Discord: Krisp Noise Suppression | All You Need to Know [2022] 

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Are you wondering about Discord’s noise suppression feature Krisp, how it works, and the benefits? 

Then you landed on the right page! 

As a regular Discord user for the past two years, I can provide all the information you need to know about Krisp.

What is Discord’s Krisp?

Krisp is an AI noise suppression tool featured in Discord. Krisp noise suppression is a more advanced version of Discord’s noise reduction feature. It uses machine learning methods to filter out background noise, except the user’s voice. Krisp relies on the CPU to run the suppressing algorithm.


This post will explain all the features, benefits, and troubleshoot of Discord’s noise suppression tool Krisp. I will also compare it with other available suppression tools.

So, buckle up, and let’s start the journey to find out everything about Krisp.

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How Does Krisp Work? 

As I said before, Krisp uses machine learning to filter out all the background noises that can interrupt a friendly conversation, but technically, it’s more complex.

Krisp creates an additional layer between the physical microphone/speaker and the communicating app you are using.

The audio is received from your physical microphone, processed on your device to remove noise by Krisp Microphone, and then transmitted to the communication app to remove the noise going from you to other participants.

The noise cancellation for the voice going to your microphone and coming from your speakers is made directly on your device, and the audio data is not stored anywhere or sent to any servers.

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How to Get Krisp?

Krisp noise suppression feature is now a built-in feature of the Discord app. However, it isn’t turned on from the beginning. You have to turn it on manually, and then you’re good to go.

You’ll need to adjust some additional options inside Discord settings to make Krisp more effective.

Follow the steps below to get Krisp in Discord:

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Click on the Settings icon beside your username.
  • Click on Voice & Video option on the left menu.
  • Scroll down and disable the Echo cancellation option under the Voice processing section.
  • Disable the Noise reduction option under that.
  • Enable the Noise Suppression option under the Advanced section.

Now restart Discord, and the Krisp noise suppression feature will be turned on in your Discord client.

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What are the Benefits of Krisp? 

Krisp has been providing a fantastic noise suppressing service for some time now. But joining Discord makes it way more popular among millions of Discord users.

Communication software like Discord, which provides VoIP-based voice chatting service, requires a noise reduction or suppression service to ensure a seamless user experience. It will attract more users and lift the existing users’ experience simultaneously.

I’ve listed the top benefits of using Krisp in Discord below. Go through them to enlighten yourself about Krips usage in Discord’s voice calls.

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Here are the top benefits of using Krisp’s noise-suppressing feature in Discord:

Background Noise Removal and HD Voice

Krisp removes all unwanted noise from your call and delivers a high-definition voice quality. Everything is done in real-time, and you won’t sound underwater or distorted anymore.

Blocks Participant’s Background Noise

Krisp removes all types of background noise and echoes from participants during meetings. You will not need to ask them to mute their microphone anymore.

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Acoustic Echo and Room Echo Removal

Krisp removes both the echo resonating from empty room walls and the echo from your voice during the call. Your voice won’t be sounding like you’re talking from an empty hall room anymore.

Convenience and Modular

Krisp technology is based on deep neural networks and is trained by thousands of hours of audio usage. So, you won’t be needing any extra accessories for noise suppression.

Everything you need will be done on your device.

Security and Reliability 

Krisp doesn’t need to share any user data as it is embedded inside the Discord app and does all the work inside your device. So, your data will not go anywhere outside Discord’s server.

Why is Krisp Not Working in Discord? 

If Krisp is malfunctioning, check if it’s enabled in Discord first. If Krisp isn’t functional, several issues like conflicting Discord voice settings, input sensitivity, and conflicting background processes might be causing the malfunction. Fixing these issues will bring Krisp back on track.

If your Discord’s Krisp noise-suppressing feature isn’t working, there might be some issues causing you this inconvenience. I’ve listed and explained them below for your better understanding.

Here are the reasons that might cause Discord’s Krisp malfunction:

Krisp is Disabled in Discord

If Krisp isn’t working on your device, the most common issue is that it’s not enabled on your Discord.

You can swear that you’ve enabled it from the settings on a previous session but, it is not working now. Well, Krisp requires a fair amount of CPU and RAM usage to run it’s machine learning algorithm to filter out the background noises. But, sometimes, due to accommodating other mandatory background processes, your CPU ends secondary processes like Krisp.

