Why TikTok Won’t Let You Follow Anyone? [Legit Cause, Fixes]

Written By Elman Ucchwas

TikTok is your best companion when it comes to quick entertainment. You can follow your influencer on TikTok to get all their updates.

However, the Follow option doesn’t always work as it should.

If you’re facing the same problem, don’t worry, as I’ll be discussing the fixes to TikTok without letting you follow anyone.fix-tiktok-wonGÇÖt-let-me-follow-anyone

So, keep reading till the end.

Why Isn’t TikTok Letting You Follow People Back?

TikTok won’t let you follow anyone if you reach the hourly or daily following limit or get a shadow ban. Other causes include app glitches, TikTok marking you as a bot or a server issue.

Like any other major social media platform, TikTok has its rules and regulations to address any misuse or violation of community guidelines. The TikTok algorithm might restrict some user features like the ability to follow someone for breach of rules.

However, it can also be a mistake due to bugs, glitches, or server issues.

Here are the reasons why you can’t follow people on TikTok:

The Following Limit Reached

To prevent spammy behavior, TikTok has hourly and daily following limits. According to research, the daily follow limit is 200 accounts on TikTok. The hourly follow limit is even less, 30 accounts, with 10000 accounts in total.

So, once you follow more than 30 users per hour or 200 users daily, your account has reached the maximum limit.

As a consequence, TikTok will stop you from further following users.

You Have Been Shadowbanned

If you violate TikTok’s terms and conditions, TikTok usually restricts your account from following anyone, and you get shadow banned.

So, upon violating the Terms of Service (ToS) or community guidelines, you can get a shadow ban for activities like hate speech, promotion of guns, violent content, etc. Also, following & unfollowing someone 4 to 5 times can get you shadow blocked.

It is a soft warning. Further continuation of such activities might lead to a permanent ban on your TikTok account.

Processing Error

Collecting large cache files for an extended period may cause a processing error in the TikTok app.

If your TikTok application can’t process correctly, it may fail to execute the Follow or Unfollow command when you tap the button. In that case, you won’t be able to follow anyone with your app.

TikTok Suspects You Are a Bot

If you start following too fast, it represents spammy behavior. The TikTok algorithm might mark you as a robot and turn off the Follow option with the message The following feature has been disabled.

The suspicion rises further if you’re trying to follow users from a public network.

Since many people use the same IP address in a public network, the TikTok algorithm considers it a sign of spammy activity.

In these cases, TikTok will think you’re a robot, and your profile’s a spam account. As a result, TikTok may restrict regular account functionalities (like the Follow option) for you.

Privacy Settings

When you can’t follow a specific user, they probably have blocked you, or their privacy setting restrains you from following them.

If you get the error message, You can’t follow this account due to privacy settings of the user; then you can be sure that’s the case.

Server Down

Your request to follow up on TikTok can’t be processed when the TikTok server is down. So, you cannot follow anyone as long as the server is down.

Routine maintenance or a heavy load on the server may cause it to crash.

A Bug or Glitch Problem

Getting plagued by bugs, especially after an OTA update, is a common phenomenon for any application. And TikTok is no exception.

Bugs can cripple the app’s core functionality. For instance, TikTok is not showing your videos, or the Follow functionality isn’t working.

Outdated App

An outdated TikTok application can be a major cause of the issue. The outdated app might be unable to connect to the servers correctly. Then it’ll result in your follow requests going nowhere.

I have discussed so many reasons behind TikTok stopping you from following anyone. Now let’s go through the solutions.

How to Fix Can’t Follow People On TikTok Issue

To fix TikTok won’t let you follow anyone, restart the app. If a bug is causing the problem, restarting can solve it. Also, try to re-login, check the server status, or update the app. If the issue arises due to spammy behavior or reaching the follow limit, wait until TikTok lifts the restriction on your account.

Let’s discuss the solutions in more detail.

Here are the ways to fix TikTok won’t allow you to follow others:

1. Relaunch TikTok

When you use an app for a long time at a stretch, or the app is open in the background for long hours, there can be processing errors in the app.

