8 Best Keyboard and Mouse Adapter for PS5 [2023]

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Back in the day, controllers were primarily used in console-based gaming. But the change came when PS4 started the trend of mouse and keyboard with consoles. Most of the PC gamers then became interested due to their comfort zone.

Now, as a PS5 has the default feature of adding a mouse and keyboard, almost every gamer would like to have a shot. But you can’t simply connect a mouse and keyboard that easily.


So, what to do?

Don’t worry, my friend! I have gathered some of the best adapters that can help you to hook your mouse and keyboard.

In a hurry? Check my top pick.

Or else, to get a thorough idea, read my take on some of the best adapters for mouse and keyboard.

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Best Keyboard and Mouse Adapter for PS5 Reviewed

Name RGB EnabledAward
IOGEAR Keymander 2YesBest Overall
GameSir VX AimboxYesRunner-Up
Gam3Gear Brook ZPP004T SniperNoBest for High-FPS Gaming
PXN K5YesBest Outlook

YesMost Reasonable
NEXiLUX Mouse Keyboard ConverterYesBest Mid-range
Titan Two Games Console Cross-PlatformNoBest for features
Hycarus HC-20150

YesBest Budget

It’s a delight for MMO gamers that the PS5 has default options for incorporating a keyboard and a mouse together. All they need to have is a USB wire that would connect both these components. But the number of slots in a PS5 is limited. And you won’t want to let go of the chances of adding something else because of the keyboard and mouse.

This is where the adapter comes into play.

You need to know that not every mouse and keyboard would get hooked perfectly with the PS5. Especially, the wireless ones will have some issues as they must need an adapter.

In this context, I prepared a comprehensive list of adapters for you. Therefore, let us waste no time and jump right into the review.

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Here are the best keyboard and mouse adapter for PS5:

1. GameSir VX Aimbox


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When it comes to console-based gaming, it was always the dominance of the controllers. But as the consoles these days are compatible with mice and keyboards, things have changed drastically. You can have top-notch accuracies like that of PC gaming using a keyboard and a mouse.

A mouse and keyboard adapter is the key here. That said, this model from Gamesir can be a perfect option for you. It comes with the following specifications:

  • Supports wireless/wired mouse and keyboard
  • Cable length: 50 cm
  • 3x reversible USB 2.0 port

As an adapter, the Gamesir VX Aimbox is relatively small and compact. It is made up of good quality ABS plastic and has a nice matte black finish. I won’t say it is too bland, but the design scheme isn’t extravagant.

Besides, the LED stripes on the top add a sort of bling.

The best part about this adapter is its reversible ports. When I used this adapter with my PS5, I found it relatively easy to hook the mouse and the keyboard. And there was no cluttering at all, which resulted in no hassle.

Now, as this adapter is compatible with both wired and wireless options, an effect can reduce the latency to zero. You’ll notice this when you are a gaming enthusiast.

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Let us now talk about the performance.

I noticed a smooth performance from both the keyboard and mouse at the time of testing. Even if the sensitivity settings of your console are set at max, the adapter will make sure that the accuracy is top-notch.

However, the price for this adapter is on the higher side. It comes with such a price point that might not be reasonable for the budget buyers.

Overall, as an adapter, it’s a good option despite a few issues. Do buy this if it aligns with your needs.

2. IOGEAR Keymander 2


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My second option in this list is from the IOGEAR Keymander series. This model from them comes with the following notable specs:

  • 3x USB Type-A
  • K2 App
  • Increased customizability

In my opinion, this model looks sleek, and its appearance has a knack for catching the eye at first glance.

And as for its features, I would say it is a terrific option for your keyboard and mouse.

Now, If I compare it with its previous version, the Keymander 1, it has a good number of upgrades. And to be honest, these upgrades made it better.

The build-up is also quite sturdy, which makes it durable enough. That said, this adapter comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Let us now talk about the output.

When I tested this adapter, there was no latency or input delay. And that is something I can vouch for, as I played games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare. That said, whatever action I took was immediately presented on the screen.

Besides, you need to use the Keymander 2 app to function this adapter properly. Because everything depends on how you tweak the settings.

Last but not least, pricing does matter, and this adapter’s price is on the higher side. Therefore, if you are okay with this pricing, I would suggest you go for this model.

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3. Gam3Gear Brook ZPP004T Sniper


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If you want incredible speed and accuracy while high-FPS gaming, this model from Gam3Gear would be a potent option.

That said, the Gam3Gear Brook Sniper comes with the following specs:

  • Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Exquisite UI design
  • BrookSniper App

Firstly, the design of this adapter would attract a hell lot of gamers. And the reason is quite simple.

It can switch such a sturdy build-up, which eventually makes it quite long-lasting. As it is also compatible with PS4, I have heard from some of my gamer friends that they have been using it for 2+ years. And there were no issues with the adapter becoming of no use.

It comes with black and slight reddish stripes, which look decent. From my end, there are no complaints regarding the design and scheme.

