How to Fix Airpods Not Working on Tiktok [Quick Solve 2024]

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Got an AirPods, but if you want to shoot a TikTok, then it suddenly turns your volume too loud and Muffly, or you couldn’t hear any sound at all? You tried to solve your issue by updating your TikTok, but that didn’t solve your problem.

It’s very annoying, isn’t it?

Though I opened my account in 2019, just after when India and Pakistan banned TikTok for morality issues, I started to make short tech tips in TikTok. That’s when I faced this AirPod not working on the TikTok issue.

So, why is my AirPod not working on TikTok?

Your AirPod is not working on TikTok because of the junk files and caches built up in the app, using an older version of TikTok, installation files being corrupted, unstable wireless internet connection. Besides, your AirPod might not work in some other apps, too, along with TikTok.

There are many reasons why your AirPods got a glitch, the sound being low or loud, or not working entirely on TikTok. Read this article till the end and apply every solution on your device.airpods-not-working-on-tiktok

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How to Solve TikTok Not Working with AirPods

We are living in an ever-changing technological landscape. Children and adolescents are constantly connected to their devices more than ever with new and emerging trends in the entertainment media where Tiktok is one of the most common words we use, listen in every day.

In 2016, when Apple announced that their new phone wouldn’t have a headphone jack, people got angry. 71% of iPhone users said they thought it was terrible for Apple to take the headphone jack away from their device, while 73% of Android users said they were less likely to switch to an iPhone because of the lack of a headphone jack. (Yahoo Finance)

Fact: In China, Tiktok is accessed by over 620 million users daily.

So, Apple was trying to push people’s back using wireless headphones. And guess what, wired headphones had 83% unit sales while wireless headphones had 17% in 2016. And in 2022, we can see how much growth has been accomplished with the wireless headphones or earbuds industry, where Apple’s AirPod is one of the dominants. Wherever you go, you’ll find some.

Too much information?

Don’t worry. I won’t go any further. I just wanted you to know the market a little bit. However, there are 6 steps you can follow and resolve your issues on your AirPods not working on Tiktok.

Tip: Turn the Bluetooth off and turn it on again. See if the problem is resolved on TikTok. It is highly suggested if you face any problem with your device.

1. Check the Privacy Settings

AirPod is not working on TikTok if there is a glitch in the software. So, after restarting your device, Go to your Privacy Settings. If you find Tiktok and see if it allows audio available in TikTok or not after turning off the Bluetooth. If it’s off, you might face this issue on your Tiktok.

  • Go to your Settings and tap into Bluetooth.
  • Click on the green It’ll turn your Bluetooth off.
  • Go back to Settings and scroll down to Privacy.
  • Click on Privacy and scroll down until you find TikTok.
  • Check the Privacy if it’s not checked and go back to
  • Press Bluetooth and turn the Bluetooth

Reconnect your AirPod, see if the problem resolves.

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2. Clean your AirPods

Airpods can’t work if you see a buildup on the speaker mesh. So, the problem could be happening not only on TikTok but also on other applications too.

To clean your AirPods, you need to use a soft, dry piece of cloth, a cotton bud, or a soft brush. Soak the cotton bud into the alcohol and smoothly clean your earbuds. Use the dry cloth to clean the charging case.

If your AirPods are exposed to shampoos, conditioners, lotions, perfumes, detergents, oil, clean the AirPods with a cloth soaked and then twisted. Dry it out using a dry piece of fabric. But it is applicable only for AirPods Max.

If it is an AirPods or AirPods Pro, use a dry piece of cloth in this case. Don’t use a dampened cloth at all.


  1.  Don’t use products containing hydrogen peroxide or bleach. Don’t soak your AirPods in any cleaning agent.
  2. Don’t use any sharp materials to clean your AirPods.
  3. Don’t use the AirPods until they are completely dry. 

3. Reset the Network Settings

Resetting the Network Setting on your device can solve the Tiktok-AirPod not working issue. This problem when your AirPods are constantly failing to sync with your device. Here is how you can reset the Network Setting.

  • Go to the Settings and press General.
  • Tap into Reset and Reset Networking Settings

That’s all. If there is a networking issue between your AirPod and iPhone or iPad, following this process will help you resolve your issue.

Fact: According to Statista, approximately 30.8 million people had used Tiktok daily, as of September 2021.

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4. Reinstall TikTok

Sometimes a new update of TikTok comes with a problem itself. There may be some bugs in the software update patch. So, you have to uninstall and reinstall TikTok. To do this:

  • Long press on the TikTok icon.
  • Tap into (-) sign, or press uninstall. If you don’t find any (-) symbol, you’ll find uninstall.
  • Open Google Play Store and search TikTok.
  • Press Uninstall, and you’re done.

Reinstalling Tiktok will solve the problem you are facing. If it doesn’t solve yours, move on to the next step.

Fact: TikTok generated an estimated $1.9 billion in revenue in 2020, a 457% increase year on year, according to

5. Equalize your Stereo Balance

Sometimes in an update pack, there comes a glitch. So, some of your functions can’t work accordingly, resulting in an imbalance in the Stereo Balance. To solve this issue, you need to equalize your Stereo Balance, and here’s how you can do this.

  • Open Settings and tap into Accessibility.
  • Scroll down until you find Audio/Visual. Tap on it.
  • Fix the slider in the middle of L and
  • Check whether the Mono Audio is turned on or not. If it’s on, turn it off.check-your-stereo-balance

If the problem lies in the stereo unbalancing, following this step accordingly to solve the not working on TikTok issue.

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6. Hard Reset your Device

If none of the steps solves your issue, now it’s time to reset your device. To perform this, you should:

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Click on General and scroll down until you find Reset.
  • Tap into Reset and choose Reset All Settings.reset-all-settings

Choosing Reset All Settings will remove all of your content as it was before. So if you want to make some changes in your settings, feel free to do it. But don’t forget to check whether AirPod is working on the TikTok or not.

If following these 6 steps doesn’t solve your issue, I suggest you wait for the next update of your device, update the patch of TikTok or both. Maybe you aren’t the one who is facing this Tiktok-Aipod issue.

What to do if one of my AirPod is missing?

If one of your AirPods is missing, use “Find My iPhone” to track it down.  Open “Find My Phone” on your iPhone and tap on your AirPods. You should be in the range of the AirPod and it should be connected with your iPhone. Tap “Play Sound”. Listen closely to locate the sound.

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The wireless personal audio industry is growing strong day by day. The production of wireless earphones or earbuds will be more progressive. So, more and more issues like this will occur.

When I first experienced this problem, there was no solution for me to follow and solve my issue. So, I tried my best to solve this issue depending on my knowledge. And alas, I somehow managed to resolve my issue following the above-mentioned steps.

I recommend you do the same. Comment below if you still can’t solve your AriPod not working on TikTok.

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