Best Balance Ryzen 5 5600x Gaming Build Least Compromise

Written By Steven Arends

The Zen 3 architecture-based 5600X is a budget-friendly processor for gamers. Nowadays, this processor has become more substantial because of its price.

Therefore, I’ve recommended 5600x to many professional gamers seeking the bang-on-budget build. And for this build, I’ll prioritize performance and efficiency to avoid overkill, considering the interior & aesthetics with the proper airflow

So, let’s dive into the components we’ve chosen as the best fit with the 5600x processor.

Most Compatible PC Parts For 5600X Gaming Build

Processor (CPU)AMD Ryzen 5 5600X6 Core, 12 Thread & 4.6GHz(boost)
MotherboardASRock B550M Steel Legend12+2 Dr. MOS VRM
RAMT-Force Delta RGB 32GB (2x16GB)3600MHz OC, CL18
Storage (NVMe SSD)SAMSUNG 980 PRO 1TB PCIe 4.02X faster than PCIe 3.0
Graphics Card (GPU)MSI RTX™ 4070 GAMING X TRIO 12GBest Value with Ray Tracing
CPU CoolerThermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE ARGB CPU Air CoolerDual ARGB Fan with large split heatsink.
Power Supply (PSU)EVGA 700 GD80+ Gold, Full-Modular
PC CaseDeepCool MACUBE 110Built-in-Graphic Card Holder

Our component choices for this build concentrate on squeezing the most performance out of the 5600X CPU without overkill. We precisely measured the price-to-performance ratio to buy with efficiency.

For example, we selected the powerful B550 mobo that costs around 130$ rather than the 20-30$ less B450 chipset gaming motherboards because the B550 is more stable and has faster PCIe 4.0. Furthermore, we elected a cheaper Air cooler, ditching expensive AIO CPU Coolers because of the impressive cooling performance that Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE offers.

We handpick the most expensive component一GPU, which is currently one of the best graphics units at the price point of 650$ currently. Although we went for the Speedstar NVMe一Samsung 980 Pro, it’s worth it while the mobo has PCIe 4.0 support.

Lastly, the T-Force 32GB(16×2) RAM won’t break the bank even though it has an ARGB. So does the EVGA 700 GD PSU with 80+ Gold certification.

The rest of the writing will help you understand why we choose the best budget-friendly & compatible parts for 5600x CPU.

Best Mobo For 5600X: ASRock B550M Steel Legend



  • Multiple GPU support by AMD CrossFireX™.
  • Advanced sound with Nahimic Audio support.
  • Dragon 2.5G LAN & USB 3.2 gen2 1x type-A & 1x type-C
  • B550 chipset with PCIe 4.0 support.
  • Advanced OC capable 12+2 Dr. MOS VRM.
  • Mature ARGB in motherboard circuit.
  • »Large heatsinks on VRM section and M.2 with ARGB illumination.
  • »Military-grade texture motherboard design.
  • »Powerful VRM with a 10-power phase Dr. Mosfet.
  • »M.2 WiFi module adding option.
  • »No built-in WiFi or Bluetooth.

Why We Picked This Motherboard

The beauty of this motherboard grabbed my attention in the first place. But remember I mentioned that aesthetics and design are the passive factors while choosing the components for 5600X CPU?

Hence this mobo is a beauty with the beast. While I elected this motherboard from the list of best 5600X motherboards, this B550m AsRock Steel legend holds the balance regarding the price.

Who It’s For

This motherboard can tame the maximum performance temperature of 5600X and is capable of utilizing the RTX 4070 Graphics.

This motherboard has almost all the high-end and latest features within the affordable price bracket. So this is the most suitable mobo for mid-range gaming with the 5600X.

What We Liked Most

Since this motherboard has much to offer at a cost-effective price, it’s worth mentioning that it has PCIe 4.0 support with lots of heatsinks to draw out the VRM and NVMe SSD’s heat. Plus, the heatsinks have attractive ARGB cutouts.

Apart from the powerful VRM, the overall black & white texture and design give a sturdy vibe to its look.

What Could Be Improved

If we consider the price, there are barely any flaws to mention. But the VRM formation could be better, like 4×8 or 4×10 rather than 2×8.


