10 Best BetterDiscord Plugins: Discord [Updated List 2024]

Written By Steven Arends

Have you ever heard of or used the BetterDiscord plugin? If you haven’t heard or used it, it’s a shame that you didn’t use the BetterDiscord plugin even though you were a Discord client.

You truly missed something you can’t even imagine.


Since I started using BetterDiscord Discord, my user experience has changed dramatically, and now my relationship with the BetterDiscord plugins is more than Twilight Saga.

Anyway, want to use superb BetterDiscord plugins on your Discord to break your circumscription?

This article will provide you with a list of the best and most useful BetterDiscord plugins to make your experience even more worthwhile.

So, keep reading to find the list of the best BetterDiscord plugins.

Top 10 Best BetterDiscord Plugins for Discord

Discord is the most popular and widely used chat service for gamers, but it has limited functionality and features. To ease this problem, Discord users are looking for alternative solutions.

BetterDiscord is a Discord modified version that is widely regarded. It has been popular among gamers due to its superior services, features, and benefits.

To keep your Discord environment fun and engaging, BetterDiscord is one of the best extensions in the industry.

BetterDiscord offers plenty of plugins in the Discord world to enhance capability and features.

The plugins or add-ons aid in making your experience even more beneficial.

This section will show you some of the most advantageous BetterDiscord plugins.

So, why are you late? Let’s get started without further delay.top-10-best-betterdiscord-plugins-for-discord

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Here are the top 10 best BetterDiscord plugins for your Discord:

1. ShowHiddenControls

One of the most common and popular BetterDiscord plugins is ShowHiddenControls.

DevilBro develops the ShowHiddenControls plugin, and the plugin has been downloaded over 1M times, which is insane. The height downloaded number in the BetterDiscord plugin world is ShowHiddenControls.

Can you imagine how popular this plugin is?

It can be possible; there are some hidden channels in your server that you can’t see. But, the ShowHiddenControls plugins help you display all hidden Channels, which you can’t access due to Role Restrictions.

This plugin allows you to show all hidden channels under your server and view channel details.

The ShowHiddenControls plugin won’t allow you to read and access the hidden channels; you can only view them. Also, you can’t read and send messages on the servers.

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2. CallTimeCounter

The second most popular and valuable BetterDiscord plugin is CallTimeCounter. You can imagine the role of this plugin by hearing the plugin’s name.

The CallTimeCounter plugin is very useful because it is a voice call counter plugin that counts how much time you are in a voice conversation. This plugin is helpful for those users who are constantly engaged in a lot of voice conversations on Discord.

QWERT has developed this plugin, and the plugin has been downloaded over 830,386 times, which is a significant number.

After successfully activating the plugin, you can find the new Time Elapsed option under the voice call section. This new option helps you show the total times during a call session.

3. FreeEmojis

FreeEmojis is another incredible plugin in the Discord plugin world developed BetterDiscord itself.

Discord users claim Discord Nitro to get more advanced functionality, such as using more new emojis and stickers on their server. But if you don’t have the Discord Nitro perk, you can’t utilize Discord’s advanced features and functionality.

Want free emojis and stickers on your Discord?

BetterDiscord offered its users a free plugin called FreeEmojis, which allows them to use emojis and stickers.

Who doesn’t want free emojis and stickers without spending a penny?

Everyone needs it. If a plugin offers free emojis and stickers without spending a penny, you don’t need to buy Discord Nitro by breaking your savings.

4. SpotifyControls

SpotifyControls is another effective plugin in our best and most popular plugin list.

If you are a music lover and use Spotify, the SpotifyControls plugin is especially for you. You may know that you can connect and use your Spotify account with your Discord account.

But the problem is that you can’t control your Discord’s audio playback, which is pretty annoying.

Here, the SpotifyControls plugin helps you control the audio playback.

Using the plugin, you get a new Spotify Controls section within the server, and the latest Spotify Controls section allows you to control your audio playback easily.

The DevilBro team is developing the SpotifyControls plugin, and the plugin has been downloaded over 615,853 times.

