Is Nintendo Switch Worth It? [Read This Before Buying]

Written By Steven Arends

Now that we are in 2022, people are asking whether or not the Nintendo Switch is worth it.

There is no denying that this question makes sense when you are on a tight budget and in need of a console that will get you into gaming. So yes, research before spending your money; kudos to you. A lot of people lack that and suffer at the end of the day.

Can I watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

No, you cannot watch Netflix or OTT platforms like Diseny+, amazon prime on Nintendo switch. One of the main reasons you cannot watch or media stream is because there is no official application on the Nintendo switch of these platforms.


But the question still remains is the Nintendo Switch worth it? How is it standing with current-gen consoles also the previous ones?

Don’t worry; I will explain everything on this guideline whether you should buy it or not. 

So keep reading till the end to get your desired answer.

What is Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo is probably the oldest home console maker out there. Also the most sold ones. One good thing about Nintendo Switch is that it kept its originality throughout the time. Obviously, I am talking about the console war between the PlayStation and Xbox. 

Throughout the time, PlayStation and Xbox went head to head with their specs to compete in the battle. People picked up the side and went on to debate about which one to go for. 

PlayStation had the edge over the Xbox because of their exclusives, and the Xbox system always had better specs on their pocket. But when it comes to Nintendo, they never went to a war or a controversy. Even they released their console way later than the PlayStation and Xbox. It looks like they are just in the different genres when it comes to gaming.

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Anywhoo Nintendo switch came into the light after the release of PS4 and Xbox One. It came out three years later than the release of previous-gen consoles. After the disastrous Wii U launch back in 2012, Nintendo had to come up with something good. And they did.

Nintendo Switch came out in March 2017. In its launch trailer, games like Zelda, Mario kart, Splatoon caught the eye.

But people were most into how the console looked like. The unique dock feature. I mean a console you can play in your hand and instantly turn it into a dock, and then boom! Enjoy it on your big screen tv.

There are three Nintendo Switch consoles out right now. Actually, 4 because the normal switch has two versions. Version 1 and 2. Version 2 offers more stability, and it comes to battery life. 

Then came switch lite back in 2019 basic feature is pretty much the same as the normal Nintendo switch. The screen is smaller, and you get less battery life. The major difference is that you cannot use the dock mode here. Meaning the only way to play with Nintendo lite is handheld. Also, it is quite lite than the original Switch.

Lastly, in late 2020 Switch OLED came out in the market. Basic functionality is the same as the original switch but with a bigger screen and better battery life. It also has 64GB of inbuilt storage. Previous Switch had only 32GB.

All the switches have the same CPU/GPU specs, which is an Nvidia custom Tegra processor. So the main difference between these would be the screen size and obviously the OLED screen on the OLED ones. 

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All the switches are touch screens. An accelerometer, the gyroscope, is available in all the systems. But the brightness sensor is only available in the OLED switch and the original switch. All the switches can support up to 2TB of external storage.
Though one big disadvantage of the lite is that you cannot swap the Joycons, so when there is a joy-con drift, the only option is to repair them again and again. Also, cutting out the customization part too.

But many people like the lite version more as it is way lighter and fits in your pocket, which is what a true handheld gaming system is supposed to do. Apart from playing with your friends on a bigger screen is not your priority, switch lite should be your go-to console.

Both original and OLED switches support up to 1080p on TV and 720p on handheld modes. Oled switched is priced at 349$, the Original Switch is on 299$, and you can get the lite one at 199$.

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Which is better PlayStation or Nintendo Switch?

Specs-wise, the new PlayStation 5 is way ahead then a Nintendo Switch. Even the PlayStation is way ahead. Also, when it comes to gaming, library PlayStation has a bigger library than the switch as all AAA gamers are available on PlayStation.

This is a common question, and I get it. When you are spending on a console, you want to make the most out of it.

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Many even ask, what’s better, Xbox or Nintendo? 

Specs-wise, Xbox is far ahead of the Nintendo switch. Also, all the major games are available on Xbox except the PlayStation and Switch exclusives.

I am going to end this debate in a simple manner. I have the PlayStation 5, Xbox series s, Nintendo switch, and a good enough gaming pc. So the best of the gaming worlds. Now, if I just cared for specs, I would only buy a series X instead of a PS5 because it is superior to the PlayStation 5 specs-wise, at least. The extra 2 Tflops on GPU matter to some people. But then I would miss out on Last of Us, Uncharted, Horizon Forbiddes west, God of war Ragnarok, and many more PlayStation exclusives. Also, the same goes for the Nintendo Switch. You cannot play Zelda or Animal Crossing, or Mario kart on an Xbox or PlayStation. If you are a gamer, you would always go for your favorite game titles rather than specifications. Also, you would pick the Nintendo switch because of its portability. I mean, you cannot pick your ps5, and Xbox play anytime and anywhere. 

Is Nintendo Switch Worth it?

People who played Nintendo all their life, they will not think about a sec before spending their money on a switch. They would always buy the console because they know the console well and they very much know what they will get.

So this is for the people who never had any Nintendo or for people who had Nintendo but many years ago. I will give you 3 reasons why Nintendo Switch is worth it.

Here are the reasons Nintendo switch is worth it:

1. Exclusives

The biggest selling point of a console is the exclusives it will offer in the lifespan of a console. The only reason Xbox is behind PlayStation is because of exclusives.

Luckily, Nintendo has many great exclusives. Games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Animal crossing, Mario games, pokemon, Splatoon are all Nintendo exclusives. Don’t think these are just normal games. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild won the game of the year back in 2017.


2. Portability 

One thing the switch is ahead of Xbox and PlayStation is because of the portability. Xbox series S is close but still needs an additional screen to play on the go, plus a constant power supply.

You can just pick your Nintendo and play on the go. You can be on a business trip or in your school and play your favorite Nintendo games. Also, the Nintendo lite is super handy and small. This thing is legit like your smartphone. When you are done with your full-day work, you can just dock your switch on your TV and enjoy gaming.

3. Price

Nintendo is super cheap in comparison to PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The Oled switch is around 349$, which is the premium switch version right now. On the other hand, both the big giant consoles are approximately 499$.

You can get the switch lite for 199$, which is super cheap. Also, the Original switch is around 299$. The Xbox series s comes closer to the normal switch but misses out on the portability. 


Many people ask can adults play Nintendo?

This is a common misconception that the switch is only for kids or people who are not “pro” gamers. But it is wrong. Apart from the switch exclusives, games like Witcher 3 and Doom eternal are available in the switch, which are pretty mature games from a gamer’s perspective. I like all the AAA games, but honestly, I love Animal crossing because of how soothing that is.

Final Thoughts

Even though the switch is not ready-made for AAA games but still is a great console because of how easily you can make your way around to gaming because of this console. 

I hope you can clear out all your confusion on the Nintendo switch and make a decision with this guideline.

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