This motherboard is a corresponding pick for the 5600X, as it offers the latest PCIe 4.0, enough RAM-CPU-GPU overclocking headroom, and substantial touch in design.

3600MHz Dual-Channel RAM: T-Force Delta RGB 32GB (2x16GB)



  • One-click overclocking with XMP2.0
  • ARGB Sync with a variety of sync software.
  • Overclock headroom up to 3600MHz with CL18.
  • »Charming Heatsink design with 120° wide RGB illumination.
  • »Price to performance ratio.
  • »Low CAS Latency.
  • »Effective heat emission.
  • »Some users hate such wide RGB brightness.

Why We Chose the 32GB T-Force RGB RAM

Among the wide variety of RAMs, the T-Force 32GB(16×2) RAM is one of the cheapest ARGB-supported RAM with 3600MHz. Of course, you could choose Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB(16×2) RAM with a similar bus speed.

But the price is pretty much the same and has no RGB. If you really feel like spending much on RAM, buy the best Corsair RAM. “It’s an overkill,” I’d say.

Who It’s For

Since these RAM Sticks are among the cheapest RGB physical memory units, it’s perfect for a mid-tier budget gaming build who expects to play at 1440p resolution. You can use RAMs from different brands, keeping the identical bus speed and CL.

But you shouldn’t take these RAMs as a compromised choice because the T-Force RAM from Team is a powerful and price-worthy solution up to Ryzen 7 5000 X series CPUs. Whereas the 5600X is usually to handle.

What We Liked Most

The most impressive fact about these RAM sticks is the price. It satisfies the RGB lighting needs as well as the high-enough 3600MHz bus speed. It’s from the renowned Team brand also.

The current price of 70$ is truly held the best RAM on the budget award in the current market.

What Could Be Improved

The only thing I might suggest is turning the wide RGB small or thin to make it look more stealthy.


Unless you hate the bold RGB lighting of the T-Force RAMs, it’s the most cost-effective option. You may choose the Corsair LPX instead to skip valiant brightness.

NVMe SSD: SAMSUNG 980 PRO 1TB PCIe 4.0 (With DRAM Cache)



  • Sequential read: 7000MB/s & write: 5100MB/s
  • Double the performance in PCIe® 4.0 than PCIe® 3.0.
  • Samsung Magician software to manage Overall SSD.
  • DRAM cache for better performance.
  • »Meets the near most read & write speed as advertised.
  • »AES-128 AES-256 TCG Opal Encryption.
  • »SMART & TRIM technology.
  • »Has no active heatsink or heat conductive paper on memory chips.

Why We Picked Samsung 980 Pro as Primary NVMe

Samsung’s 980 pro-NVMe SSD does not need any introduction because of its long prestigious experiences in the PC community. This one is among the fastest PCIe SSDs of all PCIe 3.0 & 4.0 NVMes.

Although the launch price was 230 USD, the current $ 60$ has made this unbeatable.

Who It’s For

This NVMe SSD is a universal recommendation for all mid-tier budget builds. Although this beast is overkill for some builds, the price is the only fact that invades all other doubts.

What We Liked Most

Our only requirement for choosing the best NVMe SSD for 5600X were DRAM-cashed PCIe 4.0-based units. Because SSDs with such specs usually offer a hell of a transfer speed, and the 980 Pro is just a bang for the buck. And the best part is, it’s my personal favorite, as I’ve been using it for over a year.

What Could Be Improved

Samsung claims twice the speed in PCIe 4.0 than the 3.0 protocol on their website! It certainly does provide better performance on the synthetic benchmark, but the real-life use doesn’t seem as promising as twice as powerful.


As Samsung 980 Pro has been performing unsurprisingly since Sept 2020, it’s undoubtedly a worthy choice in most circumstances.

Best on Mid-Budget GPU: MSI RTX™ 4070 GAMING X TRIO 12G



  • CUDA Core: 5888 units.
  • VRAM size: 12GB DDR6X.
  • Display Resolution: 7680 x 4320 (4 Display Max).
  • Recommended PSU: 650W (16-pin x 1).
  • Memory Speed: 21 Gbps.
  • Memory Interface: 192-bit.
  • Engine Clock: 2625 MHz(Extreme) & 2610 MHz(Boost).
  • »Two times enhanced Ray-Tracing with 3rd Gen RT cores.
  • »Extended performance with Ada Lovelace streaming processor.
  • »DLSS3 with 4th gen tensor core.
  • »Seamless 1440p gaming capability with 5600X.
  • »Metal backplate with a large heatsink and 3x fans.
  • »Low VRAM size.

