5 Best Corsair CPU Coolers 2023 [Air, AIO, Liquid]

Written By Steven Arends

When I built my first PC some years ago, I used air cooling.

The CPU I used was a high-end one, and it would reach temperatures above 85C during intense gaming. I thought it was normal and never bothered about liquid cooling.

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When I was upgrading some components of my PC some years later, I decided to try a liquid cooler. So I bought one.

And that’s where things changed.


The peak temperature of the CPU never crossed 70 degrees. I was also getting more FPS and fewer stutters while gaming with the new AIO installed.

If you are like me, looking to cool down your CPU, you’ve come to the right place. I will show you the best CPU coolers from Corsair so that you don’t get confused between the vast number of options available.

After reading the whole post, you will be able to finalize your decision about your best choice. So stay tuned.

Top 5 Best Corsair Coolers

1Corsair iCUE H150i Elite CapellixBest 360mm CPU cooler
2Corsair iCUE H150i RGB Pro XTBest RGB CPU cooler
3Corsair iCUE H115i RGB Pro XTBest CPU cooler for the mass
4Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SEBest looking CPU cooler
5Corsair H80i V2Best 120mm cooler

Having a good AIO is important as CPU lifespan can get reduced if it frequently gets overheated. And for overclockers, AIO is a must as otherwise, the CPU can overheat and shut down at any time.

Here are the top 5 best Corsair CPU coolers:

1. Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix

Corsair introduced the Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix as the best Corsair cooler with the best features. Not just in Corsair, it’s also considered as one of the best 360mm AIO cooler in the current market.

A few of the impressive features of the Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix:

  • 360mm radiator
  • 3x Corsair ML120 PWM RGB lighting fans included
  • Corsair Commander Core fan controller included
  • 2x Interchangeable faceplates


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The liquid cooler has a massive radiator of 360mm. This vast form factor allows the radiator to have more surface area and transfer more heat. You can cool down your beastly gaming CPU very efficiently. It is a perfect choice for enthusiasts as the liquid cooler can cool overclocked high core count CPUs very efficiently, which some other CPU coolers fail to do correctly.

The aluminum construction of the radiator feels durable. The tubes are black-sleeved and are made of low permeable rubber to allow for faster heat transport.

Three 120mm RGB PWM fans are installed in the Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix. These are magnetic levitation fans from Corsair and operate at very little noise. You get the ultimate cooling at a fraction of average noise.

When it comes to RGB lighting, Corsair has done the right things.

First of all, the pump has 33 Capellix RGB LEDs. Not only that, but You can also swap the faceplate on top of the pump. Adding to it, each of the three fans has 8 LEDs per fan. All these combined give you the best CPU cooler RGB lighting.

The iCUE software can control the RGB. You can also control the fans’ RGB and speed from the same place, thanks to the included Corsair Commander Core fan controller. You can reduce speed to as low as 400 RPM giving the ultimate silent CPU cooling experience.

Here is the best part:

If you’re not doing heavy PC tasks, turning on the zero RPM mode will shut the fans completely.

The liquid cooler has broad compatibility with both Intel and AMD CPUs. You get to install the pump easily as it is toolless and modular.

If configured correctly, it can be an efficient and low noise CPU cooler. But if you crank up the fans to their 100%, the noise can be pretty loud. So optimizing the fan curves is essential.

  • »great cooling
  • »Corsair Commander Core included
  • »interchangeable faceplates
  • »fan noise high at 100% speed

2. Corsair iCUE H150i RGB Pro XT

Corsair iCUE H150i RGB Pro XT is a less noisy brother of the H150i Elite Capellix.

Here are some notable features of Corsair iCUE H150i RGB Pro XT:

  • 360mm radiator
  • 3x Corsair ML120 RGB PWM fans at 400-2400 RPM
  • 0 RPM mode
  • 16 individual RGB LEDs on the pump


corsair-icue-h150i-rgb-pro-xtCheck Today's Price of Corsair iCUE H150i ➜➜

The liquid cooler comes with 3 PWM magnetic levitation 120mm fans, which are super quiet. You can fine-tune the RPM from 400 to 2400 RPM, so you get complete control over the noise levels and cooling. The cooler also supports 0 RPM mode when you’re not gaming, and you want your PC to be dead silent.

