How to Focus VR Headset [Complete Guide 2023]

Written By Steven Arends

Have you found your VR headset a bit blurry? It’s a frustrating issue, and many users have complained about it.

I had also faced this annoying situation while exploring the wonderful world of VR. I researched a lot to overcome this issue and successfully find a solution.


So, don’t worry. I will help you to focus on VR  headset with my own experience.

In this post, I will write down about the solution to the Blur issue of VR headsets. But first, You have to know the reason behind the problem, and then I will show you the solution.

So, not wasting any more time, let’s jump into the main article.

How does a VR Headset Work? 

VR headset is a machine that replaces our actual surroundings with a software-based virtual environment. It contains camera, gyroscope sensor, controller, lens, and all these components work together to give you a perfect Virtual Reality experience.

The Camera of the VR is used to ensure all the movements of a user, and it connects the VR

with computer system software.

The Gyroscope sensor tracks your movements in the virtual space with the help of a magnetometer. The controller helps the user to navigate in the virtual world.

The video is split into two parts. One appears on the computer screen, and the other is in your headset.

VR headsets work perfectly when all the components work together. If  there is a problem in one part, it interrupts the whole functionality.

Blur issue in the lens is one of them.

VR lenses become blurred for various reasons. I will figure out the reason behind this issue.

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Why do VR Headsets Become Blurry?

Several reasons make your VR headset’s lens blur. A dirty lens is a very first reason.

On the other hand, the lens can’t focus clearly when you don’t set up the VR headset correctly.

A damaged lens can be another reason for this issue, and selecting the wrong resolution can cause a blurry view of your headset.why-do-vr-headsets-become-blurry

Here are the reasons why your VR headsets have become blurry:

1. Dirty Lens

Dirty lenses are the main reason for appearing the VR glasses blur. Over uses of VR headsets can make it messy and make it hard to see clear images while you are exploring VR.

When you use VR, the lens becomes dirty by your sweats and becomes foggy most of the time.

The lenses become dirty for Dust also. If you always keep your VR in a dusty and unclean place, the lenses become Dusty and oily.

Also, check out our separate post on how to clean VR headset foam.

2. Wrong Setup

The wrong setup of the VR can be caused a Blur view of VR. When you get a VR for the first time, you have to set up this properly. If any of the settings go wrong, then the VR doesn’t work correctly.

Many VR issues will appear; blurred image is one of them.

Suppose Oculus rift needs a 72MHz frame rate for perfectly working, but you set a 60 MHz frame rate for Oculus, which may lead oculus to show a blurred image.

 3. Wear the Headset Incorrectly

Wearing the headset incorrectly is another reason for the blurred images in VR. If you do not adjust the position of VR when you are wearing it, the lens cannot focus ideally.

Then the blurred view will appear on your VR screen.

When you wear the headset, a visor helps change the image’s focus. If you do not adjust the Visor perfectly, the lens can’t focus ideally.

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4. Wrong Resolution of Videos

Selecting the correct resolution of a video is very important for VR. If you choose the wrong resolution for your VR headset, the headset may not display a clear view of the image.

Suppose you select 1080P resolution while your VR is compatible with 1440p. Then the video doesn’t work perfectly in your VR headset Because the lens can’t adjust with the image’s resolution.

5. Damaged Lens

Damaged Lenses can cause the blur image issue. If your lenses are broken or scratched, it’s hard to show clear images.

So, when you use a VR with damaged lenses, it can’t focus ideally, and blurred image will appear.

6. Cheap VR

You can’t expect the best service from a cheap product. If you use a Cheap and low-quality VR headset, you will never experience the best Virtual Reality surroundings.

Sometimes this kind of VR gives you a blurred 360-degree view, not the actual Virtual reality experience.

These are the reasons for VR lenses becoming blur.

As we find out the reasons, it’s easy for us to get into the Solution.

In the next part of the post, I will discuss the methods of focusing on the VR lens.

How to Focus VR Headset

Once you find out the specific reason for the issue, it will be easy to find a solution.

However, there are several methods to focus your VR (2)

Here are the methods to Focus VR headsets perfectly:

1. Always Clean the VR Lenses

You should always clean your VR lenses.VR lenses are susceptible. Even a touch from your eyelashes or oily hair can dirty the VR lenses. So, use VR so carefully.

Suppose your VR lenses get foggy, then clean them. But never use a damp cloth to clean the VR lenses, and the situation can go from bad to worst then.

Usually, We clean our VR headset lenses with a damp cloth or our shirt. Never do this, and it can be scratched or damaged the lenses.

Always use a Microfiber cloth to clean the VR lenses. Recently, Manufacturers are starting to sell suitable Microfiber cloths for cleaning VR lenses.  You can order one online and use it to clean the lenses.

Always pack up the VR and keep it in a safe place where dust can be reached. If Somehow dust goes through your lenses and makes them dirty, then use a low-powered air compression blower to clean the lens.

2. Wear the Headset Correctly.

Sometimes the wrong wearing position can cause Blurry images. Wear the headset properly before you jump into the Virtual world.

The shape of every person’s head is entirely different. You can never adjust a VR headset with a specific position.

So, constantly adjust the headset perfectly before you start to use it.

You should be careful about your hair and your eyelashes before adjusting the VR headset on your head.

You can use a headband to protect VR lenses from your oily hair. When a googles

user tries to wear a VR headset; they must match the PowerPoint of the lens with the VR lens.

You should adjust your VR headset until a clear image appears on the lens.

3. Set up the VR Correctly.

You should be perfectly set to the VR settings if you are a first-time user of VR. You should select the correct eye distance for VR, adjust the VR camera, select the perfect resolution for the VR.

You will find a guidebook with your VR headset, and this book will give instructions to set the VR headset perfectly.

Every VR headset has different settings. Suppose the default eye Distance of the Sony PlayStation VR is 2.5 inches. If you are not comfortable with the distance, customize it with a compatible eye distance.

Setting the correct frame rate is also essential, and different VRs need different frame rates.

Oculus VR is perfect with a 72MHz frame rate; on the other hand, PSVR needs 120 MHz to show a clear image.

Adjust the frame rate and resolution by following the instructions from the guidebook.

These are the methods you shall follow to get a clear image in your VR.

If your lenses are broken or damaged, these methods are not working, and you should replace your lenses.

Nowadays, manufacturers are providing extra lenses, and you can order them online and replace the



Using a VR headset is complete fun. You can explore a whole new virtual surrounding by using the headset.

Using it randomly can cause damage to the headset. Especially the lenses. Because VR headsets cannot perfectly focus without the lens, blurry images will appear.

In this post, I briefly described the reason behind this issue and also figured out the solution.

Hope this will help you fix the blurry image issue of the VR headset.

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