Logitech G Pro X Microphone Not Working [Tested Fixes 2024]

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Logitech is a Swiss company that was formed in 1981. They are renowned for their PC hardware accessories. Recently they launched the Logitech G Pro X microphone. This microphone created a huge fuss around the tech communities.

But several people face the G Pro X mic not working and want to switch the microphone. When I researched this problem, I was surprised because some fixes for this issue are so simple but truly functional. Yet many users don’t know them.


This problem can happen for many reasons, but you can solve them easily if you read this article thoroughly. So there is no need to change your microphone.

Don’t skip any section if you want to know about those fixes.

Let’s start together!

Why is My Logitech G Pro X Mic Not Working?

If your headset and aux cord are not properly connected, the audio driver is outdated, and the audio settings are incorrect, this microphone not working issue can appear. Also, this problem occurs when the headset is muted, and microphone access is disabled.

Here are the reasons of G Pro X mic is not functioning:

Headset and Aux Cord Connection

According to the Logitech manual, this microphone not working problem can appear when your headset and aux cord are not properly connected.

Old Audio Driver

If your audio driver is out of date, then the driver doesn’t cope with the new Logitech microphone; as a result mic not working issue occurs.

Incorrect Audio Settings

When your audio settings are not optimized correctly, this microphone problem can appear on your Logitech G Pro X.

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Muted Headset

Check whether your headset is muted; if it’s muted, your microphone will not work appropriately. So, unmute the mic.

Disable Microphone Access

Suppose your computer is unable to access the microphone. Then you will face this mic not working problem.

How to Fix Logitech G Pro X Mic Not Working

A microphone is essential for communicating with your partners if you are a regular gamer. But if that mic doesn’t work perfectly, you will fall into an annoying problem. To fix that mic not functioning issue, keep following through.

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Here are the steps to fix the Logitech G Pro X microphone:

1. Unplug the Headset  Aux Cord and Plug In Until 2 Clicks

When you plug the aux cord into the headset, there is a two-click option. If you feel the first click, your PC registered the headset for listening. Further forcing the plug into the headset will trigger the second click.

The second click means your microphone is synchronized with your PC, and you can both hear and talk with your Logitech G Pro X microphone.

Many of you didn’t know that, so try this adjustment before jumping into more complicated fixes. And after hearing the first click, force your mic further to hear the second click.

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2. Connect the Headset to Itself and Microphone to Black Rectangle

This fix might seem funny and illogical. But in my research, I found that this fix solves many Logitech users’ problems, so give it a try.

Here are the steps to solve the Logitech microphone not working:

  • Plug out your USB blue voice input from your PC.
  • Unplug your headset from USB blue voice input (little black rectangular thing).
  • Unplug your microphone from your headset. Now, everything is unplugged except the headset cable.
  • Plug your microphone into the USB blue voice input.
  • Plug your headset cable into the headset microphone input.
  • Wait for 2 minutes.
  • Unplug everything.
  • Plug in everything in regular order.
  • Check the G hub.

Your issue with the Logitech microphone will resolve.

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3. Allow Access to The Microphone

Sometimes when your microphone access is disabled, you can face this microphone problem. To fix this, track down the instructions.

Here are the steps to enable microphone access on your Windows 11:

  • Go to the Search bar.
  • Type Microphone privacy settings and select it.
  • Toggle on the Microphone access option.microphone-access-and-app-access
  • Turn on the Let apps access your microphone option.

Your microphone access is now enabled. Check whether it works for you or not.

For Windows 10:

  • Open the Microphone privacy settings option.
  • Click on the Change option and Turn On the Microphone access for this device option.
  • Turn on the Allow apps to access your microphone section.
  • Toggle on the Allow desktop apps to access your microphone section.

Test your microphone and see if it works.

4. Check Sound Settings

Due to some sound settings misconfiguration, your microphone can not function properly. So you must check your sound settings if you face this problem.

Here are the processes to check your sound settings on Windows 11:

  • Open the Control Panel program.
  • Select the Sound option.
  • Move to the Recording section.microphone-properties
  • Choose the Microphone option and click on the Properties button.
  • Navigate to the Levels section.level-microphone-ok
  • Move the Microphone bar to 100 and click the OK option.

Your sound is all set now.

5. Troubleshoot the Audio Driver

The troubleshooting option on the Windows system can solve many problems, so you must try it for your Logitech microphone issue.

Here are the ways to troubleshoot the Recording audio on Windows 11:

  • Open the Search bar.
  • Write Troubleshoot settings and click on it.
  • Select the Other troubleshooter’s option.other-troubleshooters
  • Click on the Run option in the Recording audio section.recording-audio-run

If there’s any problem with the recording audio driver, this troubleshoot will solve them.

6. Update The Audio Driver

Occasionally when the audio driver is outdated, it can create a microphone issue. You can manually update the audio driver from Logitech support and install it to remove that issue. Otherwise, follow the steps mentioned below.

Here are the steps to update the audio driver: 

  • Press Win+X keys to open the program list option.
  • Select the Device Manager option.
  • Expand the Audio inputs and outputs section.update-audio-driver
  • Choose your Microphone driver and Right-click on it.
  • Select the Update driver option.

Updating your audio driver can save you from your dilemma with the Logitech microphone.

7. Uninstall and Install the G HUB

Some faulty installation files can create a big problem for the Logitech microphone. Therefore uninstall and reinstall the Logitech G HUB to fix the issue.

Here are the steps to uninstall and reinstall the G HUB:

  • Type Win+R keys and open the Run program.
  • Copy appwiz.cpl and paste it to the Run program. run-appwiz
  • Hit the OK button.
  • Select the Logitech G HUB application and Right click on it.
  • Uninstall the Logitech G HUB app and Restart your PC.
  • Download the G HUB app from the Logitech website.
  • Reinstall the app.

Connect your Logitech microphone and check.

8. Download and Run Logi Tune

Logi Tune is a fantastic app for Logitech users. It can optimize your experience on the Logitech G Pro X microphone. You can control your audio settings with this app; hence it can solve your problem. So feel free to download and use the Logi Tune app.


How do I set up my Logitech Microphone?

Move to the Windows taskbar, Right-click on the Speaker icon, and follow Recording Devices>Logitech Microphone>Set default>OK, you are all set now.

What does Blue voice do?

Blue voice technology on Logitech is a real-time voice filter that can reduce distortion and background noise, giving the microphone user a clean audio output.

Does Blue voice work with discord?

Yes, blue voice works with discord, but if it’s not functioning correctly, you must configure your microphone with Discord.


Aux cord 2 clicks plugin and connection of the headset to itself and microphone to Blue voice can solve your issue entirely, but if that’s not the case, follow the rest of the methods. Also, the Logi tune and G HUB application fixes several users’ problems, so give it a try.

Overall, if you read this article thoroughly, you can fix your Logitech mic not functioning single-handedly.

Let me know about your fixing journey in the comment section.

Be safe, bye!

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