As for the performance, I think it is good enough, especially for the gamers who like first-person shooter games.

The pinpoint accuracy that it offers is top-notch.

However, I found the installation of this adapter a bit tricky. And also, the price of this keyboard and mouse adapter is too high.

Therefore, before making a buying decision, do consider these things.

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4. NEXiLUX Mouse Keyboard Converter


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If you are short of budget and want to make proper use of your money, you must look for something that provides you with the best value.

That said, this model can exactly offer the thing you want, and it comes with the following specs:

  • RGB LED Indicators
  • Adjustable mouse sensitivity
  • Connectivity: Wired

This keyboard and mouse adapter for PS5 looks good. It comes with lovely accents over its structure and has an excellent build-up.

Now, for an adapter, the aesthetics don’t matter that much. But still, in this model, there are LED indicators, which add a sort of bling to the total appearance.

Performance-wise, I found that this adapter does its job pretty well. Using it, you won’t face any major issues regarding connectivity and sensitivity. Also, the output that I got while testing didn’t have any sort of lagging.

However, for the first-person shooter games, there might be some minor issues. But that is somewhat manageable because this comes with reasonable pricing.

Therefore, to get the proper value for money, this adapter might be a perfect solution.

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5. PXN K5 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Adapter


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Often setting up the adapter becomes a tiresome task to many. In that case, if you want to set your keyboard and mouse adapter in the easiest possible way, you must go for this model.

That said, the PXN K5 comes with the following features:

  • Connection type: USB Wired
  • LED Lighting enabled
  • Made of ABS plastic

One of the best things about this keyboard and mouse adapter for the PS5 is its very attractive outlook. The finishing on the plastic-made body looks elegant, and the addition of the RGB LED lines is like a cherry on the top.

To be honest, the glow of those thin lines on the top of the adapter looks enchanting. These will catch the eyes of anyone having a first glance. Besides, this keyboard and mouse adapter for PS5 is super easy to set up. It required me minimal effort to incorporate the mouse and keyboard ideally with the PS5.

With that being said, the latency provided is okayish. But at times, the output may even get overly sensitive. I faced this issue quite a few times but not too often.

Other than this, the pricing seems okayish. It can be a great buy.

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Check Today's Price ➜

If you want something inexpensive yet effective, this model from my list of adapters can be a handy option. It comes with the following features:

  • Connector type: USB Type-C
  • ABS Plastic-made
  • Comes with LED lights

Money can always be an issue. In that case, there are even situations that result in compromising the performance and quality. If you don’t want to fall into that trap, the C91 can be a good prospect.

As a keyboard and mouse adapter, it is well compatible with the PS5. It comes with dedicated ports for almost everything that is required.

With that being said, I was pretty satisfied with the output that I received from this adapter. Given the price tag, it fares up pretty well.

I must say that there were no issues with the latency at all. I used the mouse and keyboard very smoothly without any sort of significant lags.

But the problem with this keyboard and mouse adapter is that it doesn’t support multiple game profiles.

You need to manually adjust the controls for having custom layouts for multiple game genres. But if you prefer to play a single game, this model would be a viable option.

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7. Titan Two Games Console Cross-Platform


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If you want many features in the adapter, this model can be a convenient option. It comes with the following attributes:

  • Fully programmable
  • Compliant with HID Standards
  • Highly customizable

First of all, I would say that this adapter has a very durable and study build-up. All I can say is this model would last for at least a couple of years.

As for the performance, I found that this model delivers precisely what it promises. Each of its features that are advertised works perfectly and adds a new dimension to the product.

The best part is that a lag in sensitivity was not an issue for this adapter. Also, you would love to know that this adapter allows you to map things according to your needs. When I tested this model, it took a bit of time to set up everything. But the best part is that this model will cover every type of input that you need.

Now, since this device has a hell of a lot of features, it is bound to be expensive. Therefore, if you are not used to devices with so many features, I recommend you not to buy.

However, that is not an issue; this device can be a good deal.

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8. Hycarus HC-20150


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So, here is the last keyboard and mouse adapter for PS5 on my list. It sports the following notable features:

  • Supports HIP and ADS sensitivity
  • Custom Keybinds
  • Comes with a headset port

To be honest, it’s a great adapter that you can get for your system. Especially for seamless gaming with PS5, I think this option is worth a shot.

It comes with a cheap price tag as an adapter, which makes it possible for budget buyers to have something reasonable. In my opinion, this model works for most of the part. It is highly compatible with most high-end brands, and it aligns well with the sensitivity of most models.

However, what I heard from a few is that this model lags in a few cases. But that isn’t a common occurrence; moreover, as a cheap option that too with a sturdy build-up, this model is a reliable option.

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Final Thoughts

Therefore, these are some of the best keyboard and mouse adapters that you can get for your PS5. I tried to include the options that bring quality to the table. Among them, the IOGEAR Keymander 2 seems to be the best option.

Besides, the other options are also potent enough based on the requirements. Still, if you feel that I missed out on something, do let me know.

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