Fix Microsoft Teams Camera Greyed Out [Tested Solutions ’24]

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In color psychology, gray represents balance and neutrality. It contains both good and bad. But there is nothing good about Microsoft Teams camera being greyed out.

Almost 270 million people use Microsoft Teams. Most of them use it for their businesses as it is particularly user-friendly and can facilitate a work environment between remote users or within a large corporation.

However, when the camera stops working, this useful, one-of-a-kind software becomes a nightmare. Sadly, this has become a common issue.

But, you don’t have to worry. In this article, I’ve provided all the possible solutions that will fix it for good.

Follow all the fixes chronologically; even if you are fortunate enough not to face this problem, you should still execute them so you don’t have to deal with it in the future.fix-microsoft-teams-camera-greyed-out

How to fix Microsoft Teams Camera Greyed Out

Microsoft Teams camera being greyed out or camera not working can occur for reasons like a malfunctioning process running on your device, a temporary bug, or a glitch. It can also happen because you’ve knowingly or unknowingly tweaked some settings.

You don’t have to think about what’s causing it. All you have to do is follow the solutions I’ve provided, and whatever is causing the issue will be resolved.

1. Check the Little Things

But before we begin, let’s check the little things first, like restarting the device, restarting Microsoft Teams, and checking the port. I know this is annoying, but this has to be done.

Here’s a list of things you should check:

  • Restart your device.
  • Restart Microsoft Teams.
  • Disconnect and reconnect the camera if you are using a USB camera.
  • Connect the camera to a different port.

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2. Close Other Apps

If programs such as Zoom and Skype that use the camera run in the background, they can keep the camera busy and prevent Microsoft Teams from functioning correctly.

Close the apps you are not using.

Here’s how you can check and close apps:

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and Task manager will pop up.
  • Go to the Processes tab.
  • Select Skype, Zoom, Discord, or whatever app is using camera.
  • Click End task.end-task-teams

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3. Enable Camera on Device

Make sure the camera is enabled on your device. It may be disabled for some security reasons, or you might have disabled it and forgotten.

Right-click the Windows icon > select Device manager > expand Camera > right-click on your camera device and select Enable

4. Allow Access to the Camera

In case, for some reason, you’ve turned off camera access, then not only Microsoft Teams but all apps that need camera won’t be able to use it.

Check the camera access permission by going to your Windows Settings > Privacy > Camera > Turn On the option to Allow apps to access camera.allow-apps-to-access-camera

Scroll down a bit and ensure the option beside Microsoft Teams is turned on.

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5. Allow Access to Microphone

If you have a camera with a built-in Microphone and the microphone access is turned off, then the camera is not going to work.

Check the microphone access permission by going to your Windows Settings > Privacy > Microphone > Turn On the option to Allow apps to access microphone.

6. Select the Right Camera

Suppose you have multiple cameras connected to your device, then you need to specify what camera to use from Microsoft Teams settings.

Here’s how to select the correct camera:

  • Open Microsoft Teams.
  • Click on three dots beside the profile icon and select Settings.setting-option
  • Go to Devices.
  • Select the camera you want to use from the dropdown menu under Camera.

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7. Verify Camera

In case your camera is defective, Microsoft Teams won’t detect it; it doesn’t matter whether it’s the default camera or an external one.

Open the default Camera app from the Windows app menu and ensure the camera is okay. If not, then you’ll need to purchase a new camera.

8. Check for Camera Driver Update

An outdated camera driver could be the culprit. You can quickly check for the driver update and install it.

Here are the steps to update the camera driver: 

  • Right-click on the Windows icon and select Device Manager.
  • Expand Camera section.
  • Choose your desired camera and right-click on it.
  • Select Update driver, then in the pop-up window, select Search automatically for drivers.update-driver-camera

Assuming that an update is available, Windows will install it. After installation, restart your PC.

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9. Update Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams usually updates automatically. But if a bug or glitch prevents it from updating, you can always check for updates manually.

Here’s how you can update Microsoft Teams:

  • Launch Microsoft Teams.
  • Click the 3 horizontal dots left of your profile icon.
  • Select Check for updates.teams-desktop-check-updates

If an update is available, Microsoft Teams will install it.

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10. Uninstall and Reinstall Microsoft Teams

If a temporary bug or glitch is causing this problem, then a quick uninstall and reinstall will fix the issue.

Here are the steps to uninstall Microsoft Teams:

  • Click the Windows icon.
  • Go to Settings > Apps.
  • Select Microsoft Teams and click Uninstall.

Give it a few seconds, and Microsoft Teams will be removed from your computer.

Here are the steps to download and install Microsoft Teams:

  • Open a web browser.
  • Go to Microsoft Teams.
  • Select your device and download the setup file.
  • Double click the setup file to install it.

After installation, launch the app, provide your login information and check whether the camera is working correctly or not.

11. Allow Media Access in Microsoft Teams

If media access is turned off in Microsoft Teams settings, the camera will not work, and the microphone and speakers will not work either. Make sure you’ve allowed media access.

Here’s how you can allow media access in Microsoft Teams:

  • Launch Microsoft Teams.
  • Click the 3 horizontal dots at the top right and select Settings.
  • Go to Permissions tab and turn on the option beside Media.

That’s all you have to do to allow media access.

12. Configure Antivirus

A third-party antivirus app like Kaspersky and Bitdefender can stop Microsoft Teams from accessing the camera. I’d recommend uninstalling the antiviruses as Windows default security is good enough.

But if you decide to keep using the apps, you need to turn off the protection for your camera.

Here are the steps to turn off camera protection in Kaspersky:

  • Open Kaspersky.
  • Select Privacy Protection.
  • Turn off the Webcam Protection option.

After this, the antivirus will ignore the camera.

13. Use Web Browser

If the software is giving you the camera problem, use Google Chrome and check if the problem is solved. Make sure you’ve allowed camera access in the Chrome settings.

Here’s how you can check camera access in Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Click the 3 dots at the top right corner and select Settings.
  • Go to Privacy and security option.
  • Select Camera under Permissions.
  • Make sure the right camera is selected, and Sites can ask to use your camera is set.

From now on, you can use Chrome for Microsoft Teams.


How do I unblock my camera on Microsoft Teams?

Go to Windows Settings > Privacy > Camera > scroll down and enable the option beside Microsoft Teams.

Why is Video Not Working in Microsoft Teams?

The video may not be working because you haven’t granted the camera access permission. Go to Windows settings and enable the Allow camera access to desktop apps option.

Why is My Camera on Teams Black?

Your camera on Microsoft Teams gets black due to permission issues, hardware damages, and old camera drivers.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft Teams is a popular app, especially among the business and working class people. So you can understand the camera not working or the camera being greyed out can be a big problem with severe consequences for our work.

By following all the solutions I’ve provided in the article, you’ll not only solve the issue but also get rid of the problem forever.

Let me know if you face any other problems. See you in the comment section.

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