How to Fix PS5 Controller Drift [Quick & Easy Methods]

Written By Steven Arends

The gaming movement & PS5 navigation experience become hideous because of the controller drift. You may overlook performance lackings somehow, but if your game movement or aim works independently, it’s a disaster, at least in my experience.

Since I had a similar problem with my PS5 DualSense Controller, I’ve learned some effective ways to get rid of this issue. And the thumbstick rotating method worked most

Let’s fix your controller with all the possible troubleshoots through this writing.

How to Solve PS5 Controller Stick Drift Issue Without Opening It

To fix the PS5 controller drift problem, your first initiative is to clean the left & right joystick by rubbing alcohol pads gently, then rotate both the sticks 5 to 10 times clock & anti-clockwise. Yet not solved! Reset it by poking its back cavity with a pin. Send it to the warranty if not fixed.

But before you send your PS5 dual scene controller for warranty, following our well-described instructions is necessary.

Or else it’ll seem foolish to send a glitched or messy unit just to be cleaned or tweaked, which you could do within half an hour. You might have to wait weeks to get your controller back from warranty. So try yourself first.


you must not push it hard while following the steps below. You better understand what not to do with your faulty or drifting controller. Thus take an insight into the precautions to start the fixing process wisely.

  • Do not use water or any other liquid than rubbing alcohol.
  • Try to cover as much cleaning area as possible but don’t impose immense pressure.
  • Avoid using pointy needles while resetting the controller.
  • Never dismantle your controller if you are in a warranty period.
  • Don’t slap your controller to pop out the dust around joysticks.

Now that you are aware of the dangers and possible mistakes of repairing the PS5 controller, you should follow the instructions below.

Here are the methods to fix the PS5 Controller Drift issue in detail:

1. Dust Your Dual Sense Controller

Small food & dust particles can easily affect joystick sensors. So clean the thumbstick base with powerful air pressure and rubbing alcohol pads.

In that case, you should use high-pressure compressed air to clear out the base area of your thumbsticks. And wipe off the base with rubbing alcohol gently.

Be patient and try to cover the entire reachable area. Try to sneak into the thumbstick mount area to check if there is any dust left to clean by simply lifting up & pressing down the thumbstick, but do it gently. You can also apply this cleaning method if any PS5 controller button like X is not working.

2. Lift & Rotate the Thumbsticks Clockwise & Anti-Clockwise

Rotating your thumbsticks clockwise and anti-clockwise is an effective solution that mostly worked on our tests. This is also a cleaning process, as well as a technical tweak.

Because rotating the sticks will crush the stuck dust particles around the joystick base. Plus, it will activate or unlatch any mechanical sensors & locked switches that can cause drifting. This one has the highest success rate of all the methods mentioned here.

But the rotation process should be accurate and might seem tricky. You need to pull the thumbsticks up a little before rotating. Don’t worry, it won’t come off. Then rotate both sticks accordingly.


Again press down the controller for a few seconds, and repeat the rotation process. You should restart the controller and check if the drifting issue is gone.

3. Reset the PS5 Controller and Check Firmware Update

Firmware or software glitches can also cause controller drifting problems, so factory resetting your DualSense controller can get you out of such a mess. Resetting the controller isn’t complicated, but you must be aware of some mistakes.

Use a SIM ejector tool as best practice. Because using sharp or pointy needles can damage the button inside. Moreover, a toothpick can break and stay in the cavity, which will make things worse.

Then you should check for the firmware update through the console. Backdated firmware can collide with PlayStation OS and cause problems like drifting and non-stop controller vibration.

Here are the steps to update the PS5 DualSense controller from the Console:

  • Press the PS button on the controller to connect with the PS5 Console.
  • Go to the Accessories option at the bottom right. select-accessories-option
  • Select the DualSense Wireless Controller under the accessories list.controller-select-from-list
  • Choose Controler Settings. controller-settings
  • Select DualSense Wireless Controller Device Software. controller-software-update-option
  • Update the firmware if it says Update Available. update-button-confirmation
  • Restart your controller.

If your controller firmware caused the drifting issue, it will be fixed by the time you update the controller firmware. But if the drifting issue is still not gone, you can tweak the DeadZone of your thumbstick in some games.

4. Utilize the DeadZone Threshold

Many popular PlayStation games offer the DeadZone adjustment option because of this drifting issue on PS5. Meaning that controller drifting is fairly common. You can adjust the drift intensity from each game to nullify the in-game disturbance.

Even some game settings have separate calibration options to check and adjust this controller drifting.

Therefore, you can use those options to temporarily settle the subtle drifting of your Wireless Controller. But not recommended if your drifting is strong and driving you crazy. You must perform an immediate test to check if your controller is drifting due to hardware damage and claim a warranty.

5. Send Controller for Warranty or Repair

Possibly your controller is damaged from the hardware end if these applied solutions can’t show you any significant results or fixed controller drifting, to be exact. Therefore you must send your controller to claim the warranty if available.

But if the warranty period is over, the only way to fix this drifting issue is to change the faulty thumbstick base.

Since the thumbstick base isn’t hot-swappable, changing these things requires soldering skills. In that case, we recommend sending the faulty controller to an expert or an authorized/trusted repair shop.


How to Prevent PS5 Controller Stick Drift From Happening

The controller of PS5 has a sturdy and strong build, but you can’t just abuse the controller & expect it to stay as new. We all enjoy playing games and eating at the same time. Moreover, gamers get excited while playing intensive & competitive games and press the buttons harder than usual.

Of course, I’m not asking to leave all those habits, but your controller has no stomach to digest those tiny food crumbs that get stuck around the thumbstick’s base or the extra torture. So you must follow some habits to prevent analog stick drift from happening.

Here are some ways you can prevent analog stick drift from happening:

1. Keep Your Controller Away from Junk

Try not to use your PS5 controller while you are eating crunchy or soggy foods. Keep napkins around and wipe your hands before using the controller. Immediately wipe your controller if anything falls off it.

2. Do Not Use the Controller Aggressively

Never throw your controller if you can’t tame your anger about losing the game. And don’t press the buttons hard or use the thumbstick aggressively. You cannot claim your warranty if the parts are broken or physically damaged.


How long is the PS5 controller warranty?

Both the PS5 console and the controller have a One Year (12 months) warranty. The manufacturer will fix your controller if it’s easily fixable but will replace the part if it catches a major issue.

Does the PS5 warranty cover stick drift?

Yes, the warranty service is claimable for DualSense Controller. The service center will examine the damage and drift intensity and will replace the entire controller for free with a new one if the problem is major.

Do all controllers get thumbstick drift?

Most of the controllers get thumbstick drift after a certain amount of time usage. But you can minimize the possibility by taking good care of your device. Just don’t go hard on it, and keep it as clean as possible.

Why is my PS5 controller stick drifting?

The most probable minor reason is dust blocking the mechanics and sensors to work properly. And the major reason can be a damaged controller stick base that causes stick drifting, which is only fixable with base replacement.


The controller drift problem is one of the many common issues which is resistible within a certain intensity level. You can fix the subtle miscalibrated controller by cleaning or rotating the thumbstick, but the damaged mechanical base or sensor requires the replacement of the base.

Let us know if your PS5 controller is fixed by following our methods or instructions in the comment box below.

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