How to View Someone Else’s Calendar in Outlook [Guide 2024]

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After scheduling a meeting date and time, you might want to share the meeting timetable through a calendar in Outlook. But you also want to know who is free or busy during that schedule while sending meeting invitations.

Well, Outlook covers that for you through its calendar sharing feature. As you know, large organizations manage all their work through emails, most of which use Outlook.

Outlook users mark their busy, free or casual leave date in outlook’s calendar. If your calendar is shared among all your colleagues, they can see your schedule. It will help others to send you meeting invitations when you are’s-calendar-in-outlook

As a newbie, it’s alright if you don’t know how to share a calendar or view others’ calendars in Outlook. Just keep reading till the last line to know how to do it.

So, let’s begin without wasting any time!

Why Do You Need to Share Calendar in Outlook?

To improve efficiency and communication, boost productivity, save time, and balance out assignments across the team, you should share a calendar in Outlook. It helps to arrange meetings without contacting all the people one by one. A scheduled calendar lets others know about your daily timetable.

A shared calendar is like a person’s open scheduling diary, from where you can see his upcoming plans.

Persons who use Outlook all the time mark all the upcoming appointment dates, meetings, busy schedules, etc., in outlook’s calendar. When a person shares a calendar with others, they will know the timetable of that person.

Arranging a group meeting by informing each member is time-consuming because you will have to ask everyone and pick a perfect date and time for the meeting. Well, with a shared group calendar, you can eliminate this waste of time.

Busy people won’t be able to remember their upcoming schedule. That’s why they could miss their important meeting with the clients or team members. But with a shared calendar, they won’t miss a meeting because it will keep reminding you about the meeting timetable.

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How to Share Calendar in Outlook

Sharing Outlook calendars is a very easy process. But without an exchange account, you won’t have any calendar permission option to modify calendar access. Those with an IMAP/POP account can only see whether you are busy or free, but they can’t see full details about your schedule.

The meeting title, meeting members, and the location will be out of visibility when you use a normal IMAP/POP3 account in your Outlook.

Sharing your calendar with full control access will allow people to look at the items with full details. You can always set the permission type whether they can view or edit the calendar.

There are two ways to share your calendar — One is to share it with everyone at the Cornell Exchange account, and another is to share it with only specific people. Let’s find out how to do both of them.

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Share Calendar with Everyone at Cornell

With this option, you can always change what everyone at the Cornell Exchange account can see in your calendar.

Here are the steps to share the calendar with everyone at Cornell:

  • Click on the Calendar icon from the bottom left
  • Click the Home option from the Ribbon.
  • Select Calendar Permission from the Share
  • Click on the Permission tab from the Calendar Properties dialog box.
  • Click Default from the list where columns are titled with Name and Permission Leve.
  • Click on the Permission Level’s drop-down button and choose one.
  • Click the OK button.choose-calendar-permission-level-from-permission-tab-in-outlook
Note: Never delete the Default option, or else it will cause an error.

If you choose Reviewer, it will only allow everyone to view the calendar in the Read-only mode. By default, it will be selected as Free/Busy time, which only allows you to view your free/busy time in the Scheduling Assistant tab.

Don’t choose anything over Reviewer because it will allow everyone to mess with your calendar schedule, creating disaster.

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Share Calendar Only with Specific People

If you don’t want to share your calendar with everyone but only with some specific people, the Outlook calendar sharing option has this too.

Here are the steps to share the calendar only with some specific people:

  • Click the Calendar icon from the bottom of the Outlook
  • Click Home from the Ribbon and go to the Share section.
  • Click on the Calendar Permissions
  • Click the Add
  • Type the person’s name whom you want to add in the Add Users dialog box.
  • Click Go after that.
  • Click on the person’s name with whom you want to share your calendar.
  • Click Add > OK.
  • Click on the person’s
  • Click on the Permission Level dropdown list and select as you like.
  • Click on the OK button.choose-calendar-permission-level-from-permission-tab-in-outlook

Choose the Reviewer option only to let the added person see what’s on your calendar. If you want the added person to create new events with viewing ability, use the Non-editing Author option.

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How to View Shared Calendar in Outlook

To view someone else’s calendar by opening, they must share their calendar with you through the Exchange server. When you create a meeting invitation, you can watch if others are free or busy.

But, you won’t be able to provide detailed information about the schedule like meeting time, meeting members, location, or main topic. Yet, you can see every detail when the calendar owner gives you full viewing access through Permission Level.

You will be able to modify or edit the calendar schedule. Follow the below steps if you want to view another person’s shared calendar.

Here are the steps to view the shared calendar in Outlook:

  • Open Outlook first and click on the Calendar button from the bottom navigation pane.
  • Click the Open Calendar drop-down menu from the Ribbon.
  • Select Open Shared Calendar. click-on-open-shared-calendar-option-in-outlook
  • Click on the Name button from the popup
  • Select the person’s name whose calendar you would like to view from the list.
  • Click the OK
  • Click the OK button again from the Open a Shared Calendar
Note: The person should permit you first to view his calendar.

When everything is done correctly, you will find the shared calendar on the right side of your screen. Click on the calendar name to view all the scheduled information.

The person might have multiple calendars, but you can only open the default calendar. You can remove the calendar from the other calendars list by right-clicking on the calendar and choosing the Remove from the Other calendars option.


Why can’t I see other people’s calendars in Outlook?

You cannot see other people’s calendars in Outlook because the calendar owner might not give you access or add you to the calendar sharing list.

How to view someone else’s calendar in Outlook 2022?

Go to the Calendar section first. Click on Open a shared Calendar and type a name in the Name box. Else, you can click on the Name button and select a name from the Address Book. Click the OK button to finish the process.

How to delete other calendars from the list?

To delete a calendar from the other calendar list, simply right-click on the calendar name. Select the Delete calendar option from the context menu.

Bottom Line

Outlook’s calendar not only gives you the freedom to create a new appointment but also allows you to create schedules within dates. That’s why all the big groups of companies use Outlook to save time and increase productivity.

I hope you got all the steps clearly to share your Outlook calendar with everyone in the selected contact list. You can also share your calendar with some specific people.

If you read till the end now, you know how to view someone else’s calendar in Outlook. Those steps are quite easy to follow.

Did you face any problems while applying those steps? Let me know in the comment box.

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