • Full of nostalgia

Why We Picked It

For a game that doesn’t cost anything, Astro’s Playroom is a journey to remember. Not only does the game fully showcase all of PS5’s new dual–shock controls, but its nourishing nostalgia and ground-breaking gameplay make your time more enjoyable.

Developer SIE Japan Studio made Astro’s Playroom featuring the inside of your PlayStation. Here you get four main worlds to play, each with different aspects.

In the trailer, we see Astro hopping around leaves and beaches, enjoying his life, which will give you a unique sensation of tension because the spring with which Astro is hopping compresses down.

Then he meets his friends during winter, and the adventure continues.

You have to run, or bounce over blocks of ice, risk your life, and kill bees in this game. It is like enjoying your playroom with many adventures and cute characters.

The perfect use of haptic feedback also gets a plus from me. I feel unique vibrations on my controller when walking the character through the mud, swimming in the water, or running in a grassy plain, giving me unique experiences in each environment.

You can easily hear Astro jumping and walking around the sands. One thing I especially like about this game is the cute songs playing throughout the game.

What Your Child Can Learn

Astro’s Playroom helps your child gain knowledges that will help them in the future, like:

  • PS5 Controls: Astro’s Playroom showcases all your PS5 controller has to offer. It has different maps which fill differently both visually and on hand. So it marks a great choice for anyone who is just starting PS5.
  • Critical Thinking: The game includes different types of puzzles at different levels, which increases the critical thinking capabilities of the kids’ brains.
  • Eye for details: To beat Astro’s Playroom, you must build up your eye for details because various door switches are perfectly hidden in the environment. And you can’t progress without passing those doors. So your kid’s eye for details ability improves during his playthrough.

These are the reasons why you should let your junior play Astro’s Playroom, and maybe you can join sometimes.

Checkout Astro's Playroom →

3. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

lego-star-wars-the-skywalker-saga Specification

Release Date: 05/04/2022 | ESRB rating: E +10; for Everyone above 10 | PlayStation Store Price: $59.99 | Metacritic Score: 82


  • RPG-like upgrade system
  • Includes all 9 Star-wars episodes
  • Improved combat
  • Tons of unlockables

Why We Picked It

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a game of pure adventure and excitement featuring all nine mainline Star Wars films as a whole. This entry in a long-running series features a tighter over-shoulder, third-person view giving you greater control over your attacks.

Also, you can boomerang your lightsaber, force-push crates, and launch enemies into mid-air during combat, which gives you more freedom to knock your enemy out. And characters with a blaster can take cover behind objects and take out foes from afar with great precision in this game.

The game is a very well-made and highly entertaining addition to the long-lasting Lego games. The visuals are stunning, and the sprinkle of realism in combat makes it stand out among other games in this series.

What Your Child Can Learn

  • Problem-Solving: The game includes various puzzles the player must solve to beat the game. So it increases your kids’ problem-solving skills.
  • Working memory: In Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, you need to remember different button combinations and attack moves to beat the bosses. It increases your kid’s working memory.

So you should consider getting Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga for your junior.

Checkout Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga →


bugsnax-ps5 Specification

Release Date: 12/11/2020 | ESRB rating: E +10; for Everyone above 10 | PlayStation Store Price: $24.99 | Metacritic Score: 75


  • Innovative gameplay
  • Well-written quests
  • Good boss battles
  • Well made graphics

Why We Picked It

Bugsnax is a game full of humor where you hunt for insects, bugs, and birds on Snaktooth Island. You play as the newest visitor on this island, and your main task will be helping the residents.

The game equips players with modern artificial technologies to capture the small critters with traps, and they have to record that creature’s info in a handy guide.

Snaktooth Island is full of laughter and cuteness within the world of Bugsnax. But it gets darker at some times. There are more mysteries in Snaktooth Island than it seems. Your job is to unveil the mystery and progress further.

The graphics of the game is spectacular compared to other kid games. The music is entertaining, and the visuals are also enjoyable. Also, the hunt-down mechanics for animals is unique in this game.

Overall I liked the graphics, sound, and also the plot twist. That’s why I picked it on this list.

