How to Turn off Oculus Quest 2 [Best Method in 2023]

Written By Steven Arends

Can’t seem to shut down your Oculus quest 2 properly? It turns on automatically after a few minutes of the switch off? Don’t worry. You are not alone.

After using the quest 2 VR headset for a couple of months, I noticed that turning it off was kind of challenging. I researched about it, and by using some proper methods, I was finally able to switch it off without leading it to sleep mode. 


In this article, I am about to share the procedures of turning the headset off adequately and discuss some of the problems related to power off.

Read it to the bottom if you have any confusion regarding those topics.

How to Turn Off Oculus Quest 2 Properly

Switching off your Oculus quest 2 virtual reality headset does not count as the hardest job in the world. But, if you fail to pull off the switching off, your VR headset goes into sleep mode and never shuts down. 

It consumes electricity without your knowledge and the worst part is if you don’t pay attention to the issue, your VR headset might never shut down due to continuous power ingestion.

To save you from the misery, I shortlisted the best possible manner to shut down your Oculus quest 2 VR headset. 

Continue reading this paragraph and follow my instructions to shut down the VR successfully

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Here are the steps to turn off the Oculus quest 2:

1. Locate the Power Button: 

Finding out the power switch can be a hurdle if you are a new user of the VR headset. But then, what am I here for?

Put the headset on your head. At the right side of the headset, there is a button, right under the strap. That button is colored the same as your Oculus headset, and that is why finding it can be a little hard. That’s the power switch, by the way.


2. Press that Power Button

Now that you have found the power button, press and hold the button for about three to four seconds till you hear a beep sound. Or press and hold the button until you are directed to the menu bar.

Remember, don’t press and release immediately. Your Oculus quest 2 will go to sleep mode if you do that.

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3. Go to Shut Down Menu 

You can see a popup box appears in the middle of your artificial reality screen. This box is called Shut Down Menu, and you shall see the power off title here. After selecting the power off dialog, you will have three options to choose from.


The options are Restart, Power off, and Cancel. Select power off from the choices.

4. Complete the Shutdown Process 

After selecting the power off option, the notification message Power off: Shutting down will appear immediately, and the message will remain on the screen for four to five seconds.

After that, all you will be able to see is a pitch-black screen. That necessarily means you have successfully shut down the Oculus quest 2 virtual reality headset.

This is by far the easiest method available for you. Sounds so simple right? Cause, it is. But, I am afraid that’s not the end of the situation.

You might face some obstacles while turning off the headset, and I know because I have encountered those issues. 

In the following parts, I will be sharing the common problems you might face while switching off Oculus quest 2. If you have the urge to learn more about the headset you own, read the adjacent segments. Who knows when you might need them!

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Oculus Quest 2 Not Turning Off Correctly

If you have been using the oculus quest 2 headset for a long time and you didn’t have the idea of turning it off adequately till now, chances are your headset might not switch off properly.

The possible reason why this issue occurs is you put the headset into sleep mode by the sort press on the power button. Trust me; it is no big deal till your quest 2 hasn’t been crashed or been unresponsive.


Even if it happens, there are proper manners to resolve the issue. Try pressing and holding the power switch for about a minute for a starter solution.

If that solves the problem, then it is quite impressive. If not, let’s move to the detailed part of the solution. Read attentively and follow the instructions precisely.

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Shut down the Headset Using Voice Command

One fantastic feature the Oculus quest 2 provides is the voice command. And guess what? You can turn off the device using the voice command.

But for this, you need to activate the settings. Don’t know how to do that?

Here are steps to turn on voice commands:

  • Press the Oculus sign on your right touch controller to open the universal menu.
  • Go to the quick settings menu and open it.
  • Select  Voice commands.
  • Choose Start setup, then select continue setup.
  • Select Enable shortcut from the next dialog.

From now on, double press the Oculus button to initiate a voice command.

Now that you have activated the voice command. Simply double-tap the Oculus button / Home button and say Shut Down. Your VR headset will turn off immediately. 

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Check if your Quest 2 is in Sleep Mode

As I mentioned earlier, the common mistake you make while turning off the new Quest 2 VR headset is put the headset in sleep mode.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that if you press the power button of the quest 2 for a short time ( not actually hold it down), it will lead you to enter sleep mode. And if you are in sleep mode, the headset will inevitably wake up again when you put it on your head and even if it detects any movement.

So, if you have the confusion “why would it turn back on the moment after pressing the power button?” just hold the power button a little longer. The switching off window will appear in a moment.

Power off your Quest 2 in Right Manner

This part is the most important one. I discussed earlier the process of turning off. But, for your sake, I would like to describe it again.

Here are the steps to shut down your quest 2:

  • Press and hold the power switch for 10 seconds. You can find it on the right side of the headset.
  • Keep holding the button power button until you notice the shutdown menu.
  • Select the power off option from the available options.

If you follow these steps properly, your headset should not wake up when you move it a little or even if you put on the headset without turning it on.

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Disable Auto Wake Headset

When you are a frequent traveler like me, you can be concerned about Oculus’s auto wake mechanism. This feature triggers the headset to enter standby mode. But the good thing is, you can disable the feature.

Here’s how you can disable the “auto wake”:

  • Go to the headset’s settings.
  • Select device from the settings menu.
  • Scroll down and select the power option.
  • Change Auto wake Headset to off.


You are all set. Now, a sudden movement won’t wake up the quest 2 VR, and the battery drain problem should stop itself.

Remove Charging Cable Before Turning off

I used to plugin the charging cable all the time, and no matter what the quest 2 was turned on or not. But i realized my headset didn’t turn off properly when the charging cable was plugged in.

If you are doing the same, try plugging out the charging cable next time before turning off the headset. Once you make sure the VR box is properly turned off, start the charging process. This will not take more than a minute, but the benefits you can get are incredible.

So, these are methods you can work on if your Oculus quest 2 doesn’t shut down properly.


Your Oculus quest 2 virtual reality headset will shut down if you follow the discussed methods properly. And the best part is you will be able to do it by leveraging the skills you already have.

If you have read the article properly, I can assure you that turning off the headset will not be complicated. You can do it on your own by simply following the instructions.

Then again, if you face any difficulties, feel free to comment below. I will solve them in no time.

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  1. Thank you very much for writing this usefull article for people rather new to the Quest 2 thingie and not using it 24/7.

    I just noticed today when I wanted to play some. The headset was at 7% only, even though it was connected to a cable leading to a wallplug. I disable the auto wake thingie (thanks for that hint) and disconnected the cable before shutting it down. I go to the menu which gives me the following 3 options “Abort”, “Restart” and “Shutdown”. I then select shutdown and it does. I no longer see any indicators of light. Neither do I get some when I pick it up and move it around. But as soon as I connect a cable, regardless of connected to a powerbank, or a wallsocket, the oculus/meta logo appears. Since it is by now completely out of battery, indicator/charging light on the righthand side is red.

    I would be glad if you had an idea what I did wrong, tried to follow your steps as good as possible and had to translate the Oculus’ menu entries since my Oculus is set to German language and please bear with my lack of English as it is not my native language.

    Thank you very much for your kind help and generous offer!

    Best regards

    P.S. I have yet no clue how to make screenshots from the Quest if you need some, please be patient with me and explain how. Thank you so much


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