Why We Chose MSI RTX™ 4070 GPU

Since this build is focused on gaming, 1440p gaming is the place where RTX 4070 dominates the current market. On our test of 1440p gaming, the GPU utilization was 99% mostly.

So, no worries about CPU or GPU bottleneck if you’re on 2K resolution. We ran Cyberpunk 2077 with 1440p res & ultra settings. The result was an average of 33 FPS- RTX ON and 65 FPS- RTX OFF.

Then we tried GTA V and got an average of 100 FPS at 1440p max settings. And an online multiplayer game Battlefield 2042, with DLSS on, showed a 119 FPS average at the same resolution. I guess you already understand why we chose this GPU for this build by now.

Who It’s For

If you desire AAA gaming in 1440p resolution with the 5600X processor, it fits perfectly with the gaming build. But if you don’t own a 2K resolution monitor and try casual 1080p gaming, then you can choose MSI Radeon RX 6750 XT GPU instead to save around 200 bucks. Plus, a less expensive PSU.

You’ll be sacrificing the Ray-tracing immersion, many useful Nvidia application supports, blazing fast rendering speed in Premiere Pro with CUDA cores, and the latest streaming power.

What We Liked Most

The most preferred thing about the RTX 4070 is the price-to-performance ratio. And the useful AI-powered Nvidia apps and features like Nvidia Broadcast, Canvas, etc.

Furthermore, the RTX 4070 is evenly ideal for productive or creative workers like 3D designers, video editors, graphics designers, and Neural Network researchers. You’ll get to choose both ways with this build, but we recommend a better CPU for such professional work cases.

What Could Be Improved

The RTX 4000 series is relatively new and offers the best results yet, but still, the price is not that affordable.


For a powerful gaming build, the GPU plays a vital role among all the other PC components. Thus choosing a perfect and high-caliber graphics card like RTX 4070 will cherish your gaming needs for a reasonable price.

CPU Air Cooler with ARGB Fans: Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE



  • Dimension: 6.3 x 4.92 x 6.1 inches(LxWxH).
  • Fan Speed: 1550 RPM±10% (MAX).
  • Maximum Air Flow: 66.17 CFM.
  • Fan Core: S-FDB Bearing.
  • Total Weight: 730g with six units of 6mm heatpipe.
  • »Large split heatsink with two 120mm Fans.
  • »Attractive has been ok with ARGB-featured fans.
  • »High RPM with maximum airflow.
  • »Six individual copper heat pipe contacts between the heatsink and CPU surface.
  • »The protruding heat conducting pipes over the top heatsink area.

Why We Picked Thermalright Peerless Assassin Air Cooler

The choice of Air cooling instead of an AIO cooler may seem bold or unwise, but our test has shown a significantly positive result. This CPU cooler can perform better in a high airflow casing with static pressure case fans.

You don’t have to spend a heck amount on AIO coolers to get as effective as this Thermalright Peerless Assassin is capable of.

Who It’s For

This Airflow CPU cooler is the current market’s coolest, if not the best. The performance difference between other 120mm RGB AIO coolers is so close that you wouldn’t feel like spending that much on AIOs.

But if the budget isn’t an issue, you can go for MSI MAG CoreLiquid 240R V2 for optimum performance.

What We Liked Most:

The Overall CPU cooling performance of Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE is awe-inspiring. While we were testing, It could sometimes outperform the 120mm AIOs.

The split heatsink design with two push-pull fan configurations is so effective that it can beat some budget 240mm AIOs in an open bench situation.

What Could Be Improved

The fan’s RGB lighting isn’t much stealthy, although you can control it with the ARGB sync app. But the six protruding heat-conducting pipes somehow ruin the overall design finish.


The Airflow CPU coolers are more budget-friendly and effective regarding the price-to-performance ratio. This CPU cooler from Thermalright is even better under the price bracket of 50 USD currently.

