Can TikTok See Who Saved Your Video?[The Real Truth-2024]

Written By Farhan Max

You are a creator in TikTok, and you know in TikTok, users can save anyone’s video. But does TikTok see who saved your video? And does it notify you?

TikTok is like a vast sea of entertainment where you can sail in the flow of fun and enjoyment. It’s a platform that you can start using but can’t stop.

This very thing happened to me. In 2019 I just installed it out of curiosity, and the interest has turned into a habit. The 15 seconds of fun become my primary source of entertainment.


However, one day, this very same question came to my mind “does TikTok see who saved my video?”

So I researched through the internet and found actual facts about this. So read this article fully, and you will get your answer. Also, there are some tips and tricks related to Tiktok, so read the article thoroughly.

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Does Tiktok Know who Saved the Video?

Yes, Tiktok knows who viewed the whole video, but they won’t tell you. Tiktok has an algorithm where the AI can follow the Users activity. So artificial intelligence knows who viewed whose profile and who has saved whose video.

All the user’s activities are monitored thoroughly to determine the growth of the user’s channels. But, Tiktok only gives the users some analytics for their account growth.

However, for privacy reasons, TikTok won’t tell you who viewed your profile or who saved your video. But if someone saved your video, then it includes in the share.

This means, If someone saved your video, then the number of your video share will increase.

Can you Know who Saves your Tiktok?

The answer is yes. In the previous paragraph, I discussed the AI of TikTok knows who viewed your profile. Also, It tracks who saved your videos. But The AI or the authority won’t tell you who has saved your video. Because they have the policy to maintain audience cover but not for the creator.

However, Tiktok authority will send you a notification in the analytics saying you have a video share or something like that.

The analytics will show how many times the video will share or the view count of the video. But If you save your video on your or another device using your account, then the number of views will remain unchanged.

Also, Tiktok analytics will provide various matrices for your video time rage view or the like-comment growth, Categorising your audience regarding different geographical zone Etc.

Can Anyone Save Your Tiktok Video?

Yes, anyone can save your TikTok video if your account is public. The public account algorithm is made in such a way that people can see share and download the content. You can make your account either public or private as per your choice. The public network generally has more views than the private account in Tiktok.

However, In Tiktok, if your account is public, anyone can see, download or share your video. So there is a risk to privacy.

Again, If your account is private, then only your followers can view your videos. Also, if your account is private, then you restrict access to download your video. Meaning nobody can download your video from their device.

Although, If you aim to be a TikTok celeb, your account needs to be public despite the risk of privacy. Because you need likes sare for your content.

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Can Anyone Screen Record Your Tiktok Video?

Yes, Anyone can record your TikTok video using their built-in phone screen recorder. Tiktok doesn’t have the algorithm to prevent any screen recording software. Also, It’s awful that TikTok won’t even notify you if someone is recording the video.

Tiktok doesn’t have a feature like  Snapchat, where the AI detects if anyone attempts recording the content of the creator. Nowadays, Facebook Messenger also has this same feature.

When a person takes a screenshot or starts recording in the messenger, the AI of the messenger gives a notification to the user. And If your account is locked in Facebook, then your Screenrecording app won work on the account.

However TikTok App dosent have tihis kinds of feature.

So the paparazzi, stalker, or some content thief can easily download or screen record your content and use it on other platforms like Youtube.

How to Prevent Downloading your Tiktok Video?

Tiktok lets you prevent the download of your video. It doesn’t matter if your account is private or public. You can easily do this by following some steps.

Here are the steps to turn off downloads for TikTok videos:

  • At first lunch, the app from your device
  • Then tap the “Profile” icon in the bottom right.tikrok-profile
  • After that, press the three line button in the upper right corner.tiktok-settings
  • Next, scroll down the option “Setting and privacy.” tiktok-settings-privacy
  • In “Setting and privacy,” tap the “Privacy” Button. It’s under the manage account menu.tiktok-privacy
  • Select Download from those options in the “Privacy.”tiktok-downlload
  • Afterward, toggle Off the Video download This will prevent anyone from downloading your video.tiktok-video-download

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Why can’t I download a TikTok video?

If the creator of the video chooses off in the video download option, then you cant download videos uploaded by the user.

Can you save TikTok Live?

Tiktok live disappears after the end. So you can’t download or save other people’s live on TikTok. However, if you are a creator of a live, you can review the videos in the  Live Replay section. From there, you can download that video to your device and upload it later.

Can Tiktok trak your download?

Yes, Tiktok keeps a log of the activities you do in the app. The AI Of Tiktok keeps your activity log in the case & cookies data in your device as well as in your server.

What is TikTok Creator Marketplace?

TCM or TikTok creator market palace is a platform where TikTok provides brand partnership opportunities for the content creator or the TikTok influencer. Here world-class brands come and collab with the TikTok celebs and also offer the opportunity to promote the brand.

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Long story short, TikTok authorities know who saved your video on the device, Who views your profile, and also who shares the video on what platform.

But they will keep this information secret for their policy. They only let you know how many people share or watch your content. But you cant know who those people are.

So After reading the article, I’m confident now you know the answer to the question you asked. Again I’ve included some methods to prevent anyone from downloading your video. If you want nobody to download your video, you should follow my steps.

Moreover, I’ve also discussed some frequently asked questions to help you solve common problems.

Lastly, If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to comment, and I will try my best to solve your problems. Best of luck.

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