[Solved] PS4 Error Code WS-44949-0 Can’t Sign Into PSN

Written By Kazi Md Mehedi Hasan

Lately, many people have been struggling with signing their accounts on the PlayStation Network, which throws the error code WS-44949-0 with a “This action has been temporarily restricted” message every time they want to sign up.

Sometimes having an unreliable Wi-Fi connection can prevent you from signing in to your PSN account. Well, don’t worry about that.ps4-error-code-ws-44949-0

In this write-up, I will explain how easily you can fix this infamous error.

So keep reading till the end to get your desired fix.

Why Does “This Account Cannot be Signed into on this PS4” Error Occur?

The can’t sign in error on PS4, along with the WS-44949-0 code, occurs due to an unstable internet connection, PSN server failure, or incorrect email or password input. At worst, your account could be banned due to suspicious activity.

In the venture to find the reason, first of all, your username or password may have been entered incorrectly, causing a sign-in issue. So, double-check what you’ve provided while signing in to PSN.

Trying to get into the PlayStation server with inaccurate information is possible if you’ve misplaced or mistyped your username or password. After three unsuccessful attempts to log in, you should try to recover your account information instead of attempting to log in again since this might result in an IP ban.

If you see the error number WS-37397-9, your IP address has been blocked from accessing the site. Your IP address has been flagged as suspicious by the PlayStation Network server AI. Also, verify the security of your network connection.

It’s important to remember that if you forget your Login Credentials, do your best to get them straight away so that you don’t have to worry about it.

PlayStation users may already know that Sony does regular maintenance on the PlayStation server in order to keep it running at its best.

Although the server is down, you can still log in to PlayStation Network, play games, and use most programs, except for some uncertain times. You must keep in mind that Account Management and PlayStation Video are unavailable until their maintenance period is through.

How to Fix PS4 Error WS-44949-0

Starting with basic re-login, resetting the PSN account password, activating two-factor authentication, and creating a custom DNS is highly effective in fixing the PS4 WS-44949-0 error. Besides, always start with the simplest steps, like restarting the console and the router.

The failure of the PlayStation system to sign in to the PSN is one of the most regular difficulties players confront. PlayStation Network sign-in fails, and users can’t log in no matter what they do to attempt to fix it.

When the “PlayStation Network Sign-In Failed” problem occurs, don’t freak out. It generally requires some easy steps to save the day, so don’t worry.

Signing in to the PlayStation network fails for a variety of causes, from a misconfigured Wi-Fi router to a corrupted PS4 system file, as seen by the above list. Before looking for a solution inside the PS4 system, you must first examine the operation and settings of your router.

While this may be true for some users, many others have reported that they are unable to access PSN despite having a working internet connection. If you’re having trouble connecting to the internet, you may need to reset your router.

Check out the easiest ways to resolve PS4 can’t sign in problem:

1. Reset PSN Account Password

One of the most common, easy, and effective fixes to resolve the WS-44949-0 error is to reset your current PSN account password. Either a phone or PC browser will suffice to set a new password.

Below you’ll see how to reset the PSN account password:

  • Get to the PlayStation account management page.
  • Click on Trouble Signing In?psn-account-trouble-signing-in
  • Choose Reset your password. ps4-reset-pass
  • Enter your email for the PSN account.
  • Open your email and go to the password reset link provided by Sony.
  • Create your password according to Sony’s guideline, which instructs using a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters.

Once done, try to sign in from your PS4 console, and voilà! You are in. The sign-in error on PS4 is resolved.

2. Reconnect PS4 to the Wi-Fi

You might see that the PlayStation network fails at times. This is quite normal, to be honest, but reestablishing your net connection might fix the problem.

Here are the steps to set up your internet connection on PS4:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Network.
  • Press X on setting up an internet connection.
  • Disconnect from your Wi-Fi or LAN connection.
  • Reconnect to your previous connection.

Your net connection should be established right now, and after that, test your connection to see if everything is working or not.

3. Check PSN Server & Internet Connection Status

The internet connection at your home and the PlayStation Network server could be the reason you can’t sign in to your PS4 account. So, test your internet connection and the PSN server.

Here are the steps to test the internet connection on PS4:

  • Head to Settings.
  • Navigate to the Network.
  • Select Test Internet Connection. ps4-test-internet-connection
  • Wait for the result to arrive.

To check the PS4 server status:

  • Select Settings from your home screen.
  • Go to the Network.
  • Select View Status of PlayStation Network Service.
  • After a few seconds, you will see a webpage pop-up that will lead you to the server status page.

Once the troubleshooting is complete, you should be able to see what exactly the problem is. For DNS issues, you will see that on-screen, or if the IP is taking too long to register or there is NAT type failure, when you find out the reason, work accordingly with your ISP to fix the problem. I’ll touch more on DNS later in this article, by the way.

