Fix a Water-Damaged Nintendo Switch [3 Repairing Techniques]

Written By Kazi Md Mehedi Hasan

The kryptonite of electronics would be water. We have evolved so much in technology, but still, if you spill liquid on your Nintendo Switch, it can go Kaboom!

But not necessarily your console will die after it gets some water on it. You can try some techniques to bring back your console from the dead.


As an electrical engineer and Nintendo admirer, I brought you some fixes that can revive your Switch console.

So, let’s get started!

Can a Nintendo Switch Be Repaired After Water Damage?

A water-damaged Nintendo Switch can be repaired. However, depending on the extent of the damage, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a new one rather than attempt to repair the damaged one. In the case of minimal water penetration, you can fix the Nintendo Switch by yourself, nonetheless.


When it comes to no interaction with the electrical components while power runs through, a Nintendo Switch’s water damage is fixable.

No water inside means no internal damage, but external water interaction may cause aesthetic issues. If you clean the device properly, it’s possible to regain the outlook to an extent.

On the other hand, when your Switch is totally drowned in the water, it’s definitely troublesome. There is no certain statement that it wouldn’t work, and you have to buy one. Although, chances are very low that it can be fixed without tearing it apart.

In most cases, you have to crack open the device and clean the console carefully. As I said earlier, there is still no guarantee that it will work. If the console, however, was shut down in the first place, then there might be a chance of no electronic damage due to liquid, which will work in favor of repair.

How to Fix A Water-Damaged Nintendo Switch

To fix the water damage issue on your Nintendo, shut down the console immediately. Afterward, clean the console, dock, and headphone jack with a dry towel or cloth. Do not shake the console, and finally, when every drop of visual water is gone, let the console rest for at least 24-48 hours.

The entire process is vividly displayed below, so you can grasp every bit of information and save your Nintendo Switch. But before that, make sure the Switch is not connected to any power source.

Here are the steps to fix a water-damaged Nintendo Switch:

1. Shut Down the Console Completely

This is the first thing you should do if it somehow gets in touch with water. Turning off the console would reduce the chance of getting damaged completely. If the touch screen works, you can turn it off as usual or perform a force shutdown.

Here are steps to shut down the Nintendo Switch:

  • Press the Power button.
  • Hold it for seconds.
  • Press A on the power option.
  • Select Turn off.shut-down-the-nintendo-switch

If you cannot use the touch screen, press and hold the Power button for 12 secs, and the console will shut down immediately. After this, leave the console and follow the next method.

2. Clean Water from the Nintendo Switch

Clean water from the Nintendo Switch as much as possible when the console is completely turned off. If water spill in docking mode, clean the dock as well since any form of water in the dock might burn the charging port of the Nintendo Switch.

Take a dry cloth and wipe out all the water. Clean the charging port, the display, the headphone jack, and the dock.

While cleaning, make sure you are not rotating or shaking the device too much. If you do so, the water might travel and reach places that are hard to clean without opening it.


Moreover, while taking out the water, you may encounter some errors on Nintendo Switch, such as Error Code 2813, Error Code 2137. For your aid, we resolved them all, so you can check them out and fix your issue when necessary.

3. Dry the Console

After you are done cleaning the console now, it is time to dry the console. A common rookie mistake would be to fasten the drying process with a heat gun, fan, or dryer. But to be honest, it will raise the problem more. Also, Nintendo officials discourage the fastening process too.

You should naturally dry the system. Leaving it for a couple of days in a place without moving should be your move. You can also keep the console in a compact box with a few packets of silica gel in it. FYI, silica gel acts as a desiccant and will aid in absorbing any vapor that may be present.


After drying it down for a couple of days, turn on the console. Hopefully, it will work. But if your luck runs out, I will advise you to keep the console as it is and claim a warranty. Refrain from opening it, as it will void the device’s warranty.

Things to be Careful of While Fixing Water Damaged Nintendo Switch

While attempting to restore your water-damaged Nintendo Switch, you should be careful of some crucial factors not to induce more harm to the console.


Let’s quickly go through what you shouldn’t do when trying to drain water from a water-damaged Nintendo Switch.

1. Do not Disassemble Nintendo Switch

Do not open up the console and expose internal components. This will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you’re lucky enough and the water indicator is still not triggered, you can send the console out for warranty. So, doing any funky stuff with the internals is highly counter-productive.

2. Do Not Apply Excessive Heat & Compressed Air

Your intuition might tell you, “More heat will dry the Nintendo Switch faster”. But I tell you what, you’re hurting the console even more.

See, too much heat, whether from your mom’s hair dryer or the microwave oven, can melt some ICs inside the Switch. So avoid doing such a thing altogether.

The same can be said for blowing air too fast with air compressors and such. High-speed air can damage the soldering points and take out chokes, capacitors, and other electrical components on the PCB.

Warning: Do not plug in the power cable or charge your Nintendo Switch if you suspect water inside.


Can You Claim Warranty For A Water-Damaged Nintendo Switch?

No, you cannot claim a warranty if your Nintendo Switch is damaged by water. Nintendo does not provide any warranty for such a scenario.

Is There A Water Damage Indicator Inside the Nintendo Switch?

Yes, there is a water damage indicator sticker inside the Nintendo Switch. Once water enters the console, this indicator turns pink to affirm water’s presence.

Does Water Splash Damage Nintendo Switch?

Water splashes usually don’t damage the Nintendo Switch. Droplets or small amounts of water from the shower and rain hardly cause an issue unless it gets inside. But quickly wipe such traces of water to avoid its interaction with the internals.

Final Thoughts

Nintendo Switch is one of our common daily drivers. We take it everywhere because of the portability, which places the console more vulnerable.

Hopefully, with this article, you can repair your wet Nintendo Switch. And for further queries, comment down below.

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