Why is TikTok Not Showing My Videos?[Definitive Answer 2024]

Written By Farhan Max

Are you a content creator on TikTok? You’re sweating your feet while filming a video alas when you upload the video that isn’t showing in your account. Isn’t it frustrating?

I can feel your pain. I started using TikTok in 2019. At first, I used to watch videos, but as time passed, I started making videos. On several occasions, I’ve faced similar situations like you. I have made videos, but sometimes it won’t show in the TikTok profile.


It felt like all my efforts went in vain.

So, I researched the internet to find the solutions and included them in this article. So here you will find your answer.

Also, I’ve included most of the available fixes regarding your video not showing on TikTok so that you can solve this problem by yourself. Again read till the end, and you will get some crucial tips regarding video views.

Why won’t Tiktok Show my Video?

Sometimes TikTok servers get too much traffic, so they can’t process all the videos. If your video falls into that category, then this specific problem can occur. On the other hand, If your phone has net connection issues or app case file issues while uploading your content, then also this problem can occur.

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Here are the main causes for TikTok not showing your video:

Server Issue

Tiktok server has a limit for traffic they can handle. You upload your video, and a server problem occurs in TikTok. Then it’s possible your video won’t show on TikTok.

Privately Discoverable

When your TikTok account is private and not discoverable to others, your video won’t show to others.

Video View Settings

Even if your account isn’t private, “Only me” settings can also prevent you from showing your videos to others.

Internet Instability

Slow internet speed won’t upload your videos properly. As a result, you won’t see any new videos on your profile.

Shadow Ban or Full Ban

If your account or the content is under the review on the TikTok, your content won’t show in your account. Also, this problem can happen when your previous activities on TikTok make your account blacklisted.

File Corruption

If your camera software or your Tiktok app gets corrupted, you may not see your uploaded video. Additionally, if some unnecessary case file prevents the TikTok app from operating normally, that can also create the same problem.

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How to Fix Tiktok not Showing My Video

If your video isn’t showing in your TikTok account, it can be any of the problems I’ve discussed above. When You face this problem, don’t panic and follow the fixes described below. Hopefully, you will easily solve your video not showing the TikTok problem.

Here are 6 easy fixes to solve videos not showing on the TikTok account:

01. Change your Privacy Settings

If your account is private or your video sharing option is set “only me,” then you can easily solve your problem using this method. Follow these steps accordingly to make your account public and your video viewing to everyone.

Here are steps to change your privacy setting:

  • Open TikTok.tiltok-app-find
  • Go to the three-bar menu.tiktik-menu
  • Click Settings and privacy In the menu.tiktok-settings-privacy
  • Click the Privacy option.tiktok-privacy-option
  • Turn off the private account.tiktok-private-account
  • Click any video uploaded to your profile.
  • Click the three dots icon While playing the video.tiktok-live-video
  • Tap Privacy setting.tiktok-video-privacy-settings
  • Select the option “Public” in the menu “Who can view this video.tiktok-who-can-see-this-video
  • Close the application.

02. Clear the Cache File

Sometimes the TikTok cache file becomes corrupted and prevents the app from running perfectly. When that happens, your video may not show on TikTok. In that case, clearing the case file of your app will solve this problem.

Here are the steps to clear your case file of TikTok :

  • Go to Settings.mobile-settings
  • Select Apps & notifications.mobile-apps-notification-settings
  • Tap See all apps In the apps & notifications.mobile-apps-notification-settings-see-all
  • Press TikTok in all apps.tiktok-app-info
  • Select storage and cache.tiktok-storage
  • Tap clear cache and close the settings. tiktok-clear-cache

03. Update your App

If your TikTok application isn’t up to date, you can face some complications while uploading your video. In some cases, the video won’t even show in your account. So you should keep your app up to date.

Here are the steps to update your Tiktok:

  • Go to the “Play store”.open-play-store
  • Type TikTok in the search button.play-store-search-tiktok
  • In the search right corner of the TikTok app, a green button called update will appear.tiktok-play-store-update
  • Tap that green button, and your app will start updating.

04. Restart your phone & app

When you use your phone for a long time, The AI and the softwares may become dizzy. Then it can behave mysteriously like suddenly stopping working without any reason. In that scenario, TikTok may not even show your video. When you face those situations, follow the steps below.

Here are the steps to restart your phone & app:

  • Go to Settings. mobile-settings
  • Select Apps & notifications. mobile-apps-notification-settings
  • Tap TikTok In the apps.tiktok-app-info
  • Select “Force Stop.”tiktok-force-stop
  • Press OK.
  • Long-press the power button.
  • Select Restart in the Shutdown menu.phone-restart

05. Re-install Tiktok

If clearing the case file or restarting your phone doesn’t help, then you should reinstall the TikTok app from the play store. This method includes uninstalling the app and then installing it again.

Here are the steps to re-install the TikTok app:

  • Long-press the TikTok app, and a quick menu will appear.
  • Select “i” button in the quick men.app-settings-discover
  • Press Uninstall> press.tiktok-uninstall
  • Long-press your Power button> Tap.
  • After reboot, go to the Play store.
  • Type TikTok in the search bar >Press install [the green button].

06. Check the server status

Sometimes Tiktok won’t load your video for their internal server problem. You can check the server status for TikTok on some sites.

DownDetector is one of the trusted sites where you can easily check the server status of TikTok. Just tap the link, and you can quickly check the status of TikTok.

If the server is down, wait for Tiktok authority to fix the issue. When the issue sets, you can see your TikTok video.

Easy Tips to increase video view in TikTok

You can easily get views on TikTok if you follow some quick tips and tricks. Like following the trends, using the hashtags, avoiding nudity, etc. But the most important thing is your content needs to be good.

Here are some tips and trikes to increase TikTok video view:

  • When you create your account, add some info in your bio.
  • Before uploading your first video, spend some time in the app watching others.
  • Select one Niche for one account. Meaning you should select one interest per account and make videos according to that interest.
  • Avoid Political content, Profanity, Nudity, etc.
  • Use one account for one device.
  • Use VPN but be careful with that. If you open your account using a VPN, then also make sure when you enter that account VPN is connected. Also, Use one country in the VPN per account.


Long story short, If Tiktok has a server problem or some internal issues, then your video may not be visible. Again If your phone has problems like a corrupted app or unnecessary case files, or connectivity problems on the internet, then also your video may not be visible to others.

Also, if your account or content is private at that time, no one can view your video.

So after reading this article entirely, I’m sure you have found your answer to why your video isn’t showing on TikTok. Furthermore, I’ve included available working fixes in this article. So follow those fixes to solve your problem quickly.

In addition, if you want to increase the views of your TikTok account, follow the tips and tricks I’ve described above.

If you face any difficulties, then don’t hesitate to contact me. Wish you good luck.

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