The same is true for TikTok. After prolonged use, an error can initiate in the run time of the app and cause problems like stopping you when you want to follow other profiles.

The simplest and quickest fix is to restart the app. A restart will reload the app with all its files and eliminate errors in the app process.

Whether you’re on an iPhone or Android, open the App Switcher and close TikTok. Then launch TikTok from the menu, and it should do the trick.

2. Wait for Some Time

The TikTok Follow button gets blocked when you reach the hourly or daily TikTok follow limit. Follow more than 30 users in an hour or 200 users in a day, and TikTok will stop you from following any new account.

In such a scenario, you can do nothing but wait until the restriction lifts.

Once you reach the hourly follow limit, you need to wait a few hours, and hopefully, you can start following your favorite influencers again. The same is true if you’ve followed many people in a short time.

If TikTok still doesn’t allow you to follow, you might have broken the daily follow limit. Then you need to wait about 24 hours before you can follow new people.

But before waiting for a day, you can review the fixes below to see if they work in your case.

3. Check TikTok Server Status

When the TikTok servers encounter maintenance breaks or unknown failures, it might be why TikTok Follow isn’t working. Hence, it’s a good idea to check for TikTok’s server status before trying any fixes on your end.

One of the trusted sites to check server status is DownDetector. To check server status, just go to their TikTok server checking page.

4. Update TikTok

Old versions of an app may contain some bugs and result in malfunctions like being unable to follow people or the TikTok out-of-sync problem. But it can be solved with a simple application update.

Here are the steps to update the TikTok app:

  • Launch App Store on your iPhone.
  • Search for TikTok in the top box.
  • Tap the Update button beside TikTok.

If you’re using an Android, open the Play Store and search for TikTok. Press the Update button, and your app will upgrade to the latest version.

5. Clear the Cache

As it turns out, your TikTok app can’t process commands and requests properly if the cache gets quite large. So, if you can’t follow new users, you should clear the app cache.

Here’s how to clear the cache of the TikTok app:

  • Navigate to Settings.settings-ios
  • Go to General.general-ios
  • Tap on iPhone Storage.ip-storage
  • Find TikTok and tap on it.tiktok-app-cache
  • Hit Offload App.offload-app
  • Tap on Reinstall App.re-install-app

If you’re using an Android, go to Settings > Apps and find TikTok. Then go to Storage and cache and select Clear Cache.

Remember that the option names are subject to change depending on the phone brand and Android version.

Once you finish the process, launch the app and follow someone on the TikTok platform. It should fix this issue.

6. Re-Login to TikTok

A simple logout and login action can go a long way in sorting out the issue. Whether you are on Android or iOS, the approach is similar.

Here is the procedure to re-login in TikTok:

  • Open TikTok.
  • Tap on Profile at the bottom right.
  • Hit the Hamburger menu from the top right corner.hamburger-menu
  • Choose Settings and privacy.tiktok-settings-privacy
  • Scroll down and tap on Log out to sign out of your account.log-out
  • Close the app from recent apps.
  • Launch TikTok and tap on Profile again. You’ll see different login options.
  • Choose your preferred login option and provide the necessary credentials to log in.

Now check if the issue is resolved by trying to follow TikTok users.

7. Check Your Internet Connection

A faulty internet connection can block you from following anyone new on TikTok.

If there’s an issue with the network, you won’t be able to browse correctly on TikTok or any other social media. Most other functionalities that users on TikTok utilize will also fail. You can perform a speed test to check whether the internet is fine.

Once you’re sure it’s an internet connection issue, restart the router.

If that doesn’t work, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider). The problem may be on their end. They’ll be able to detect and solve the internet issue for you.

8. Use TikTok on the Web

The mobile app of TikTok may be facing issues due to a recent bug. You have to wait for future updates to fix the issue.

But don’t worry, as TikTok has a web version available at TikTok.com. You can do pretty much the same stuff you do (like watch content or follow an account) using the mobile app.