If this is the case, then Krisp will not work on your device on Discord as it is supposed to do.

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Enabling Alternative Noise Reduction Service

Enabling another noise reduction service along with Krisp to reduce background noises from Discord voice and video chats will result in Krisp’s malfunctioning.

Krisp is Discord’s built-in noise suppressing service that suppresses noises from participants’ surrounding environment to deliver a crispy user experience. But, Discord also has other noise reduction services, and you can turn them on from Discord’s settings.

But, enabling both Krisp and Discord’s alternate noise reduction service can conflict with each other and disable Krisp.

CPU and RAM Shortage 

Sometimes Krisp noise suppression service can malfunction in the Discord app due to your device’s CPU usage and RAM shortage.

Discord’s Krisp service requires a fair amount of CPU and RAM usage to keep itself running as it does all the noise suppression in real-time running a machine-learning algorithm with the help of your device’s CPU.

When the other apps installed on your device occupy most of the RAM and CPU usage, Krisp is forced to end its process due to CPU and RAM shortage.

Conflicting Background Processes of Discord

Every app needs to run background processes to perform smoothly and provide a seamless user experience. But, sometimes Discord fails to launch a process or two at the startup, and Krisp might be one of them.

Discord launches a bunch of background processes and keeps them running to keep it’s additional features on hand, ready for your usage. But if it fails to run any of the crucial background processes, you’ll experience a hard time using those features.

If you’re unlucky, the Krisp noise suppression service might be one of those failed to launch processes.

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Enabling Automatic Input Sensitivity

The automatic input sensitivity option of Discord sets the sound level above which the mic should pick up your voice automatically. If you set an input sensitivity level, discord will always pick up your voice over a certain loudness level.

The automatic input sensitivity service can sometimes malfunction as it’s a complicated process. If you’ve enabled this option in Discord’s settings, Krisp might have difficulty processing the voice input and malfunction.

How to Fix Krisp Not Working in Discord? 

I’ll show you the solutions to all the hiccups that might lead to a malfunction Krisp noise suppression service in the Discord app.

Krisp is a fantastic noise suppression service that is entirely free and comes with the Discord desktop client. So, like you and me, most Discord users use it to suppress unwanted background noises while voice calling and chatting.

But the issues that cause Krisp to malfunction are also irritating us by making Krisp unavailable to use, and they need to be solved at any cost.

So, I present you my guide to fix the issues which cause Krisp to malfunction down below. Read the fixes carefully and follow the steps to fix Krisp’s issues afterward.

Here are the methods to solve Krisp not working in Discord:

1. Enable Krisp in Discord

To use the Krisp noise suppression service, enable it first from the Discord settings. Don’t worry if you’re unaware of the process. I’ve prepared a guideline for you below about turning Krisp on in Discord’s settings.

Follow these steps to turn on Krisp noise suppression service in Discord:

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Click on the Settings icon beside your username on the screen’s bottom-left corner.


  • Go to Voice & Video section.
  • Scroll down and click on the Advanced section.
  • Toggle the switch beside Noise Suppression to enable it.


Krisp is now enabled in your Discord app settings, and you can enjoy a noise-free voice chat in Discord.

You can also turn on Krisp while in a Discord voice call. Click on the wave-shaped icon beside Voice connected notice on top of your username on the screen’s bottom-left corner. It’ll prompt you to enable Krisp. Toggle the Noise suppression switch on to enable Krisp on your voice call. 3

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2. Disable Noise Reduction in Discord 

Enabling two noise-reducing services will conflict with each other and result in the malfunction of Krisp. So, turn the noise reduction service of and only keep the Krisp noise suppression service on to use Krisp without any issue.

Follow the steps below to turn noise reduction service off from Discord’s settings:

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Go to Settings by clicking the cog icon beside your username on the screen’s bottom-left corner.
  • Scroll down to Voice & Video section and click on it.
  • Disable echo cancellation and noise reduction on the Advanced section.


Now re-run the Discord app and see if Krisp is working.

3. Reset Voice Settings in Discord

If none of the above methods is working for you, try resetting the voice settings from the Discord menu. Then re-apply the methods and see the difference.

