How to Sync Outlook Calendar with iPhone [3 Easy Ways 2024]

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The history of the calendar started when the Sumerians in Mesopotamia created the very first calendar in 3100 BC, which divided a year into 12 lunar months. However, the calendar has evolved a lot with the modernization of the human race.

Nowadays, we are highly dependent on the calendar to keep track of our daily activities and events. Outlook calendar helps to organize our daily work in different ways to boost our productivity.

It is hard to maintain several calendar applications at a time. Though, you can easily eliminate this frustrating issue by syncing your Outlook calendar with your

Without further delay, let’s dive into this quick guide tutorial to learn how you can sync your Outlook calendar with your iPhone.

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Why do You Need to Sync Outlook Calendar with Your iPhone?

Microsoft introduced Outlook as a part of the Office program to help users to organize their emails, calendar events, contacts, and files. The calendar in Outlook lets you manage all your events by date.

If you are an iPhone user, there is an excellent chance that your Outlook data is unavailable on your phone. Though, you can quickly add your Outlook calendar information to your iPhone.

Syncing Outlook calendar with your iPhone will help you to access your calendar data on the go. Besides all other information, you will be able to view your Outlook data on your Phone.

It is always efficient to gather all your personal information in one place. For iPhone users, there have several ways to sync Outlook calendar information. Keep reading to learn how you can sync Outlook calendar with your iPhone.

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How to Sync Outlook Calendar with iPhone Using iPhone Mail App

The iPhone Mail application is the most efficient way for iPhone users to sync Outlook calendar data. This is the only process to sync Outlook information using your iPhone itself. You can easily sync Emails, Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders by following the steps below.

Here are the steps to sync Outlook calendar with iPhone using the iPhone mail app:

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.iphone-settings
  • Navigate to Passwords & Accounts.
  • Select Add Account and tap on
  • Enter Username and Password.
  • Allow permission to sync Outlook data when promoted.
  • Select Outlook from the list of accounts.
  • Ensure Calendar is enabled to sync with your Outlook account.calendar-is-enabled

After completing the above steps, your calendar data will start syncing. At this point, you may be promoted to select if you want to keep existing calendar events on your iPhone. Be aware of duplicate events when selecting the options to sync.

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How to Sync Outlook Calendar with iPhone Using iTunes

A lot of iPhone users use iTunes to manage their data and information. Using iTunes, you can effortlessly sync Outlook calendar data with your iPhone. Follow the methods below to sync Outlook data with your iPhone.

Here are the methods to sync Outlook calendar with iPhone using iTunes:

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Launch iTunes if it doesn’t start automatically.
  • Select your Device and move to the Info tab.
  • Check Sync Calendars with and choose Outlook from the drop-down menu. sync-calendars-with-s
  • Choose the desired calendar you’d like to sync.
  • Click on Apply, which will start syncing your Outlook calendar to your iPhone.

You can avoid syncing older calendar events from the Sync Calendars with dialogue page by checking the Do not sync events older than options. This will help you to focus on the present and upcoming events.

If your iCloud is not disabled,  iTunes calendar syncing may not work correctly. You can quickly disable iCloud for the calendar application by going through the below steps.

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Here are the steps to disable iCloud for the calendar application:

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.iphone-settings
  • Select your username.
  • Click on iCloud and disable iCloud for the Calendars app.

After disabling iCloud, you can follow the previous methods to sync the Outlook calendar with your iPhone using iTunes.

How to Sync Outlook Calendar with iPhone Using iCloud

iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage platform. Using iCloud, you can effortlessly sync data between devices that use the same Apple ID.

All your data will be stored in iCloud, and you can easily access them anywhere with an active internet connection.

For the Mac user, using the same ID for Mac and iPhone will help to sync the Outlook calendar information automatically.

However, for windows users, you must manually set up the syncing process. Follow the below instructions to sync the Outlook calendar using iCloud.

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Here are the ways to sync Outlook calendar with iPhone using iCloud:

  • Download and install iCloud for Windows.
  • Sign in using your Apple ID and Password.
  • Choose what you’d like to sync. (Check Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks to sync calendar).
  • Click on Apply to start syncing process.mail-contacts-calendar-and-tasks

Once you have successfully turned on the syncing process, every new calendar event you add to iCloud will also appear in Outlook and on your iOS devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Outlook calendar not syncing with my iPhone?

Your Outlook calendar is not syncing with your iPhone because your Contacts and Background App Refresh is turned off. To turn it on, go to settings > Outlook > turn on Contacts and Background App Refresh.

How do I get my Outlook calendar on my iPhone?

To add an Outlook calendar to your existing Calendar. Launch Calendars > Tap on the menu icon > Settings > Add Account > Select Exchange and sign in with your credentials.

How do I sync my Outlook calendar with my iPhone 2022?

To quickly add an Outlook calendar to your iPhone, go to Settings > Calendar > Accounts > Outlook > Toggle on the calendar. In case you don’t find your Outlook account listed, navigate to Add Account and select Outlook.

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Bottom Line

In this modern era, people are too much busy, and their life is scheduled with office and personal work. Managing both lives at once can be very challenging.

Suppose you are using the Calendar app as your personal events manager and Outlook calendar for office events. Using two different applications can lead you to an uncomfortable situation.

In that case, syncing your Outlook calendar information with your iPhone calendar can be very handy and make your life easier.

In this article, I have covered all the possible ways to sync Outlook calendar with iPhone. Did you find this article helpful? Leave your valuable opinion in the below comment section.

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