How To Stop An Echo in Discord Voice and Stream [2021 Guide]

Written By Steven Arends

Well. As you know, voice calls and video streaming are the most lucrative features of Discord, facing problems with them can easily make you worried. Suppose, you are hearing your own voice aside from others while conversing on Discord. Isn’t it annoying?

Don’t worry. You are in safe hands. I already fixed my echo problem and know some tested and proven techniques which can help you out.


So, why does Discord echo on my phone?

The main reasons for echo on Discord are the disable of noise cancellation and poor internet connection. Alongside, some other settings of the operating system of your device are also held accountable.

So, keep reading, as I will round up some easy steps to help you get rid of the Discord echo problem safely.

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How to fix microphone echo on Discord

Echo on Discord while playing games online is such an issue that can completely ruin your experience. I heard a lot of people reporting this issue on Discord. And, the most satisfying news for you is there are some easy ways to fix and avoid the echo that I tried and tested for myself. Let’s have a look.

Here are the steps to fix your microphone echo on Discord:

1. Change Discord Settings

  • Open the Discord application on your system.
  • Go to the Settings by clicking the gear icon.discord-user-settings
  • Choose the Voice & Video tab from the left pane under the section of App Settings.
  • Check whether the selected input and output devices are correct or not. If not, choose the right ones from the drop-down.
  • Click on the toggle button to turn on the Noise Suppression setting under the section Advanced.enable-noise-suppression
  • Enable the Echo Cancellation setting in the same way.enable-the-echo-cancellation
  • Find out Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority by scrolling a bit down. Click on the toggle button.enable-quality-of-service
  • Scroll down further and find out Audio Subsystem. Set the setting to the Standardaudio-subsystem

What does Echo Cancellation do?

Echo cancellation or echo suppression is a telephony feature mainly used to eliminate the echoes from the speeches or lessen them if they arise.

That is the end of modifying your Discord settings. I hope your problem will disappear if you follow the mentioned steps accurately.

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2. Configure Windows Settings

  • Click on the Start menu button and type Settings on the search bar.
  • Go to Sound under the section System.
  • Check if the input and output devices are accurately selected. If not, choose the correct ones.
  • Click on the Sound Control Panel under the Related Settings on the right-hand side. A new pop-up window will appear.
  • Ensure the device you are currently using is set up as default, in the Playback tab. If not, right-click on your speaker. Then, click on Properties. Go to the Spatial sound and turn it on. Finally, click on Apply and then ok.
  • Ensure your device is set up as default in the Recording tab.
  • Click on the Listen
  • Check the Listen to this device checkbox under the Listen tab.
  • Click on Apply and then OK.

You are done. After making these changes and checking them accurately, restart your computer. Believe me; your problem will disappear.

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3. Mac OS Settings

If you are a macOS user and want to truncate your problem, first make the changes mentioned in the Discord settings section. Then do the following things as I describe.

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Here are the steps of reducing echo in Discord for macOS users:

  • Click on the Apple icon at the top-left corner.
  • Choose Select Preferences from the appeared options.
  • Tap to the Sound icon.
  • Click on the Input
  • Uncheck the Use ambient noise reduction if checked.

That is the end. Now, restart your computer and enjoy the echo-free sound.

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4. Mobile Settings 

Here are the steps to eliminate noise and echo for the users who use the Discord mobile application.

  • Open the Discord app on your mobile.
  • Tap to the Discord icon at the bottom-right corner to open the User Settings.
  • Scroll down a bit. You will find the Voice and Video option under the App settings
  • Enable the Noise Suppression and the Echo Cancellation

Now, check if the echo is softened. If not, try restarting your phone and check further.

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Reasons behind Echo on Discord

So far, I have discussed the step-by-step solutions for different platforms. But it is also of great importance to unearth the reasons actively rolling behind the echo problem on Discord. So, let’s dive into the primary causes of echo occurring while conversing amongst users.

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Here are the reasons that are working actively behind echo in Discord:

  • You feel the echo and noise on Discord when
  • The Noise Suppression feature is disabled on Discord.
  • The volume of your speaker is too high.
  • There are some technical faults with your headphones or microphone jack.
  • The internet connection is poor from either or both sides.
  • The microphone is close to any surface, which does not consume sound that much.
  • Your microphone is not of good quality.

These are the reasons for echo in Discord. But there, you may find some other weird causes alongside the mentioned ones. I recommend you detect the reason first and take the measures accordingly.

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Should I turn off echo cancellation discord?

To be frank, it depends. Apparently, it seems that the echo cancellation feature of Discord is absolutely to benefit its users. But, in a greater canvas, it does not serve the users that much. Instead, it may cause harm by impairing or distorting your speech.

When you talk to anybody, without your concern this feature may distort and even cut off your statement considering it as an echo or noise. Therefore, using it is neither highly beneficial nor extremely harmful.
At this point, you can use the voice activation threshold to eliminate damaged sounds instead of forceful reduction of echoes. But, in that case, the voice activation threshold is measured by echo detection which is inaccurate.
Hence, I recommend you keep your echo cancellation turned off on Discord.

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To sum up, I explained how you can fix the echo problem with both voice and video streaming on Discord. I hope you have solved your problems already. Keep in mind; you should follow both the Discord and device settings to get the best outcome.

I suggest you be sincere while following the steps. You must not skip any step, i.e., restarting, as each step has its own significance.

I believe this article healed your problem. If you agree, share this with your mates or gaming partner to solve their problems following this. Comment below if you have any queries.

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