Follow the steps below to reset your voice settings in Discord:

  • Open Discord.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Voice & Video on the left menu. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom.
  • Click on Reset voice settings.


  • Click Okay when it asks for confirmation.


Now enable Krisp and see if it’s working fine.

4. Close Unnecessary Background Processes

Krisp noise suppression service can be force closed if your device has a CPU and RAM shortage. To avoid this scenario, close unnecessary background processes of apps you hardly use or don’t need in the current session.

It’ll make enough room in your RAM to keep Krisp running in the background.

Follow these steps to close unnecessary background processes when your RAM is almost occupied and make room for Discord’s Krisp service:

  • Right-click on the Windows taskbar. 
  • Click on Task Manager.
  • Click on any unnecessary process. 
  • Click End task on the bottom-right corner of the window to end it.

It’ll close the processes and make enough storage for running Krisp on your device.

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5. Disable Discord’s Automatic Input Sensitivity 

Another reason behind Krisp’s malfunctioning is enabling automatic input sensitivity. This feature lets you choose a minimum loudness level to pick up your voice for Discord.

Sometimes automatic input sensitivity might not pick up your voice in a voice chat. In that case, Krisp won’t work if it cannot detect the sounds of your mic. So, disabling the automatic input sensitivity is the only option to get Krisp back on track. 

Follow the steps below to disable automatic input sensitivity:

  • Open Discord.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Voice & Video.
  • Scroll down and click on the toggle switch beside Automatically determine input sensitivity.
  • Manually set your input sensitivity using the slider.


Now restart the Discord app and see if Krisp is working smoothly.

6. Restart the Discord App 

As I told you before, sometimes Discord’s background processes and services might not get started at the startup. Restarting the app will help you fix the complications and fix the Krisp not working issue.

Follow the steps below to restart the Discord app appropriately and fix the Krisp not working issue:

  • Right-click on the taskbar. 
  • Select Task Manager.
  • Click on Discord’s primary process to select it. 
  • Click End task on the bottom-right corner of the window to end it.


  • Click on the Windows Start icon on the bottom-left corner of your screen. 
  • Search for the Discord Inc folder beside the boot menu and click on it. 
  • Click on Discord to rerun the app.

Inside the Discord app, see if Krisp is working smoothly. Otherwise, go to settings and enable Krisp by following the steps shown in Method-1.

What are the Differences Between Krisp and Noise Reduction? 

Discord’s noise reduction feature reduces noise from the input signals by generating a low wave frequency to eliminate noise with a high wave frequency. On the other hand, the Krisp noise suppression feature offers a machine learning algorithm that filters the noise wave.

There’s a remarkable difference between the all-new Krisp and the generic noise reduction feature of Discord.

The noise reduction feature in Discord primarily focused on reducing environmental noises from the input signals by generating a low wave frequency to reduce noise with a high wave frequency. 

This process comes with a delay and is now considered old-fashioned.

On the other hand, the noise suppression feature introduced by Krisp offers a machine learning algorithm that filters the noise wave. It does the trick by running it through the algorithm and filtering out unnecessary noises from the surroundings.

Noise suppression of Krisp is relatively faster than the noise reduction feature cause the whole suppression process is done locally in your device’s COU and saves time than generating an anti-wave.

So, you can safely say that the Krisp noise suppression feature is superior to the noise reduction feature of Discord.

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Question: Is Krisp good on Discord?

Answer: In Discord voice calls and chats, Krisp has the best usage to eliminate background noise from the surrounding environment. Krisp picks up the background noises and filters them out using the device’s mic, and the whole service is free.

Question: Does discord Noise Suppression work?

Answer: Krisp Noise Suppression is a free Discord service to eliminate background noises from voice calls and chats. Krisp is embedded inside the Discord client and filters out background noises from voice calls and chats in real-time using the device’s CPU and running machine learning algorithm.


Discord added Krisp to help users suppress their background noises while being in a voice call or chat. It’s a unique and convenient feature when you’re in a noisy environment.

I hope you don’t have any further confusion about anything regarding Discord’s Krips noise-suppressing feature.

Now you know everything about why Krisp is an important feature, why it malfunctions, and how to fix any issue with Krisp.

If you’ve any further queries, feel free to comment below. Our experts will try to answer any of your queries right away.

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