The Corsair iCUE H150i RGB Pro XT one of the best RGB CPU cooler in the current market. If you’re a fan of RGB (I mean, who aren’t?), you would love it.

The pump has 16 LEDs that you can configure via the iCUE software. The three included fans also have 8 LEDs each, taking the RGB lighting game to the next level.

Let’s discuss the most critical part now:

The liquid cooler aces at the most crucial part of any liquid coolers, cooling. Corsair iCUE H150i RGB Pro XT manages to make your high-end CPU cool down relatively faster and more efficiently.

Even the hottest CPUs don’t tend to cross 65 °c with this CPU cooler, which is insane. It ensures you get the maximum performance out of the CPU. The high RPM fans and the efficient copper plate contribute to it. For the best result, set the fans to pull air configuration.

The CPU brackets provide easy installation as they are tool-less. The liquid CPU cooler offers compatibility with a wide range of CPUs, both from Intel and AMD.

The build quality of the liquid cooler is also excellent. There is no scope to find any defects in the build quality. A highly efficient cooling system, top-of-the-line RGB lighting, durability, all these combined, make the water cooler an excellent choice for any gamers or PC enthusiasts. Overclocking the CPU is no issue if you use this liquid cooler.

All in all, the Corsair iCUE H150i RGB Pro XT is one of the best CPU coolers that I would recommend to anyone.

  • »extremely quiet
  • »high RPM fans
  • »great cooling
  • »no interchangeable pump caps

3. Corsair iCUE H115i RGB Pro XT

Corsair iCUE H115i RGB Pro XT is one of the best 280mm CPU coolers you can get from the Corsair Hydro series right now.

Key highlights of the Corsair iCUE H115i RGB Pro XT:

  • 280mm radiator
  • 2x RGB PWM 120mm fans included
  • fans’ speed and RGB lighting control via iCUE software

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The build quality is excellent right off the bat. The radiator feels super solid with aluminum construction, and the CPU pump uses a copper plate. The tubes are black-sleeved to give that stealth look.

The AIO comes with 2 RGB PWM 140mm fans with an RPM range of 400-2000. Being high RPM fans, they can take the heat away pretty quickly. The configurable RPM allows you to lower the RPM when you’re not doing a heavy task, resulting in low noise. It also features 0 RPM mode if you want a dead silent machine.

Curious about RGB?

The RGB is virtuous here, with 16 LEDs on the pump front. The included fans also have RGB lighting LEDs. You can control all the LEDs via the iCUE software and make them sync with your setup. The Corsair iCUE H115i RGB Pro XT is a pretty sick RGB CPU cooler, to be honest.

When it comes to cooling, the cooler does the job perfectly. The high RPM fans allow taking heat away from the radiator very quickly. The radiators also possess ultra-thin fins, which radiate heat more quickly. And lastly, the CPU plate is made of copper, which conducts heat speedily away from the CPU. All these combined give you a cooled-down gaming PC and reduced CPU temperatures.

You can rest assured that your high-core CPU will not overheat, and you will get the maximum performance out of the CPU when using this CPU cooler. Having a CPU at the ideal temperature is vital. It allows for more FPS and less stutter when gaming, especially if your CPU is continuously overheating in your gaming rig.

The CPU block provides compatibility with all modern CPUs from both Intel and AMD. The brackets are toolless and pretty straightforward to install.

The only issue I have with this AIO cooler is that it’s pretty hard to get the screws through the radiator.

If you are in the market for a 280mm AIO, trust me when I say you buy this AIO cooler like the Corsair iCUE H115i RGB Pro XT aces at all the key areas.

  • »2x 140mm PWM RGB fans included
  • »excellent RGB lighting
  • »top-notch water cooling
  • »radiator screw holes are pretty tight

4. Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SE

Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SE is one of the best efficient 240mm AIO from the Corsair Hydro series that does an excellent cooling job.

Key features of Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SE:

  • 240mm radiator
  • 2x Corsair LL120 RGB PWM fans included
  • 16-LED dual loop RGB lighting
  • clean white look

corsair-hydro-series-h100iCheck Today's Price of Corsair H100i ➜➜

The dual LL120 RGB PWM fans that come with the Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SE are very good at taking hot air out of the case. The fan speed is 360-2200 RPM, so you get to fine-tune your fan speed. The high RPM allows you to move hot air fast, while the super low 360 RPM makes the radiator almost silent.

