PS5 Controller X Button Not Working [Beginners Guide 2024]

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PlayStation 5 is the fastest-selling console currently. With more releases of PS5-exclusive games, PS5 sales figures continue to rise.

But no gadget is without defects.

Some gamers say that the X button isn’t working on the DualSense controller.

If you’re one of them, keep reading as I’ll show the methods to quickly solve the issue in easy steps.


Let’s begin.

Why did my PS5 Controller Stop Working?

Your PS5 controller stopped working because there is no charge left in the DualSense controller. Or the controller may have disconnected from the console. Sometimes when there is an error in the game, the controller might stop working.

If your PS5 controller isn’t functioning, it might be for a variety of reasons. The charging cord is the most typical source of failure. The cable that is being used to charge the controller might be defective. The console’s USB port may possibly be malfunctioning.

Make sure your PS5 controller is fully charged and linked with your system before looking at any solution.

If your PS5 Controller won’t switch on, the first thing you need to do is make sure the DualSense Controller has adequate battery life to complete this step.

By going to the Accessories menu in the Control Center, you can see how much battery life your controller has left. The controller battery begins charging as soon as you plug in the USB wire from your controller to your PS5 console. The battery symbol comes to life when it’s being recharged.

The top LED bar of the DualSense Controller will begin to pulse orange while it is charging. This will show that the device is charging.

Once know the charging procedure of the controller, you can check if the controller is getting charged correctly. If the controller is not charging, most likely it’s a problem with the PS5 controller’s internal battery.

The initial solution might be to check your charging connector. Use the cable on a variety of devices, such as your phone or a speaker, to ensure that it works properly. Players often attempt to blame their controllers for not charging when their USB cord malfunctions.ps5-power-cable

Your console’s USB ports could be tested out. It’s possible that switching the USB cord to a different outlet can solve your problem. These USB ports cannot be repaired and must be replaced by an authorized manufacturer. There is no official remedy for this problem.

If you have done everything and still your controller is not connecting, then going to Rest Mode isn’t an option if the controller’s inputs aren’t being acknowledged and nothing happens on the home screen.

Hence, rather than hit the PS5’s power button once, hold it down for a few seconds. This starts the process of shutting down the PS5 entirely after the first beep, followed by a second sound. If you let go of the power button early without hearing the second beep, your console will go to the Rest Mode, which can bring more errors than solving any.

So be careful when you are trying to do a forced shutdown on a PlayStation 5.

Once you’ve waited a few minutes, connect your PS5 controller to the console using the USB cord that came with it. Restart the console by using the same button you used to turn it off; this boot-up time will be longer than normal.

You should now be able to return to the PS5 home screen and use your controller for gaming.

If you’re instead facing issues with downloading games, read our guide on how to fix PS5 not downloading games.

How to Fix the PS5 X Button Not Working?

To fix PS5 X button, reset the PS5 controller. To reset the PS5 controller, disconnect the controller from the console. Then insert a pin into the small hole at the back of the controller and hold it in for 5 seconds. Then reconnect the controller and the X button should work.

The X button on the PS5 controller is very important. It is like the enter button on the keyboard. You need the X button to go through everything.ps5-x-button

Fixing a PS5 controller is easy. If you are out of luck, then you might be in big trouble. But it shouldn’t be a big problem if you haven’t dropped your Controller with a force or banged it into the wall because you lost a match in FIFA! Hey, I don’t blame you. FIFA can be frustrating.

But now that we know the basics, let’s get into troubleshooting.

Here are the methods to fix the X button not working on the PS5 controller:

1. Reset the controller

Before trying any other solutions, you should reset the controller.

You might wonder how a reset will fix PS5 controller buttons. Well, the answer is resetting will clear out the button mapping and take it back to its original factory state. So, if there is any software glitch, it will be fixed.

Here are the steps to reset the PS5 controller:

  • Disconnect the controller.
  • Find the small hole in the controller’s back. This is the Reset button.
  • Insert a small pin.
  • Hold the pin for 5 secs.ps5-controller-reset-button

After the reset, connect your controller. Your controller should be working by now. If the PS5 controller is malfunctioning, maybe it needs a good cleaning.

2. Clean your DualSense Controller

Imagine the times you’ve rubbed your face while playing video games, nibbling on a bag of chips, and patting your dog. Every time you do it and then go back to playing video games, you leave some tiny dirt, debris, or grease on your controller.