What Your Child Can Learn

Bugsnax teaches several things to your child, such as:

  • Puzzle Solving: The game offers different kinds of puzzles than the normal ones. So your kid has to think out of the box to beat the game. So it increases puzzle-solving skills.
  • Eye for details: Bugsnax is an adventure game involving explorations around the game world. Which increases your junior’s keen eye for details sharpens unconsciously.
  • Social Customs: The game features different types of social customs and cultures, like marriages, relationships, death, etc. So your kid gets more accustomed to these social costumes during their play-through.

Checkout BUGSNAX →

5. Worms Rumble

worms-rumble Specification

Release Date: 01/12/2020 | ESRB rating: E +10; for Everyone above 10 | PlayStation Store Price: $14.99 | Metacritic Score: 70


  • Good character customization
  • Huge collection of costumes & weapons
  • Heart Pumping Soundtracks

Why We Picked It

Worms Rumble is the newest edition of Team17’s Worm series. It converts the previous 2D side-scrolling action games to fast-paced and real-time combat with fun new modes which can easily steal plenty of your time.

Worms Rumble is a strategy–shooting game where you and 31 other players fight each other in an arena similar to a library, street, home, etc. And the last worm standing will be the winner.

The game is super adrenal-pumping for kids. The whole arena is full of worms, so rumbling around the stage is tough for any player. The deathmatch battles are also as fun as their 2D predecessor.

Weapons in this game are simple but powerful. There will be lots of good stuff, like ninja ropes, jetpacks, suicidal sheep, and big cartoon projectiles. You can also customize your worm with a variety of options.

The best part is that you can either play online with 31 random people or you can invite your friends to your server and play among yourselves.

What Your Child Can Learn

Worms Rumble also has many things to teach your child. Some of them are:

  • Strategy building: The main goal of Worms Rumble is to defeat your opponent’s team. So players need to build strategies on the go and change them as per the situation. So your kid’s planning skill increases.
  • Quick thinking: As most of your opponent is human, you need to make decisions on the fly and work according to that. Your kid’s quick-thinking ability increases for that reason.
  • Teamwork: In Worms Rumble, 32 players are divided into two parties, and the last team standing wins the game. That’s why your kid learns to work with others during his play-through.

These are some games that you should let your kids play before teenage. It will help your kid to enjoy his free time as well as practice some essential skills helpful for real life.

Checkout Worms Rumble →

How We Chose the Best PS5 Games for Kids (& Families)

To select the best game for your kids, we mainly prioritize the age limits and the learning aspect each game offers. Also, good visuals, captivating soundtracks, and multiplayer capabilities also get additional plus points from our end.

Here’s how we chose the best PS5 games for your junior:

Age Requirements: We evaluated the games based on their content and suitability for different age groups. Games that provided engaging and enjoyable experiences for both young children and older family members got a high place on our list.

Gameplay and Accessibility: We assessed the gameplay mechanics and user interface to ensure that the games were accessible and easy to understand for your child.

Educational Value: Games that offer educational elements or promote learning in areas; such as problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork get additional plus during our research. We mainly included those titles that provided opportunities for skill development and educational enrichment in our list.

Multiplayer and CO-OP: We also favor games that support multiplayer or co-op gameplay, so you and your kid can play together and increase your bonding.

Positive Themes and Values: We considered games that conveyed positive themes, values, and messages, promoting moral lessons, empathy, and good sportsmanship. Our team made sure to avoid games with questionable themes or blood.

Reviews and Recommendations: We examined expert reviews, user ratings, and recommendations from trusted sources to make this list. So you can enjoy quality time with your juniors.

And after considering all the above criteria, me and my team made this list, so you do not have to look anywhere after reading this article.


What age should a kid get a PS5?

From my research, any kid aged around 6 or 7 years can get a PS5. However, as a parent, you should keep a close look at the time he spends on it.

Are video games OK for kids?

Yes. Not only are video games great for passing free time, but some games also have many educational qualities. So video games are suitable for kids. But you shouldn’t let your 6-7-year-old child spend more than an hour on PS5; otherwise, it will make him very addicted.

Are PS5 games kid-friendly?

Yes, the PS5 games are kid-friendly, but not all of them. There are plenty of games on PlayStation5 that show violence and are very cheerful as well. Knowing which ones are specifically designed for kids will play a role here.

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