Why Is My TikTok Out of Sync?[Read This First 2024]

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You might be searching why the audio is out of sync with the scene of the video. More specifically, the audio could be behind or acting faster than behind the action of the video.

This situation looks pretty frustrating for a user because you don’t know the reasons for causing TikTok to act out of sync.

I encountered this problem using TikTok a couple of months back, which hit me quite badly, and I had no other way but to research this problem. But the positive fact is I found the optimal solution for you.


Read through the end of this article, and it will help you know every pros and cons of this issue, including the ways to fix it.

Don’t skip any part unless you want to miss any crucial point.

Why is your TikTok Out Of Sync?

Different FPS (Frames per Second) rates of the audio and video file are the main reason your TikTok out-of-sync issue. Additionally, the outdated TikTok application, not clearing TikTok cache files, sluggish internet connection, and corrupted or damaged audio-video files are also responsible.

TikTok is one of the most powerful social networking platforms worldwide, and in terms of users amount, it is seventh. TikTok has more than 700 million monthly active users, and the number is increasing day by day.

A large number of TikTok users recently complained about encountering this problem. That’s not a big deal, and there might also be ways to overcome a problem.

Here are the reasons for facing the TikTok out of sync issue:

Different FPS Rate of the Audio and Video File

A video is nothing but a series of photographs or images called frames. Thus a video with 20 FPS means 20 pictures per second. While processing the video using any software, if the FPS rate of the software doesn’t match the video you want to process, you must face this problem.

Corrupted or Damaged Audio-Video File

A corrupted or damaged audio video file is another primary reason for facing this problem. If any audio or video file gets damaged through bugs or glitches, that file will not collaborate ideally with the other one. This will ultimately lead the TikTok video out of sync.

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Slow or Interrupted Internet Connection

Sluggish or interrupted internet connection can force you to face because you will need a proper internet connection for operating TikTok. If the connection speed fluctuates or goes down quickly, the TikTok application will face problems in tracking, and that’s your device’s IP. That’s why you will confront this problem.

Outdated TikTok Application

Before going further, you should check whether your TikTok application is updated. An outdated TikTok application hardly collaborates with your operating system, and you can face the out-of-sync issue on TikTok.

Outdated Operating System

Older android or iOS versions can tie you with this out-of-sync problem. The device you are going to use has to be updated. If your device is not compatible with the application, there is a possibility of confronting this problem.

Not Clearing TikTok Application Cache

Not clearing the cache files can slow down your device. When your device becomes slower, it will struggle to reload pages using TikTok. Obsessively clearing your application’s cache could be counterproductive. You should remove all the cache files regularly.

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How to Fix TikTok Out Of Sync issue?

TikTok out of sync issue is one of the biggest hurdles in experiencing this application continuously. Don’t worry too much, and I’ll show you all the tested ways to fix this issue.

Here are the steps to fix the TikTok out of sync issue:

1. Restart TikTok application:

Don’t burst out laughing if I say that restarting the TikTok application can solve your problem.

Don’t panic after experiencing this problem for the first time. Close the TikTok application from your device. Clear the recent app history from your device and disconnect it from the internet network.

Connect it to your internet connection or turn on your mobile data. Open the TikTok application again and see whether the problem is solved or not.

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2. Restart Your Device

If the TikTok application fails to solve this issue, restart your device and see the result. Before restarting your device, don’t forget to clear the recent history from your device.

Disconnect your device and restart it after some time. Connect your internet, launch the TikTok application again, and check whether the problem continues or not.?

3. Clear TikTok’s Cache

Not clearing the TikTok’s cache files for an extended period can drive you to this problem. Cache files can hamper the performance of your device.

There are steps to clear the TikTok application cache file:

  • Tap on the Settingsmobile-settings
  • Enter the Apps
  • Forward to the Apps option again to see all the installed applications.


  • Locate TikTok from the list and tap on it.tiktok-app-info
  • Move to the Storagetiktok-storage
  • You will see the Clear Cache option and tap on it.tiktok-clear-cache

[Don’t tap on the Clear Data option] 

4. Update TikTok

Update the TikTok application, and many users solved their problems by doing it.

Here is the way to update TikTok:

  • Open the Play Store from your device.open-play-store
  • Tap on your Profile picture.
  • Navigate to the Manage apps & device.
  • If any application needs to update, you will see the Updates required.
  • Tap on this option and if you see TikTok here, tap on the update option.

Reopen TikTok and see if the problem is solved or not.

5. Check TikTok App Permission

You should check if the TikTok application has permission to access wifi or mobile data. You experience TikTok out-of-sync issue for not providing the permission.

Here are the changes you should make:

  • Tap on the Settings.settings-app-option
  • Move to the Apps.setting-app-option
  • Navigate to the Apps option again to see all the installed apps.
  • Scroll down until you find TikTok and open it.apps-in-tiktok-menu
  • Tap on the Data usage.tiktok-data-usages-option
  • Check if this application has the permission to access your Mobile data and Wi-fi or not. You must allow permission.tiktok-app-data-wifi

6. Check Your Internet Network

An unstable or sluggish internet connection is responsible for facing this problem. Check if you are getting a sufficient internet speed or not. You should contact your internet service provider when you get unsatisfactory speed.

If they fail to fix your internet-related issue, you should change your service provider.

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7. Reinstall TikTok

You should uninstall the TikTok application if all the above fixes fail to solve your problem. After uninstalling TikTok, you should go for installing the application again and check if the problem is solved or not.

Frequently Asked Question

Why is your TikTok application lagging?

The TikTok application lags due to lousy wifi connection, outdated applications, and an outdated operating system.

Did Siri sue Tiktok?

She is now suing TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, in a U.S. court and seeking damages.

Bottom Line

Human nature is to panic after confronting any problem. Many TikTok users across the globe chrome across this problem now and then.

I’ve listed all the possible ways causing this problem and also listed ways to fix this issue. Hope this article will solve your problem.

Here is a comment section, and you can ask anything regarding this topic here. Our experts will try to help you as early as possible.

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