How to Clean VR Headset Lens [Complete Guide 2024]

Written By Steven Arends

Have you ever noticed that your VR headset’s lenses are becoming blurry over time?

I also faced this issue, my VR headset’s lenses also became blurry, and then I researched a lot to find a perfect solution.

Thankfully, I found the methods to clean my VR headset’s lens.

Don’t be frustrated over this issue because I will show you the methods I applied to clean my VR lenses.

In this post, I will write down the steps of Cleaning VR lenses.

But before that, You have to know how the VR headset works, the reason behind this problem, and then jump into the solutions.

So, without wasting any more time, Let’s go to the main

How does a VR Headset Work? 

VR headset is a machine that replaces our actual surroundings with a software-based virtual environment. It contains the camera, gyroscope sensor, controller, lens, and all these components work together to give you a perfect Virtual Reality experience.

The Camera of the VR is used to ensure all the movements of a user, and it connects the VR

with computer system software.

The Gyroscope sensor tracks your movements in the virtual space with the help of a magnetometer. The controller helps the user to navigate in the virtual world.

The video is split into two parts, and one appears on the computer screen, and the other is in your headset. The lens plays a vital role, and the central intermediary between the device and headset is to play a VR Video.

VR headsets work perfectly when all the components work together. If there is a problem in one part, it interrupts the full functionality.

Dirty lens issue in the lens is one of them.

VR lenses become dirty for various reasons, and I will figure out why this issue.

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Why VR Headset Lenses become Dirty?why-vr-headset-lenses-become-dirty

Several reasons make your VR  Lenses dirty and blurry. If you keep your headset in an unclean area, then it will become dirty by dust. Even a usual touch from your Eyelashes or hair can be made the lenses blur or Oily.

Here are the reasons that make your VR lenses Dirty:

Don’t Clean the VR Regularly

Cleaning the VR headset is very important. If you don’t clean your VR regularly, it can be damaged, no matter how expensive your VR headset is. Your lenses can be blurry, and the lenses play a vital role to play the video.

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Keep the VR in a Dirty or messy place

Some users just keep their virtual reality headsets messy after using the VR. If you put your VR headset in a dirty place, it can be unclean by the dust, and the lens becomes blurry. Sometimes

your Lenses can be damaged by dust.

Unnecessary Touches from your Hair or Eyelashes

When you play a video in your VR headset, your eyes need so much movement to explore the Virtual world perfectly. Sometimes, unnecessary touch from your eyelashes or your oily hair can make a scratch on your Lens.

Sweats Form your Face

Some people have over sweating face. When they wear the VR headset to explore the VR world, then the VR lenses Become foggy and unclear. If you don’t clean your sweat from the VR lenses instantly, it can damage your VR lens.

These are the possible reasons for making you dirty.

Now let’s jump into the methods to help you clean your VR headsets Lenses.

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How do you Clean the VR headset’s Lens?

There are several ways to clean your VR lenses. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean the lens. Or you can clean it by yourself. But always notice about using liquid or chemicals that are strictly prohibited from using for cleaning the VR headset lens.

Here are the steps to clean your VR headset’s Lens:

1. Follow the Manufacturer Instructions

Before cleaning your lens, you should check the manufacturer’s instructions for the cleaning methods.

Every manufacturer company gives a menu book with the VR headset. You can find the instructions for cleaning in this book.

You can also find the methods on the official websites of the headset manufacturer.

VR manufacturers like Oculus, HTC, Index have official support teams to help users.

You can find helpful information from these websites. The companies also create a list about

general tips and preventive measures.

For example, the HTC Vive (one of the most popular headsets globally) has official instructions on cleaning lenses on its website.

Here are the official instructions to clean the Vive lens:

  • Cleaning your lens with a microfiber cloth to wipe the lenses.
  • Use alcohol or lens cleaner to wet the cloth for wiping.
  • Wipe the lenses in a circular motion.
  • Wiping from the central to the outer edges of the lens.

You should be pretty careful when cleaning the lenses about not making any scratches on them.

Oculus also gives some instructions on cleaning the Lens, and you can find it on their website.

To make it easy, I will write down the instructions here.

The funny fact is that oculus strictly prohibits using any kind of liquid to clean the lenses.

Here are the process of cleaning the Oculus  VR lenses:

  • Use an optical microfiber cloth to clean the Lenses. The fabric must be dry, and never use any liquid to wipe the lens.
  • Starting from the center of the lens and then gently wiping the outer part of the lens.

You will also clean the sensor lens by applying these steps.

Suppose you don’t find any suitable clothes for wiping the lens in your home. Don’t be panic.

You can purchase a microfiber cloth from the Oculus store to clean the Lenses.

Sony also gives instructions about cleaning PSVR on their website. You will find a video on this on SONY’s official support website.

Sony also prohibits using wet clothes to clean the VR. They also forbid keeping the VR in direct sunlight; it can damage the lens.

As these manufacturers, the other companies also give instructions on their website. You can follow the instructions to clean the VR.

If these are not working, you can try other methods to clean the VR lenses.

2. Clean the VR with other methods.

If the manufacturer’s methods are not enough to clean the VR, follow the instructions given below.

Clean up the Dust by Compressed Air

Use compressed air to clean the dust from your lenses. You need to clean the dust before you wipe your lens. Otherwise, the dust can make a scratch on the lens.

You can buy compressed air bottles from the market. Buy one which has a thin straw with the bottle.

Add an Extra  Protector on the Lens

Adding an extra protector to the lens can be a great solution. You can buy the protector from an authentic website.

If you don’t find any suitable protector, then there is a way, cut a phone protector in the shape of your lens and attach it to the lens.

These are the methods to clean your headset lens. You should clean your lens regularly.

If you are a regular VR user, I suggest cleaning it thoroughly twice daily. Before you put the headset on your head, clean it properly. And once you put out the headset from your head, clean it again.

You must clean the lens gently because the lens is susceptible to VR.

As you know, Prevention is better than cure. You must keep the VR headset in a safe and clean place, and it can protect the lens from dust and other specks of dirt.

Never keep the headset in Direct sunlight; it can damage your lens.

These are the methods you shall follow in cleaning your VR Lens.

If your lenses are broken or damaged, these methods are not working, and you should replace your lenses.

Nowadays, manufacturers provide extra lenses, and you can order them online and replace them.


The lens plays a vital role in VR headsets, and it is the primary medium between the Device and the headset to play a video.VR headsets cannot ideally focus without the lens; blurry images will appear.

In this post, I briefly described the reason behind this issue and also figured out the solution.

Hope this will help you to clean your VR lenses perfectly.

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