​[Latest v.2.0.71] Download ASRock Polychrome RGB Software

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The ASRock Polychrome Sync software relinquishes remarkable performances and superior aesthetics for syncing all RGB components of a PC built with Polychrome RGB Sync-certified accessories.

Polychrome sync highlights onboard RGB headers and an ARGB header that allow the motherboard to sync with compatible devices, including ASRock RGB LED strips, CPU coolers, fans, RGB PC Case, and so on.

But at times, you might not be able to sync the lighting styles with your ASRock polychrome RGB mobo in the way you want. In that case, downloading the latest software comes in handy.


In this post, you will receive the download link for AsRock Polychrome RGB sync software with a 100% Working Installation Guide.

Point to be Noted: Many user face ASRock RGB led access violation error while running the software. Here is how you can fix ASRock Polychrome RGB Not Working issue under 2 minutes.

Why use Polychrome Sync RGB Software?

The primary purpose of using ASRock RGB software is to adjust the color, area, lighting effect, and pattern on the motherboard alongside ASRock Polychrome certified accessories in harmony.


ASRock RGB software lets the RAM, PC case, fan, CPU cooler, and other components sync together to create the unique Multi-LED Shining effects.

There are 15 lighting styles in total, including Rainbow, Strobe, Water, Stack, Wave, Cycling effects, etc.

Finally, you can adjust each LED’s color individually through the polychrome sync utility, trying to create your unique personalized lighting effect.

Download ASRock Polychrome Sync for Windows

NameASRock Polychrome Sync
Latest Versionver:2.0.71 (Beta)
File Size84.2 MB
CategoryRGB Software
RequirementWindows® 10 64bit, ASRock Mobo
Released Date2020/5/4

Download Polychrome Sync V.2.0.71 ➜➜

  • Personalized Lighting Styles
  • Razer Chroma Support
  • Immersive Gaming Experience
  • Ambient In-game Effects


Many Websites and pages share fake links to the Software. Thus, you get prone to several errors.

To help you get Rid of the Errors and Malfunctions, I am providing you with the 100% Working latest version of Polychrome Sync Software that works for all ASRock Mobos.

Necessary: Clicking the ASRock Polychrome RGB Utility download button won’t show any desired results. You have to follow the Installation Guide step by step, which I have provided below.

ASRock Polychrome RGB Software – Quick Installation Guide

This quick installation guide is pretty simple and straightforward. So, don’t mess around any steps while downloading the software.

Here are the steps to install Polychrome Sync:

  1. Download the latest polychrome RGB software by typing the mobo’s name from the official website of ASRock.
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. Run the AsrPolychromeRGBSetup.exe and browse the file ASRock Utility / ASRRGBLED to the designated folder.
  4. Install the Software and Run the software as Administrator.

Important: If you have a pre-installed RGB software, Uninstall it before installing the ASRock RGB software.

How to Use the Latest ASRock RGB LED Utility

Using the ASRock Polychrome RGB software is very easy and direct. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily customize the lighting effects for ASRock Polychrome RGB Sync-certified accessories.

Here’s how to use Polychrome Sync:

  1. Select the Onboard LED on the motherboard to change LED settings On/Off.
  2. Select the individual LED/component for customization.
  3. Change the hue and saturation by dragging the tab on the color wheel.
  4. Change the individual RGB values by dragging the tab up and down on the RGB sliders.
  5. Change the lighting style and effect along with speed by using the drop-down menus.
  6. Click Apply to save the changes.


Question: What is ASRock Polychrome?

Answer: ASRock Polychrome is a utility tool designed for ASRock motherboards for controlling the lightings of each RGB component.

Question: Can the Polychrome Sync Utility be used without ASRock motherboards?

Answer: No. The Polychrome Sync cannot be used without ASRock motherboards.

Final Thoughts

Polychrome Sync RGB software is the easiest to handle when it comes to customizing unique Chroma effects for ASrock Mobos and its compatibles.

Besides, the Razer Chroma effect also enhances the beauty of gaming, creating a mini-chroma studio where you can modify your existing lighting styles.

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