FPS Average, Min. and Max. not Showing in MSI Afterburner

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Have you downloaded the MSI afterburner and configured the settings but couldn’t see the fps average, minimum, and maximum when launching your game?

It’s annoying, isn’t it?

I face the same issue while starting my game after installing MSI afterburner. I tried clicking here and there but couldn’t turn on the fps average, minimum, and maximum until an hour. So, I did some research and found out it’s a very straightforward process to follow.

But why are my fps average, min, and the max not showing?

Your FPS average, min, and max are not showing because you didn’t select the recording of those benchmarks. You may have allowed the hardware monitoring statistics and also checked the “Show in On-Screen Display” option but didn’t initiate the recording.

After the research, I have solved the issue pretty easily, and I will explain how you can solve yours. Read till the end and follow the methods to resolve your problem quickly.fps-average-minimum-and-maximum-not-showing-in-msi-afterburner

How to Turn on MSI Afterburner Average, Min and Max FPS?

MSI afterburner is considered the most used graphics card software. It permits you to change between presets. It also can enable you to increase some parameters so that your framerate can go up a bit.

But do I need the Afterburner?

Whether you do or do not need the Afterburner depends upon you and you only. If you do not wish to overclock your CPU or graphics card, you need not install the Afterburner. But if you want to overclock either one of them or both of them, you need the Afterburner installed.  

Playing heavy games requires a powerful CPU, RAM, and strong graphics card to perform better. So, gamers around the globe sometimes overclock their CPU or graphics card, or both to experience the smooth performance of heavy gaming.

MSI Afterburner gives tools to overclock that bring a significant increment to your system speed. Besides, you can use the application without intending to overclock.

In the MSI Afterburner, you can see the critical information, such as voltage, fps, GPU temperature, core and memory clock speed, benchmarking, video capture, and so on. Here is the step-by-step process you can follow to solve your fps average, maximum, and minimum not showing the problem.

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Here are the steps to turn on MSI afterburner average, min and max fps:

Step 1: Reinstall the Afterburner

You can solve the problem by uninstalling Afterburner and reinstalling it. If there is a hidden glitch or bugs in the software, reinstalling it might solve the issue. Here’s the process to reinstall MSI Afterburner:

  • Press Windows key+S, type Control Panel, and open it. Control-panel
  • Select Programs and then enter Programs and Features. Programs-and-features
  • Scroll down to find MSI Afterburner.
  • Right-click on the Afterburner and click on Uninstall.Afterburner-uninstall
  • Close the program and go to Afterburner (msi.com).
  • Download and install the program.

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Step 2: Navigate to the Monitoring Tab

In the Monitoring tab, you need to check some settings options. Here’s the way how you can make the changes in the Monitoring tab:

  • Launch Afterburner and go to the Settings.afterburner-Settings
  • Navigate to the Monitoring tab and check the Framerate Avg and Show in On-Screen Display Framerate-avg
  • Click on the Override group name box and type a name, like, Avg on the right-hand side box.Override-group
  • Click on the three dots beside Show in On-Screen Display. Screen-Display
  • Double-click on the Size 0 and make the Size (in percentage) to 100%. Do the same for Size 1. You’ll find them under the Sizes library Sizes-library 
  • Click Apply and then OK.

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Step 3: Modify the Settings on the Benchmark Tab

Finally, you need to navigate the Benchmark tab to modify some options. Here’s the process how to change the options in the Benchmark tab:

  • Move to the Benchmark tab and Type Num 1 in the Begin recording box under the Global benchmark hotkeys section.
  • Type Num 2 in the End recording End-recording
  • Click OK and start your game.

Apply all the measures to see if the problem is solved.

Note: Make sure you check the “Framerate Avg,” “Min,” “Max,” “1% Low”, and “0.1% Low” options under the “Active hardware monitoring graphs” in the “Monitoring” tabs.


MSI Afterburner is one of the most popular monitoring and benchmarking tools. If you install the application and find the required fps avg, min, max options as deactivated, you can easily activate them by following the steps carefully.

Yet if you face any additional issues or can’t fix this one, feel free to comment below.

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