80 Plus Gold Certified 750W: EVGA 700 GD



  • 80 Plus Gold Certified.
  • Least noisy fan plus auto fan RPM control.
  • Dimension: 86mm (H) x 150mm (W) x 140mm (L)
  • »It can fill up the requirement of our selected RTX 4070 GPU. And we focused on the gold certification to ensure premium quality electricity flow.
  • »This PSU is non-modular, and the warranty could be ten years.

Why We Chose EVGA 700 GD PSU

After trying several other 650w & 750w PSUs, we settled that the 700w PSU is an enough powered source for our build with RTX 4070 graphics unit.

Who It’s For

Since PSU depends on the gross power consumption requirement, it’s merely dependable on the calculation. Thus, this EVGA 700 GD can supply enough power to our rig even if it’s running on OC mode.

What We Liked Most

We targeted the most out of a GPU at an affordable price. Whether you do gaming or productive work, this has never hiccuped once in our test.

What Could Be Improved

The modular or semi-modular feature could be better for interior & cable management.


This PSU is the least priced but quality choice in the budget if you own an RTX 4070 GPU inside your rig.

Compact Mid-Tower Case: DeepCool MACUBE 110



  • Dimension: 400mm×225mm×431mm(L×W×H)
  • Build materials: ABS+SPCC+Tempered Glass(side)
  • Max CPU Cooler Height: 165mm.
  • Rear Fan: 120mm (1x pre-installed)
  • »The CPU case has a simple & sleek look with fair enough airflow. The stealthy Black look with a flat front looks cool. The most attractive feature of this case is the built-in GPU sag guard.
  • »The airflow isn’t impressive due to its flat front panel.

Why We Chose/Picked It

Even though this CPU case has poor air ventilation from the front, the top, rear, and front edges can draw enough air if you install NZXT Aer P 140mm Static pressure fans at the front.

And the clearance for cable is fair enough for our build. The RTX 4070 and the Thermalright air cooler fit well in this case.

Who It’s For

The CPU case choice generally varies on a person’s taste, so this Deepcool case is just a simple choice to complete the build. You can choose any of the Best Airflow PC Cases with better ventilation and airflow.

What We Liked Most

The most intriguing fact about this case is its adjustable CPU holder. And the magnetic side panel with the transparent glass door is excellent for RGB lovers.

The materials feel good and sturdy. The 20mm clearance for cable management with the push pin SSD holder is a plus.

What Could Be Improved

The airflow of this chassis could be a little better with some adjustments in the front panel.


We love the simple & featureful benefits this case offers, so you can consider this if it meets your requirements at this price range.

How We Chose The Best Components for Ryzen 5 5600X CPU

The selected components in this build are an ideal combination of PC parts, where we didn’t compromise the AMD Ryzen 5 5600x CPU’s potential. After testing several other components, especially GPUs, these are kept as the best performer in a sane price range.

Because you shouldn’t buy too many expensive components to gain only a few more FPS or overall 2-5% performance, each product’s price must be justified according to its potential utilization and price-to-performance ratio. We did the calculation for each one of these parts separately to find the balance.

Since this is a gaming build with 5600X, it’s not built on a lower budget. Although we included a lower budget GPU as an alternative, other related components like PSU & motherboard could be cheaper.

The gaming build requires maximum powered PC parts, and we tried to choose the best performer but at the lowest price possible. Some of our included products have enough potential to be expensive. For instance, the Samsung 980 Pro SSD and the T-force 3600MHz RAM sticks might be cheap now but are performed similarly to expensive ones.


What is the maximum RAM size for Ryzen 5 5600X?

The maximum RAM size that a Ryzen 5 5600X supports is 128 GB, which is insane and overkill for most use cases.

Does 5600X support DDR5?

Unfortunately, none of the AM4 socket motherboards has official DDR5 RAM support yet.

What is the best temperature for Ryzen 5 5600X?

According to AMD’s website announcement, 72℃ is the perfect temperature for stable 5600X CPU performance.

Is Ryzen 5 5600x worth it in 2023?

Of course, the Ryzen 5 5600X is worth every penny in the current situation of 2023, as it satisfies the price-to-performance ratio at a good rating.

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