The radiator is made of aluminum, while the pump uses a copper block to suck heat out of the CPU. These are solidly built and have no issues when it comes to build quality. The radiator and the pump are white-colored, and they give a very clean look. If you want a CPU cooler that would go well with a clean white setup, this AIO cooler is the one to get.

The fans have dual loop addressable RGB with 16 LEDs per fan. A total of 48 LEDs gives you control over the RGB lighting of the AIO. Using the iCUE software, you can customize the color combination for the ultimate clean-looking setup.

Let’s check out the cooling system.

The radiator has ultra-thin mesh, and together with the high RPM fans, it can dissipate heat very efficiently, making your smoking hot CPU cool in seconds. The CPU will always stay at ideal temperatures. You will get the most out of your CPU in terms of performance. Any gamer would want such a perfect CPU cooler for their gaming PC to get the ultimate gaming experience.

Being a 240mm AIO, the Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SE is suitable for most gaming rigs. So if you’re unsure whether it’ll fit in your case or not, this AIO cooler could be an excellent choice for you.

I found the AM4 bracket a bit hard to put into the Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SE. But if you’re an expert at building PCs, this is no issue.

  • »excellent water cooling
  • »top-notch RGB
  • »clean white aesthetic look
  • »AM4 bracket hard to put

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5. Corsair H80i V2

The Corsair H80i V2 is the best budget option for those who want a 120mm CPU cooler.

Some of the features of the Corsair H80i V2:

  • 120mm radiator with 49mm thickness
  • 2x SP120L PWM fans included
  • Corsair Link enabled

corsair-hydro-series-h80iCheck Today's Price of Corsair H80i V2 ➜➜

The cooler comes with two SP120L PWM fans from Corsair. You can decide to put one fan for saving space or two at the push-pull configuration for the ultimate performance. The fan speed is 2435 RPM, so they spin very fast and draw a lot of heat outside within seconds.

The radiator is thick at 49mm, providing more cooling performance than an average 120mm AIO liquid cooler. The fins are ultra-thin to provide quick and efficient cooling. Together with the high-performance fans, the cooler can cool your overclocked and overheated CPUs in no time.

The Corsair H80i V2 keeps the CPU within ideal temperatures, so you get the most performance in heavy tasks and the most fps in your favorite games. Other components of your gaming PC also benefit from it as they don’t have to tolerate the CPU’s hot air.

Trust me:

Cooling the CPU with this AIO cooler is no issue at all. You will get the best performing 120mm AIO cooler should you buy this.

The build quality is excellent, with an aluminum radiator and copper cold plate on the pump. The CPU block also has RGB LEDs that you can control via the Corsair Link. Not only that, but you can also monitor the system performance and temperatures with the software.

The noise that the Corsair H80i V2 produces is within tolerable limits. Being a 120mm AIO liquid cooler with single or dual fans, they don’t generate much sound, to begin with. The closed loop pump also has a silent operation.

Keep in mind, though,

If you’re using a very high-end (>8 core) overclocked CPU, this AIO cooler might not be enough for you. You would want a bigger radiator (280mm or 360mm).

Overall the Corsair H80i V2 is the best budget AIO at a small size that would fit in any case.

  • »efficient cooling performance
  • »extremely quiet
  • »not for high core CPUs

I assume you’ve already selected the Corsair cooler for your build. But without a Corsair PC case does it complete your build? Of course not! Check out the best Corsair cases and complete your all Corsair build.

Is Corsair AIOs Good?

Corsair is a proven name in the field of liquid coolers or AIOs. They are regularly producing some of the best liquid CPU coolers in the market, and their CPU coolers are very popular among the community.

The key areas where the Corsair CPU coolers stand out are their efficient liquid cooling performance, solid construction, high-quality fans, configurable RGB, interaction with the software.

Final Thoughts

So, which product do you think is the best? I am personally using the Corsair iCUE H150i RGB Pro XT, which in my opinion is the best combination of features and performance I want from a cooler.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below.

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