Fix PSVR Headset flickering [Complete Guideline 2023]

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Has that ever occurred to you that you are playing a game or watching a video on your PSVR and all of a sudden, the headset is blinking like hell? Is there anything irritating than that? I guess there is not. Cause I have been there.

Since I have been using Play Station from its very beginning, I know about all of the major and minor issues regarding the console. And lucky for you, I know how to get around those problems.

Screen flickering is a common problem in the matter of PSVR, and you can easily solve the issue by leveraging the skills you already have. So, don’t panic and read this article with proper attention.

To make this article simple I am going to help you with only two questions, why this issue occurs and how to solve it. So let’s start with the first one.psvr-headset-flickering

Why does PSVR headset flicker so often?

The primary reason behind Play station VR flickering is improper cable connectivity. In addition to that, faulty video connection settings, outdated play station versions, issues in the power management, misplaced tracking lights are also responsible.

So much confusing, right? Continue reading to clear out the confusion.

Why Does My PSVR Keep Cutting Out?

Do you know PSVR cable connection has to go via headset’s processing box in order to output to Tv and headset at the same time?

And that causes PSVR cutting out.

As I said earlier, screen flickering and cutting out is a common issue of PSVR. It happens to everyone once in a while. But it can show different symptoms like audio dropping, screen blackout for a certain time, etc.

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In this section, I am going to point out the main reasons for this type of issue. Find out which one is creating you the trouble and act accordingly.why-does-my-psvr-keep-cutting-out

Here are the reasons behind your PSVR keep cutting out:

  1. Improper Cable Management: This is the most probable cause behind the issue. We often rush out when setting up the cables, and the cables get twisted from time to time; hence it causes the blinking of the screen.
  2. Wrong Video Settings: It is more of a compatibility issue. When your video output device isn’t compatible with the setting you are using, it causes blinking, and sometimes it gets blurry inside the VR.
  3. Disabled HDCP Settings: HDCP  ( High bandwidth digital content protection) covers the last stage of the distribution process. This setting encrypts content transmission from the console. If the setting is disabled, it can result in a shaky screen.

These are the most possible reasons behind your headset flickering. Finding out the issue is halfway to solving the matter. Determine which one is the culprit in your case. I will provide the solutions in the following section. Continue reading to solve this matter.

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How to Fix PSVR Headset Flickering Issue

Now that you have found the ground behind your VR issue, it is time to fix it. But, before commencing any further, I would suggest you replug everything of your play station and check if the issue resolves.

If not, then proceed to the next steps. Read this part carefully and follow my instructions properly to get away with

Here are the probable solutions to PSVR flickering: 

1. Change The Video Settings

Improper video settings are one of the most common reasons for blinking PSVR headsets. Changing the video setting solves the issue most of the time. You can also solve the blurry screen issue with this fix.

Here’s what you can change in the video section:

  • Go to the settings of your PS.
  • Select Sound and Screen from the list.
  • Go to Video Output Settings from there.
  • Change the setting from automatic to your preferable resolution ( 2160p – YUV420 can be preferable)

You are all set. Before changing the settings, be sure about your output device’s resolution. These changes in the settings shall solve the compatibility issues of the console.

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NOTE: If you cannot enter the settings menu due to screen flickering, start your console in the Safe Mode. To do that, turn off your console and restart it. Press and hold the power button until the second beep sound while restarting. Press the PS button on the controller. Now, you are in safe mode. Apply the fix mentioned above.

Another setting you might want to change in the display option is the HDCP settings. I explained earlier what HDCP is and how it works.

Here’s how you can change HDCP settings:

  • Go to settings from the PS menu.
  • Go to System Settings from the list.
  • Select Enable HDCP if it is disabled in your system.
  • Click on Yes to apply the changes.

Check if the flickering issue still remains. If yes, disable the HDCP. But remember, disabling HDCP will prevent Netflix, amazon prime, and so on. If disabling the setting works for you, then you might change the settings from time to time.

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2. Update Your PlayStation VR

The performance issue you are having right now can result from an outdated device. If you don’t update the PS more frequently, you can get the blinking issue.

Here’s how you can update your PlayStation:

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Scroll down and select Devices from the menu.
  • Select Playstation VR from the list.
  • Scroll down to Playstation VR device software and select this item.
  • Select update PlayStationVR device software to check for a software update.

If any update is available for your console, it shall automatically start downloading and installing it to improve your VR experience.

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3. Adjust the Boundary and Tracking Line

Do you know your VR’s setup has a reliable distance of six feet? That means, when you go outward of 6-foot, your VR experience gets shaky or insatiable.  To avoid the situation, remain in the six feet parameter.

Tracking lights are like the Gps of a VR. If the fracking lights are misplaced while setting up the VR, it fails to track the object, and the screen blinks like a black and white television.

To fix this, just change the settings like the following instruction.

  • Open Settings of the Playstation menu.
  • Select Devices from the list.
  • Go to PlayStation VR from this menu.
  • Scroll down to Adjust Tracking Lights and select it.
  • Complete the three procedures for adjustment.

Once this process is completed, check if your headset shows an accurate result. If not, apply the next fixes.

4. Replace the Cable

Replacing your PlayStation cables is the most common solution in the matter of screen flickering. If the question comes to your mind why I am including it at the last fix, then it’s okay. I am stating this most workable solution as a last resort because it will cost you.

If the solutions that I mentioned above don’t work only then, you should buy some extra cables for your console and replace them with the old ones. If possible, check your wires with your friend’s console. If it flickers like yours, then the twisted wires are the culprit. Bring in new cables, and that should solve your issue.

Another fix you can apply before replacing the cable is to add an HDMI splitter box. Find out the one that supports both 4k and HDR. It will solve the output issue I mentioned earlier.

These are the solutions you must apply if your PSVR keeps blinking. Applying them in an orderly will save much time. But if you know which issue is creating this problem, just go for the exact solution without wasting any more time.


To sum up the article, PSVR headset flickering can be caused mainly for hardware-related problems, and Cable management properly is the top priority to prevent the hassle. Some internal changes might be needed, along with cable replacement, to get away with the issue.

If you are at this point of the discussion and read every word I have put there, you will most likely be able to resolve the problem on your own.

Then again, if you face any difficulties, feel free to comment, and I will solve the issue as soon as possible.

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