Nintendo DS: Connect to Another DS to Play Multiplayer Games

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The world was amazed when Nintendo was first released in 2004. It came up with two touch screens which was a luxury back then.

The Multiplayer option was so smooth that it was an instant hit at the time. But connecting with other DS has been a dispute. Still, many users want to know how to connect two DS simultaneously and how this multiplayer option works.nintendo-ds-connect-to-another-ds-to-play-multiplayer-games

As a big fan of the Nintendo DS, I researched the working mechanism of Nintendo and found some easy leads which can solve your connecting problem with another DS.

Don’t miss out on anything if you want to know the solution.

Without wasting any time, let’s dig in.

How to Connect Two 3DS to Play One Game?

To connect two 3DS, turn on both 3DS, and click on the Game icon in the host 3DS. On the guest 3DS, go to the DS Download Play option and click it. Select the Local Multiplayer option from the host, and click Create a Room. After generating a room, hit the Nintendo 3DS option from the guest 3DS.

The 3DS in which the game cartridge is inserted is called host 3DS, and the other 3DS is called guest 3DS.

The process of connecting two 3DS is given below.

Here are the steps you must follow to connect two 3DS:

  • Turn on both 3DS.
  • Click the game icon in the host 3DS.
  • Select the Download Play option in the guest 3DS.
  • Go to the Local Multiplayer option in host 3DS.
  • Click the Create a Room box in the host 3DS.
  • Select the Nintendo 3DS option from guest 3DS.
  • Wait until the game icon appears in guest 3DS, then click it and press the Ok
  • Hit the Start option from host 3DS.nintendo-3ds-2-device-open

Then you can see the game is running on both 3DS.

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How to Connect Nintendo DS to Another DS for Multiplayer Games

Most Nintendo DS support the multiplayer option. If you and your friend have only one game cartridge, you both can play the game with one another.

Quick Note: You must be within 60 feet radius to connect one Nintendo DS to another.

You need to chase down the ways stated below to know how to connect two Nintendo DS.

Here are the actions to connect two Nintendo DS:

  • Turn off both Nintendo DS.
  • Insert the game cartridge into the host DS.
  • Turn on both Nintendo DS.
  • Click and Enter the game from the host DS.
  • Select the Multiplayer option from the game.
  • Go to the guest’s Nintendo DS and click the DS Download Play option.
  • Hit the Game icon on the guest DS and select the Ok button.
  • Look at the host DS and click the Ok icon when another DS name pops up.

After downloading, the game will open automatically on both Nintendo DS.

Below, both processes for host and guest are given serially for easy understanding. I break the whole process into two sub-processes. You and your friend can connect your DS’es fluently without hassle if you follow them.

But most importantly, remember you need to follow both procedures simultaneously.

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For Host

The DS in which the game cartridge is inserted is called Host. A game cartridge is a must for the host to operate. Without it, the host can not function.

Here are the things you need to do on the host DS to connect with the guest DS:

  • Turn off and insert the Game card.nintedo-3ds-memory-card
  • Select and Enter the Game.
  • Click the Multiplayer option.
  • Select the Ok button when another DS name pops up.

Now you are good to go as a host.

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For Guest

If you don’t have a game card and want to play the game with your friend, you need to follow my instructions below.

Here are the measures you need to take to connect with a host:

  • Turn on the guest simultaneously with the host.
  • Go to the DS Menu Screen interface.
  • Select the DS Download Play option.
  • Click the Game icon.
  • Press the Ok button.

It will bring you to the loading screen, which may vary according to the game. Then you are set to go.

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Can you connect a DS to another DS?

Yes, you can connect a DS with another DS with the help of DS Download Play and Multi-card Play.

How far can a DS connect?

The range of a DS varies from 30 to 100 feet as it runs on IEEE 802.11 bandwidth.

Do you need WIFI for DS Multiplayer?

No, you don’t need WIFI for DS multiplayer because all DS use the old matchmaking system.

Can you play 2 Nintendo 3DS together?

Yes, you can connect 2 Nintendo 3DS and play a game with the help of the Local Multiplayer option.

Can DS and DSi play together?

Yes, Nintendo 3DS can connect with Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo DS Lite.

Final Thought

You can always switch between the DS Download Play and Multi-card Play options if you want to connect with your friends. It will give you a smooth ride.

The main advantage of Nintendo is that if you have one game card, you can share it with your friends in multiplayer mode and feel the experience together.

When Nintendo first launched the multiplayer option, it created havoc in the game community because of its polished multiplayer experience.

Now you can connect one DS with another if you read the whole content carefully and follow it appropriately.

Share your experience and afterthoughts with me in the comment below.


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