5. GameActivityToggle

Another top-rated best and most useful plugin is GameActivityToggle.

The GameActivityToggle plugin merely adds a simple toggle button to your account to control your game activity. Using the game activity toggle button, you can immediately turn on or turn off your game activity.

You’ll notice a new quick toggle game activity button beside the audio mic icon after installing the GameActivityToggle plugin.

The DevilBro team is developing another great plugin. The plugin has been downloaded over 591,966 times.

6. Translator

The Translator plugin is another incredible plugin for Discord users developed by DevilBro. This plugin allows you to translate Messages and your outgoing Message within Discord.

After installing and activating the Translator plugin, the new Translate Message option shows on your Discord. This plugin also adds a Search Translator option and Translation Options Button.

You can get a Translation Option on your Discord where you can adjust the translation settings.

If you have a server with some international audiences, this plugin helps you translate your audience messages quickly.

7. CreationDate

Want to see the account creation date on any Discord account on a server you are a part of?

The Discord plugin CreationDate will show you the account creation date on an account.

When you are on a server, you can see the account creation date of almost any other Discord user. The user popout and model will display the account creation date after the plugin is installed and activated successfully.

The plugin adds Created on option on your Discord account, and the account creation date is shown next to your account name.

The DevilBro team is developing another great plugin. The plugin has been downloaded over 472,276 times.

8. ReadAllNotificationsButton

Are you bored to clear your notifications one by one?

If yes, then the ReadAllNotificationsButton plugin is for you. This plugin can mark all of your unread notifications to read instantly.

After installing and activating the ReadAllNotificationsButton plugin, you can see a read all server list button on Discord to clear all of your notifications within one click like magic.

Also, you can see Right-Click Menu options and Mentions Popup buttons on your Discord.

When you have a big community or are a part of a vast community, the plugin helps you clear your notification without any hassle. Again the DevilBro team is developing this great plugin, and the plugin has been downloaded over 457,234 times.

9. BetterVolume

Maybe you are part of a big community, and you are in a voice conversation with many people.

In these circumstances, you may need to set and alter the level of volumes for a few users. But, Discord has only one option that allows adjusting the volume for everyone.

However, the good news is that the BetterVolume Discord plugin comes in to handle this situation.

BetterVolume plugin will display a volume slider for each server and channel member. This volume slider allows you to adjust the volumes.

The plugin can manually set user volume values. This feature is a savior if you’re in a voice conversation with many people.

The Zerthox team is developing another great plugin. The plugin has been downloaded over 417,173 times.

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10. BetterRoleColors

The last BetterDiscord top-notch plugin is BetterRoleColors.

The BetterRoleColors plugin adds the user’s role colors to many places as possible. Text, speech, popouts, modals, and more now have server-based role colors.

Users can now have their mentions color-coded to match their server responsibilities. You can also make your account status fit your current server role at the bottom.

There are some features on the BetterRoleColors plugin:

  • Colored Typing – The typing notification is colored according to the user’s server role.
  • Colored Voice – The names in voice chat are colored to correspond to their functions.
  • Colored Popouts & Modals – Use a different color for the user’s username/nickname and discriminator in popouts and modals.
  • Colored Audit Log – All users’ colors in the audit log are changed to match their role color. Allows you to see if a particular group has been active quickly.

The Zerebos team is developing another great plugin. The plugin has been downloaded over 413,733 times.

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Final Thoughts

Although Discord is the most popular gaming chat service, it has limited functionality and capabilities. For this reason, Discord users desire alternative methods to address this issue.

In the world of Discord, BetterDiscord has a variety of plugins to boost capacity and features.

Plugins or add-ons help you get the most out of your experience.

To build a new Discord environment, I make a shortlist where the top 10 most worthwhile and valuable Discord plugins are positioned.

So, try these 10 BetterDiscord plugins and let me know your valuable feedback. You can also try other BetterDiscord plugins to explore the new feature and functionalities.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to seeing you in the next one.

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