Grease can be extremely dangerous for the controller. If you previously spilled any liquid on your controller, then you will notice all your buttons are sticky, preventing them from working. However, you can get rid of the problem it without opening up your controller. You just have to clean it of grime and dust.

Here are the steps to clean your PS5 controller:

  • Disconnect your controller and any cables.
  • Clean up the holes with a toothpick.
  • Scrub the case and buttons with a Q-tip or a dry toothbrush.
  • Wipe it down with a cloth.
  • Clean the buttons with rubbing alcohol.
  • Dry your controller.

After drying down the controller, charge it for a while, then connect it to your PS5. If your controller is working fine, do not repeat the same mistake again, and keep your controller clean. If the X button is not working, follow the next method.

3. Calibrate your DualSense battery

Sometimes your Controller may need calibration. Most of the time, when you let the controller dry out in battery juice and then the next time you fully charge it, it works fine. I had the same problem with my PS4 controller. After I fully charged the controller, it worked fine.

Here are the steps to calibrate the PS5 controller battery:

  • Drain the controller battery to 0%.
  • Connect the controller to the PS5.
  • Wait for the controller to finish charging.

You can empty the battery by continuously using it for some time. Just play a game that doesn’t need the X button or remap it.

After the controller is turned off on its own, connect it to your PlayStation. A yellow light will glow. Wait until the yellow light turns off. Then turn your controller on. It should be working by now.

4. Ensure the X Button isn’t Stuck or Broken

If you’ve dropped the PS5 controller or applied pressure on it, it’s possible the X button has cracked, damaged, or it’s stuck in a position.

So, you need to carefully examine the controller for severe or minute forms of damage or cracks. Press the X button gently and listen for any unusual clicking or grinding noises. The press should feel smooth and responsive, like the other buttons.

If everything checks out, you can go to the next step.

5. Check the Controller by Connecting it to a PC

If you have a PC or laptop and any controller-compatible games are installed on it, you can perform a test to see if the X button responds on the computer.

You can pair the controller to PC using Bluetooth for a wireless connection. If your PC lacks Bluetooth, use the USB cable. Once the PS5 DualSense controller is connected to the PC, launch a game that supports controller input, and check the button.

If the X button operates on the PC, then there’s a possible software glitch or issue with the console. If pressing the button doesn’t do anything, then the issue is with the controller itself.

6. Contact PlayStation Support Team

If you’ve reached this far and the issue still remains, you might be tempted to open the controller and see the problem by yourself. It’s possible that there’s a manufacturing defect that needs to be solved from the inside.

However, you should claim a warranty before opening it yourself, or contact PlayStation Support. A quick Google search will reveal how to reach out to PS5 Support from your location, and you can explain the problem to them.

Can you Take Apart a PS5 Controller?

Yes, you can take apart a PS5 controller. It is very easy to do so. But if you are not someone who is good at repairing things, it is not really a good option to open it up. Because if you don’t have the expertise, there’s a possibility you might break the controller for good. Most importantly, you may also lose the warranty.

When it comes to the appeal of a console, it is always about the hardware for some people. At least it was before. Nowadays, it is more about what games they are offering and what new features will be added.

Sony just achieved that with all the exclusives and the new DualSense controller. The DualSense controller is something that nobody has ever seen. I have been a big admirer of the PlayStation 5 and the DualSense controller.

The DualSense controller has some fantastic features on it, but people are reporting some issues with the controller. You might seek assistance with your problem since the controller is new, and people do not know the exact workaround to fix these issues thoroughly.

Therefore, we can conclude that though it’s possible to disassemble the controller and solve the issue by the user, the operation is not recommended, especially if the tech gadget is still under warranty. Leave it to the professionals for the repair job.

Speaking of DualSense controller issues, we have a post answering how long do PS5 controllers last.

Final Thoughts

It is extremely frustrating when the X button, PS button, or any one button on the controller stops working all of a sudden. And it gets more frustrating when there is no 2nd controller available to you.

Hopefully, with this guideline, you can fix your problem. Doing a factory reset on the controller by pressing the Reset button at the back of the controller seems to fix the issue for most.

If you have any future queries on PlayStation 5, do reach out to us.

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