Block a Sender by Email Address in Outlook [Guide 2022]

Written By Steven Arends

You get an email suddenly from an unknown sender while sending emails to clients. You open the email and click the link inside it in the workflow.

Crap! It’s a scammy link, and you have downloaded malware by clicking it. Now your system got infected by malware!

Don’t want to face this scenario again in Outlook? Do you wish to block all those spam emails and related domains too?


After facing this issue, I have found the perfect way to block all unwanted emails from Outlook. After applying it, my Outlook becomes so secure and well organized. Now it’s your turn to do that in Outlook.

Read the article till the end to find out how to block a sender in outlook. I bet you will find it very effective.

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Why Should you Block Email in Outlook?

To avoid unwanted emails, stay safe from malicious emails, secure the mailing process, filter useless messages from the inbox, and give the inbox a clean look, it is mandatory to block unwanted emails in Outlook. Blocking can ensure a secure mailbox along with a clean look.

Who wants an inbox filled with spam and garbage emails? Nobody right!

That’s why you must block unwanted emails. These days everyone is getting unwanted malicious emails. Opening an email can bring chaos. You could end up with a hacked system if you got infected by malware.

It is quite common now these days that you are requested to submit your email address when you walk into a store or buy your goods from the online marketplaces. After submitting, you got hooked by the mass marketing communication. Unsubscribing to those emails won’t stop entering spam emails into your inbox.

It will be a jaw-dropping matter if your email account is hacked by clicking a link sent by an anonymous email. It is high time to block malicious emails that can cause harm to you. When you see your mailbox filled with unnecessary emails, you should extract those from the inbox to give it a manageable look.

Who doesn’t want a clean and organized inbox free from clutter? Everyone, right!

To give a clean and unionized look, you must avoid unwanted emails. If you don’t want to spoil the look of your inbox, then blocking unwanted emails is the perfect solution for you. If you have been using Outlook for a long time, you know it irritates you when dealing with many malicious emails.

Outlook is used to make contact through emails, team-wise mailing, schedule tasks, meetings, etc.

When using outlook for official work purposes, it will be hectic if you see your inbox is full of spam messages. So, blocking is a must to avoid those emails.

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How to Block Emails in Outlook

As an Outlook user, you can use Outlook on desktop and mobile. But, from the mobile app, you can send unwanted emails to the spam folder instead of blocking them. Afterward, all emails from that sender will be redirected to the spam folder.

In contrast, from the desktop app, you can directly block the emails which you don’t want. So, blocking the spam mail sender is an all-in-one solution. Just follow the below methods to block unwanted emails forever.

Here are the methods to block emails in outlook on Desktop:

1. Select the sender to block

Sometimes, you want to block a sender by directly selecting the emails. Try the below steps to do that.

Here are the steps to block a sender by selecting individually:

  • Go to.
  • Right-click on the message you want to block.
  • Click on Junk from the context menu and select the Block Sender option after it.
  • Click on the OK button on the confirmation window to confirm the blocking.


Now this sender will be blocked and added to the blocked sender list. You won’t see any emails from that sender anymore.

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2. Block by email address and domains

Blocking a sender by selecting them individually sometimes becomes a painful matter. To block the sender by adding the email addresses or domain is the quickest and all-in-one solution. You can do that by following the below steps.

Here are the steps to block by email address and domains:

  • Select the Home option from the ribbon.
  • Click on Junk and then select Junk E-mail Options from the context menu.


  • Select the Blocked Senders
  • Select the Add button and type the email addresses or the domains you want to block. Example:,,, etc
  • Click on the OK button after adding all the emails or domains you want to block.


This sender will now be blocked by the email address and added to the blocked list. Blocking by the domain name blocks all the emails with that domain name included.

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How to Find blocked Senders List in Outlook and Unblock

If you block a mail, the sender, or the domain mistakenly, all you want is to unblock them. But to do so, you need to find the blocked sender list first. In the below steps, I have shown how to do that.

Here are the steps to find the blocked sender list:

  • Go to the Home option from the ribbon.
  • Click on Junk > Junk E-mail Options from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Blocked Senders tab and look for the blocked email or domain you want to unblock.
  • Select the domain or email address and click on the Remove
  • Click on the OK button to finish the process.


By doing this, you can find the blocked senders list and unblock all the domains you want.

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When I block senders in outlook, will they know?

No, they will not know if you blocked them in outlook. Blocked senders will not receive any notifications after you have filtered their emails from the inbox, and all the filtered emails will directly go to the spam folder.

Can I block emails from outlook mobile?

You can’t block emails from the outlook mobile app. To block a sender by the email address, one must use the desktop version of Outlook. You can send those emails to the spam folder from your mobile app.

Can I block multiple senders at once in Outlook?

Outlook gives its users the freedom to block multiple senders at once. You can add various senders to the block sender list at a time. You can filter those emails as junk, and the next time, all the emails from them will be directly stored in the junk folder.

How many senders can I block in Outlook?

You can block up to 1,024 addresses or domains and send those emails to the blocked sender list. To add more emails,  you can try to block the domains instead of blocking the email addresses.

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Wrapping Up

To ensure security and manage a clean look, it is a must to avoid unwanted emails in Outlook. Blocking all the spam emails and domains is a superior solution. Sometimes spam emails contain malware, and it can cause havoc to your system if you click on it.

I know how painful it is because I faced this problem too. I have solved this by blocking those emails, and now my outlook mailbox is much more organized and spam email free. By following all the steps I have mentioned in this article, you can easily do that too.

Don’t forget to let me know if this article helped you or not. Just leave a comment in the comment box and share your thoughts.

Wish you a safe mailing!

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