That said, PlayStation servers can also be down for maintenance, or at times if there is a massive outage or a government protocol, the servers can be down. And this can also lead to a PS4 error CE-43461-8.

All the services will be marked green if the servers are up and running, but you will see red marks or green marks if the servers are down. Wait for the servers to be backed up in order to connect your account to PSN.

4. Restart your Router

Router restart is an easy and straightforward way to resolve any network glitches on your home network.

Here are the steps to reboot your router:

  • Go to your router’s login address.
  • Select Advance Settings.
  • Click on Reboot.

You can also reboot your router in an old-fashioned way by directly plugging it out. But I would say don’t do that because that might brick the device. After the reboot, connect your PlayStation network to your account; hopefully, it will work.

To my surprise, the PS4 CE-32895-7 error also got fixed just with a simple reboot of the router.

5. Adjust Network Connection Methods

I am someone who loves everything wireless, but when it comes to gaming or internet connection stability, Wi-Fi is still way behind a LAN connection. I am pretty sure you can fix any internet issue if you just connect your PS4 with a LAN cable directly from your router.

Using an Ethernet cable improves the console-to-router connection.

Directly connecting your console removes factors like distance and obstacles, improving connection and download rates. While an Ethernet connection may sometimes deliver quicker speeds than wireless, its main benefit is consistency.

Modern wireless routers can nearly always provide adequate speed for PS4 online gaming.

But games demand a reliable connection, not a lot of bandwidth. I saw higher download speeds, more stable connections, and lower ping rates when I corded my PS4 instead of using my wireless network.

The Internet is such an essential part of this modern era. Think about a day without this pinnacle of communication technology. Everyone will probably go back to their closet, weeping about it all day long.

Having a stable internet connection is more than important for gaming. Wi-Fi is still unreliable, so the best option is to use a LAN cable.

But even after doing everything, you will see internet failures often. And it is more relevant when it comes to console gaming because customizing it is not an option because of the limited settings provided in the consoles.

6. Turn On Two-Factor Authentication

Server glitches often prevent getting into the PSN account from your PS4. Enabling Two-factor authentication and vice versa worked like a charm for many users.

Follow the steps below to turn on 2-FA on PS4:

  • Navigate to Settings > Account Management > Account Information.ps4-account-managementps4-account-information
  • Go to Security.
  • Click on 2-Step Verification. ps4-2-step-verification
  • Provide your phone number and press Send Code.
  • Put down the code in the correct box and choose Activate. ps4-enable-2-fa

Now, for each attempt to log in, you’ll receive a new code to provide robust support. Also, you should be able to bypass the ws-449490-0 error on PS4.

7. Re-Login to Your PSN Account

As two-factor authentication is in place, you need to re-login to your PSN account on PS4. It should be a smooth sail. Even if the 2-FA is not turned on, sign out and in again helped me several times to resolve the sign-in problem on PS4.

The steps below will help you re-login to your PSN account on PS4:

  • Open Settings and go to Account Management.
  • Press on the Sign Out button and confirm.ps4-sign-out
  • Click on Sign In next.
  • Provide your credentials, such as email and password, and hit OK.

You should be able to get into the PSN account this time.

8. Change DNS Settings on PS4

Manual adjustments like setting up custom DNS is highly effective in sorting out the “can’t sign in” problem on PS4. In my experience, it is an absolute relief of a method.

Here’s how you can change DNS settings on PS4:

  • Access Settings > Network on your PS4.
  • Choose Set Up Internet Connection.set-up-ps4-internet-connection
  • Select Use Wi-Fi or Use a LAN Cable according to your PS4’s network connection method.
  • Pick Custom from the Set Up Internet Connection screen under How do you want to set up the Internet connection? ps4-custom-internet-connection
  • Choose Automatic IP Address from the next prompt.ps4-automatic-ip-address
  • Select Manual when you are asked to pick DNS Settings.ps4-set-custom-dns
  • Pick Do Not Specify for DHCP Host Name (If this option appears).
  • Set as Primary DNS and as the Secondary DNS. ps4-set-primary-dns
  • Click Next to advance through this menu.
  • Choose Automatic for MTU Settings and Do Not Use for Proxy Server.ps4-auto-mtu

Once everything is set, restart your console one more time and check whether you can sign in to your PS4 account.


Why has Your PlayStation account been banned?

Your account might be banned from the PlayStation Network if you use any card that has been stolen. Or you have used a fake credit card to buy something from the store. Sometimes your account might be banned if you take advantage of the server glitch.

Are PS4 Sign-in Errors Frequent?

The sign-in errors on PS4 are not frequent. Though occasionally, you might get hit with such notorious issues. It can come into existence due to the PSN server or a problem in your network.

Final Thoughts

It can be pretty annoying when you can’t log in to your favorite PS4 console, and it gets more frustrating after a busy day of work. But you can easily fix the problem if you just follow the fixes I’ve described throughout the article.

If you still have any queries, don’t forget to comment down below.

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