Are 32” Monitors Too Big for Daily Use? [Read to Know 2024]

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Do you like gaming or prefer to work by opening multiple windows on a single monitor? Then you might want to switch to a big 32” monitor as your daily driver. It will provide you with additional experience.

But suddenly, a question arises from nowhere. Are 32” monitors too big for you for gaming or daily work?

If a question like this stops you from clicking the Order button, it’s my turn to get you out of the jumble. Being a multitasker and big-screen gamer, I have been using a 32” monitor for ages and know all the ups and downs of it.

So, let me help you to clear your doubts. Just read till the end and thank me later.are-32-monitors-too-big-for-daily-use

Is 32” Too Big for a Monitor?

Well, a 32-inch monitor is not too big for watching movies or enjoying streaming content. But it might be too big for gaming if you don’t use a big desk with great width. You will enjoy multitasking by opening multiple apps at a time because a 32-inch monitor is so much wider.

To enjoy your work on a bigger monitor like a 32”, you must sit a certain distance away to get a better view. You won’t be able to see the whole picture from a shorter distance. The main concerning thing about sitting too close to a bigger monitor is you will face eye strain. That’s why try to avoid sitting too close in front of a bigger display.

To experience the full view and see the sharp images, you will need to set a big monitor on a deep desk. There is another factor to look for when you are going to buy a big monitor like 32”; it’s the resolution.

Resolution is a fact for monitors. More resolutions can give you sharper image quality. Then, what is the perfect resolution for a 32” monitor?

To answer this question, first, I need to explain what pixels are.

So, what is pixel?

Pixels are the tiny dots or squares that make up an image on display. More pixels mean a sharper display and higher resolution. If you have a 32” display with native 1080p resolution, then you might not see sharper images compared to a 28” monitor with the exact resolution.

The pixels in 32” gets are stretched out to a large area.

So, you should choose a 32” monitor with a minimum of 1440p resolution. Hence, Choosing a 4K resolution for a 32” is the best option. The last thing you should remember is that you will need a powerful CPU or GPU to run a 32” display with 4K rather than 1080p.

No matter how big your monitor is, your processing power won’t matter. It matters only when the resolution is higher. So, how you will use your 32-inch monitor is the main fact; a big desk and higher resolution don’t matter.

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Is 32” Monitor Too Big for Gaming?

Is a 32” monitor too big for a gamer — it depends on what type of gamer will use that monitor. A 32-inch monitor is not ideal for every gamer as all the games are not smoothly playable on a larger screen. On a large screen, your eyes may need to travel a large distance to get a piece of

If you are a slow-paced gamer and games like Warlock: Masters of the Arcane, Civilization VI, or Old World are your favorite games, you should go for a 32” monitor. It will give you an impressive gameplay experience.

On the large screen, when you see those green fields and lots of other sceneries, you will find it very eye pleasing.

But for a shooting or RPG gamer, who likes to play Call of duty: Modern Warfare, Counter Strike, Velorant, Apex Legend, and all other these sorts of games, will not prefer a 32” monitor.

Pro gamers always prefer 25 to 28-inch monitors to play games in them. But why?

First of all, on a large monitor, your eyes will need to travel a larger distance to collect the info compared to smaller ones. On a smaller monitor, you can watch all the views by focusing your eye on the center, and it helps you to react quicker.

Not only moving your eyes from one corner to the other on a large monitor is needed, but also you need to move your neck and head. It will be painful for a gamer who games all the time and has a 32” inch panel. He will suffer from eye strain, and moving the head and neck continuously will cause him serious neck pain.

On the other hand, with a smaller monitor, you can see all the information you need without moving your eyes, head, and neck too much.

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Is 32” Monitor Too Big for Daily Work or Office Use?

Those who work in offices and need to deal with a lot of spreadsheets, documents, etc, get highly benefited from a 32” monitor. A larger screen can show you more rows and columns of a spreadsheet than a smaller screen does. So, a 32” monitor is good for doing the official and daily

In fact, you will see multiple monitors in most offices because you can work easily if you have enough space to open multiple windows or compare the documents side-by-side.

Employees’ productivity increases so much when they use multiple monitors or a larger monitor, that’s why companies spend money on buying those monitors.

If you are a graphics designer, you’ll need to zoom in and out of the images frequently to edit an image. You can edit an image while zooming in because you can see more. Hence, the picture quality is also superb in a large 32” monitor with 4k or 1440p resolution.

Those who need to do multiple works at a time on their computer need a large display. They can edit images, read documents, fill up spreadsheets or watch movies at a time. With the help of a wider screen, you can open multiple apps at a time and work on each of them by placing them side by side.

Is 32” Monitor Too Big for Watching Movies?

Watching movies on a 32” screen with a high resolution will give you immersive experiences. You will see crystal clear sharp images along with bigger images. You may not get the experience that an 80” TV will give, but it’s not that bad. You might fall in love with the extra sharp images if you have a 32” monitor with a 4K

It is enough to have a 32” monitor in your bedroom or living room for watching movies or streaming purposes. It will give you a mini home theater-like experience.

You might want to watch a movie on a larger screen after finishing your work or study. Watching movies or music videos on a smaller size screen will not give you that exact feeling that a 32” display will give. The picture size will be much bigger, and the resolution will be higher on a bigger screen.

So, as a movie lover, I would like to watch all the movies on a 32” screen. What about you?

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Which one to choose, a 32” monitor with 1440p or 4K?

If you have a powerful GPU, go for the 4K resolution. You will need a lot of graphics power to play games in 4K resolution. For a gaming rig with a mid-range GPU, you might need to buy a 32” monitor with a 1440p resolution.

A 32” monitor is good for what?

To play slow-paced games, you can buy a 32” display. But don’t buy it if you are a shooting or RPG gamer. This monitor is good for watching movies and streaming content. It can handle all your multitaskings types of work with ease.

What is a 20/20 rule?

It is a rule or a suggestion by the eye doctors. To keep your eye from damaging while looking at the screen all the time, your doctor might suggest this 20/20 rule. The rule is that you should try to look at something for 20 seconds that is 20 feet away from you after every 20 minutes spent using a screen.

Final Word

Try to get a larger desk or table for a larger screen like a 32”. In order to get the most viewable experience out of a big screen, you will need to sit by maintaining a minimum distance from the screen.

While a bigger screen is not every gamer’s cup of tea, those who love slow-paced games may find big screens quite helpful. Moreover, a bigger screen is better for watching movies and music videos.

If you are a multitasker and love to work by placing all the apps side-by-side, you should definitely go for a 32” monitor for its wider display. I hope you have read the article till the end and your problem with the 32” monitor is resolved now.

Let me know if you have any further queries by commenting below. Have a nice day!

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