​Minecraft Buried Treasure: How to find it

Want to find some buried treasure in Minecraft?

All right, in this post, I will be showing you how to find Minecraft buried treasures easily.

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​What is a Buried treasure in Minecraft?

Buried treasures are the hidden treasure chest found in minecraft which needs to be found by the help of a treasure Map.

These chests are naturally produced structures found in specific biomes which consists of loots. In fact, Buried treasures are the only source of the heart of the sea.

You might ask:

What is a treasure map in minecraft?

Treasure maps are the maps found mostly in sunken shipwrecks which helps to to find Buried treasure in Minecraft.

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How does a ship wreck look like in minecraft?

Shipwreck in minecraft are the sunken ships found under water. They look like old destroyed ships like you see in pirate movies.

Here's how it looks like:


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For now, you should know how a Buried treasure is structured.

How Does a Buried Treasure look like in Minecraft?

The look of Buried Treasure totally depends on the Biome in which it is found. But Mostly is a colorful treasure box.

Buried treasures in Minecraft contains only a single chest.

Want to know the best part?

The chest is almost always buried under some materials and so you won’t leave empty-handed.

Here, I have given a picture for your ease to know how actually a Buried treasure in Minecraft looks like


If the chests are buried in a beach biome, then they will have a sand or gravel block covering it up. Sometimes, if the buried treasures are generated on the side of an underwater hill, the treasures will spawn with a stone block covering it up.

Sometimes the treasures spawn on the surface of the ocean floor which gets covered by a gravels or a sand blocks.

Keep in mind that: 

Terrain biomes generate buried treasures by any suitable terrain-generated blocks, such as coal ore and diorite.

What is the Advantage of Finding Buried Treasures in Minecraft?

Buried treasures are the only way for obtaining the heart of the sea whether you are outside of the creative mode inventory or Commands.

And heart of the sea is one of the most valuable thing you can find in the entire minecraft map.

You can use the Buried treasure Map to find out in which biome the treasure has spawned.

Actually finding a Buried treasure is like an adventure. It's more of a fun than wanting only the loots.

You might not know:

How awesome loots does the Buried treasure contains.

What Loots Can I Find Inside Buried Treasure in Minecraft?

Each Buried treasure contains a lot of loots. Each buried treasure chest contains items including the Heart of the sea, Iron ingot, Gold ingot, Iron Sword, TNT, Emerald and so on.

In the Bedrock Edition, each buried treasure contains items like Chainmail helmet, Lead, Potion of Regeneration, cake and many more.

Keep in mind that chances of finding the heart of the sea is 100% in any buried treasure chest.

Want to know the best part?

You can also find treasures like emralds, Diamond sword or even a golden apple if you get lucky.

Yes, You won’t leave empty-handed if you find one treasure. Hahaha...


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Easiest Way to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

The tutorial I am providing will help you to find the buried treasure chest.

The steps are simple and easy to follow.

Well it's more easier to find buried treasure when you increase the difficulty level in minecraft.


So, here are the steps to find the Buried Treasure in Minecraft:

  1. At first you have to find a shipwreck in ocean, sea or beach biomes. The shipwreck looks like the ruins of a sunken ship.
  2. Next, you have to look for a Treasure Map in that shipwreck. 
  3. Now you will need to use the Buried Treasure Map to locate the treasure spot.
  4. Then go to the exact location where the cross sign is located in the map.
  5. Finally start digging around the place to find the buried treasure chest.

It’s as simple as that.

How Deep Should I Dig to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft?

Usually the Buried treasure in minecraft isn't buried deep under the blocks. So, you don't need to dig more than five blocks to find Buried Treasure in Minecraft.

Apparently, the X spot you see on the map is not the exact spot. 

It’s a general hint only. Dig near that X spot to get the Buried treasure easily and also dig 15-18 Blocks and you will get the Buried Treasure.

If you get tired of digging, you can also use the TNT to find the treasure more quickly.

You might ask:

Can Buried Treasure be under a stone?

No, You cannot find Buried Treasure under a stone. Because, Buried treasure is programmed to be generated under sand, clay, gravel,coral etc. depending upon the biomes. 

Buried Treasures can spawn on the same level as the stone, but not below.

Final Thoughts

It does seem a bit easy if you follow the steps I provided.

My suggestion would be to have a little patience while digging for the treasure chest.

There's no need to upset if you kept digging and digging and had no luck.

You'll surely find the buried treasure as there's always a secret clue to find it out easily.

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