Fix Can’t Join Discord Server Even When Not Banned [2024]

Written By Farhan Max

Clicked on the blue icon‒ Join server, and nothing happened as if you didn’t even click. How annoying would you rate that situation, especially when you finally found a server you actually like?

Yeah, that’s pathetic.can’t-join-discord-server-even-when-not-banned

However, working as a mod in a 100k+ members-server, I’ve found proper workarounds to resolve this issue.

Simply read through the article to understand why you can’t enter a Discord server despite not being banned and how to fix it for good.

Let’s begin!

Why Can’t You Join a Discord Server When Not Banned?

Discord is not letting you enter a server because the server invite link might be invalid or expired. Also, Discord has a set limit on the number of servers a user can participate in at a time. So, check how many servers you’ve joined before entering a new one and ensure the invitation is valid.

Speaking of validity, maybe you’ve clicked on an expired server invite link as it is the most probable reason behind not being able to join the server.

Besides, excess partaking in servers beyond the cap limit (up to 100 servers) can revoke you from joining others.

Here’s why you can’t enter a server on Discord despite not being banned:

  • The server owner refused your invitation.
  • Exceeded the number of servers you can participate in.
  • The server invitation link expired.
  • The invitation code is invalid or mistyped.
  • Discord cache files are corrupted.

Every reason seems a bit more complicated than the previous one. I feel you. But don’t worry. As promised, I’ll help you join your preferred server even if it isn’t responding when you hit the join server option.

Just bear with me for the next chapter.

How to Fix Can’t Join Discord Server Even When Not Banned

To fix can’t join the Discord server, check the invitation link because it might be expired. In that case, ask the server owner for another fresh invite link. Also, be sure to enter the correct invitation code when joining a server.

And if you have reached the hundred server participation limit, then you should subscribe to Discord Nitro. You can buy Discord Nitro with Google Play and even without a credit card.

No, I’m not promoting nitro subscriptions, but when you get subbed to the service, your server limit gets increased, along with more chances of rejoining a server, and you become more sincere in the discussion panel! That means no violation of server rules. Also, you can get free games with Nitro.

But if you are on a budget, let’s try the solutions differently.

Quick Fix: First, I need you to log in to the Discord web version. Sometimes, unimaginable bugs captivate your Discord application, and as a result- invitation links don’t work. Since the web version is close to free from glitches, you can try that out.

If that doesn’t fix your issue, try the following solutions. Simply perform the steps as I explain and get rid of the problem.

Here are the methods to solve when you can’t join a discord server even when not banned:

1. Leave/Remove Unnecessary Discord Servers

Imagine you have already joined hundreds of different Discord servers, and after finding your desired server, you want to become a part of it.

For that, you have to leave the server, which you don’t regularly roam/ the server that is no longer beneficial to you. Leave that, and enter the preferred one instead.

Here are the steps to leave a server and rejoin a new one:

  • Launch Discord from your device.
  • Select the server you want to leave.
  • Click on the dropdown icon right next to the server’s name.discord-server
  • Select Leave Server from the drop-down menu.discord-leave-server
  • Click on Leave Server again to confirm the leaving command.discord-leave-server-confirm

Once you secure the cap limit, find the server you want to enter. Send a request to join that server. If that server is private, ask an admin for an invitation. If your discord account is new and still unable to join, you might need to bypass internet restrictions.

2. Use VPN to Join Again

Sometimes, Discord recognizes your IP address as spam and bans you from joining any server. If that happens, you need to enter the server using VPN to change your location first.

Here’s how to connect with a VPN to rejoin a Discord server:

  • Download and install any VPN you prefer.
  • Click on Fastest Server to connect via different IPs.vpn-fastest-location
  • Launch the discord application once you’re connected through the VPN.
  • Find the invitation link and click on Join Server.

After that, rename your discord account and change the name tag if possible. You will no longer face any issues joining a server.

3. Clear Discord Cache

Clearing the Discord application’s cache data helps you with loading the application faster and clears out deformities of the earlier version.

Hopefully, your inability to get into a Discord server issue might resolve once you kill the app data from your device.

Here’s the procedure to clear Discord cache data from your device:

  • Press the Windows + R button to launch the Run prompt.
  • Type in %appdata% in the command box and hit
  • Locate the discord folder in AppData > Roaming.
  • Delete discord from that window.discord-delete-cache

Once you delete the app data, relaunch discord from your system. Log in again as you deleted all the saved information. Join the particular server, and now, you’ll be able to do that without any trouble.

4. Check the Invitation Link

Discord server owners can configure expiration dates on invitation links from anywhere between 30 minutes to never. And if you fail to join the server within the set time limit, the invitation will expire.

In case the server moderators didn’t set any expiration date, a fresh invite code will be valid for 24 hours by default.

Whether it is 24 hours or till the end of eternity, there’s no way for you to check the invitation expiration date. So, fix Discord invite not working ASAP! It’s possible that the invite link you received is invalid or expired, clicking on an expired server invite link won’t let you join the server.

Alternatively, you can join via an invite code also. Just ask for the correct invitation code from the admin and try to join the expected server.

Note: The invitation codes are case-sensitive, so check and make sure you insert the correct code.

5. Make Sure You are Not Actually Banned from Joining the Server

If you’re trying to enter a server but cannot, there’s a chance that you are banned from accessing that certain server.

A ban in Discord doesn’t mean that just your account is banned. It restricts your IP address. This means all your devices are banned on the same IP address. So, you will be unable to enter a server from a different device too.

However, there are workarounds to get rid of Discord IP bans.

If you are banned from a specific server, there’s not much you can do except contact the server’s owner through the server settings and request them to lift your ban. Trying to join a Discord server you are banned from won’t do you any good.

An automatic ban is possible if the server owner creates a rule violation policy. Even though anyone has directly blocked you, bots can kick you out due to rule violations.

These are the methods that are currently working to help you to join the discord server you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you enter a Discord Server without Invitation?

You can enter a discord server without invitation if that is a public server. Just search by typing the server’s name, and join. But, if it’s a private server, then you must need an invitation link or code from the admin panel.

Do Discord Server Ban Permanently?

Discord server ban varies with the violation limit set by the admin or moderators. Depending on the server, you can get banned from one hour to six months. Moreover, permanent bans are available against specific IDs or IP addresses.

Why is your Discord Server Invitation Link Invalid?

Your Discord server invitation link is invalid because the empty server slot has already been filled by another member before your response with the invitation link. Or the invitation link expired because of your lateness.

How to get into a Discord server and not get banned?

To get into a Discord server and not be banned, log out of the account which has got restricted from the server. Create a new account, log in to it from a different device, and join the server you are banned from.

How to fix Discord’s unable to accept invites?

To fix Discord’s inability to accept invites, leave the unnecessary servers that you no longer need. Then you should be able to take invites again as you get this issue because you’ve reached the 100 server participation limit on a free Discord account.

The Bottom Line

The last thing I would suggest is don’t panic when you cannot join a server, especially if you are not banned from that server. That’s probably because of a server glitch/ software bug.

With the help of the explained methods, you can gain access to your desired server again.

In contrast, if you have any issues performing those solutions discuss them in the comment box to let us help you further.

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