Simply go to the web or the desktop version of TikTok, log in to your account, and enjoy the content. Once the mobile app gets patched by the TikTok team, you can return to the mobile app.

9. Reset Network Settings

Resetting the network settings on the phone fixes the TikTok follow the issue in some cases. So, give it a try.

Note: Resetting the network settings will remove all the saved Wi-Fi passwords. That’s why remember your Wi-Fi password before going through the process.

Follow the steps below to reset network settings on your phone:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on General.
  • Go to Reset Network Settings.
  • Confirm the process.

Now your phone will restart. You need to log in to your Wi-Fi to connect to the internet.

10. Reinstall TikTok

Reinstalling TikTok has two benefits: it’ll get rid of any corrupt files and cache, and it’ll update your app to the latest version.

Some files from older versions remain even after upgrading your app, which may prevent TikTok from processing your request for a Follow. So you see how a freshly installed app can be beneficial.

Here’s the process to reinstall the TikTok app:

  • Tap and hold the TikTok app.
  • Choose Remove App from the bottom. remove-app
  • Tap on Delete App.delete-app-ios
  • Open App Store and search TikTok.
  • Click on the cloud icon to re-download.

In the case of Android, go to Settings > Apps > TikTok and Uninstall the app. Then go to Play Store, search for TikTok, and install it.

After a successful reinstall, log in and continue to follow accounts on TikTok.

11. Contact TikTok Support

After trying out all the solutions, if the app still prevents you from following anyone on TikTok, you can email TikTok authorities directly.

TikTok Support’s official Twitter account @TikTokSupport can solve your problem.


Why can’t you follow people on TikTok?

You cannot follow anyone on TikTok because you might have reached the maximum number of accounts you can follow. Additionally, you can be shadowbanned, restricting your account’s visibility and engagement. Furthermore, there could be issues such as processing errors, where the platform encounters difficulties while performing the Follow action. Privacy settings could also play a role, as they might be configured to prevent me from following other users.

What is the follow limit on TikTok?

On TikTok, there is a maximum limit of 10,000 accounts that you can follow in total. Additionally, you can follow up to 200 accounts per day. It is crucial to adhere to these limitations to avoid suspicion from TikTok’s system, which may mistake your account for a bot. Going beyond these follow limits could result in your account being shadowbanned.

How long does TikTok block from following?

If Tiktok has blocked you from following, it is likely due to you rapidly following numerous accounts. As a preventive measure against spamming, they occasionally deactivate user accounts for 24 hours under such circumstances.

How do you know if you’ve reached the following limit on TikTok?

To determine if you have reached the maximum following limit on the app, access your profile and navigate to the Following tab. If you come across a message stating You’ve reached your following limit, it indicates that you have reached the maximum number of accounts you can follow on the app.

Is it possible to increase the following limit on TikTok?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to increase the following limit on TikTok. The app predetermines this limit to prevent spamming and maintain a genuine user experience focused on engaging with content of interest. Once you reach the following limit, you may encounter the issue of being unable to follow additional accounts.

How to avoid TikTok’s restrictions on following others?

To escape TikTok’s limitations on following other users, it is essential to abide by the app’s community guidelines, actively participate in authentic activities, and refrain from spammy or suspicious behaviors. Furthermore, consistent content creation and engagement with other users are crucial for establishing your account as an active presence on TikTok.

How do you know if you are shadowbanned on TikTok?

Some crucial signs that can help you to be sure whether you have been shadow banned are the invisibility of your content on the For You page or in search results, the inability to upload videos, and a significant decrease in the number of views, likes, or shares your content receives.

Final Thoughts

You’ll be unable to follow someone on TikTok if you get a temporary ban. Also, old app versions, faulty app cache, hourly or daily limits on follow, and problems in the TikTok server can be the driving factors.

So, when such a situation arises, restart the app, clear the cache file, update the TikTok app, or reinstall TikTok. But sometimes, you just have to wait a few moments to resolve this issue, as TikTok temporarily blocks you from following.

For further inquiries, leave a comment below.

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