Adjust Line Spacing in Outlook [Change Within A Minute]

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Whether it’s real life or an email paragraph, space is important to make it look comfortable.

While writing a vacation request to your boss or sending work and promotional emails to your clients, you need to adjust the space to make it fascinating.


In this article, I’ll discuss the quickest way to adjust the line spacing and remove them when necessary. So, let’s begin.

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How to Adjust Line Spacing in Microsoft Outlook

Every Outlook client follows a standard line spacing in their email paragraph. But, depending on various circumstances, you should change the spacing between sentences by choosing line spacing variables to increase the appearance and visibility.

If you previously wrote emails without using line spacing, that’s fine. Read the below instructions to adjust the line spacing in Outlook Windows and Mac.

Here is the procedure to adjust line spacing in MS Outlook:

  • Launch Outlook desktop client.
  • Press on New Email from the top ribbon. outlook-pc-new-email
  • Type your message.
  • Highlight your text message.
  • Navigate to the Format Text tab.
  • Click on Line and Paragraph Spacing from the Paragraph section.
  • Choose your preferred line spacing. outlook-pc-line-spacing

Users can choose between 1.0, 1.15, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0 from the list to add line spacing in their paragraphs.

Also, there’s another way to adjust the line spacing in Microsoft Outlook. Consider reading the following steps to add line spacing in your text.

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Here is the way to change line spacing in Outlook using Paragraph Settings:

  • Open Outlook on your Windows or Mac.
  • Navigate to New Email and select your paragraph sentences. outlook-pc-new-email
  • Go to the Format Text tab.
  • Press on Paragraph Settings from the Paragraph section.
  • Click the drop-down menu from Line Spacing under Spacing.
  • Choose your line spacing.
  • Press on OK. outlook-pc-line-spacing-2

You can select Single, 1.5 lines, Double, At least, Exactly, and Multiple from the drop-down list. If you choose the At least option, you need to specify the spacing from the At box.

Unfortunately, the line spacing is only available in Outlook desktop clients. The web and mobile version doesn’t provide line spacing customization in Outlook mail.

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How to Remove Line Spacing in MS Outlook

Whenever you mistakenly apply a spacing or need to go back to the default paragraph spacing, you must remove them from the Outlook Paragraph Settings. Like adjusting the line spacing, the option is only available for the Microsoft Outlook desktop client.

Note: The default line spacing in Outlook is 1.0.

The following passage will help to reset or remove the line spacing from your Outlook email.

Here are the steps to remove line spacing in MS Outlook:

  • Go to the Outlook application.
  • Open New Email from the toolbar.
  • Highlight the lines.
  • Proceed to the Format Text tab.
  • Press on Line and Paragraph Spacing from the toolbar.
  • Choose 1.0 from the list to remove the line spacing. outlook-pc-remove-line-spacing

There is an additional process to remove double, triple or custom line spacing from Outlook. If you want to remove them from your Outlook email paragraph, follow the instructions below.

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Here is the method to remove line spacing from Outlook using Paragraph Settings:

  • Open your Outlook app and navigate to the New Email.outlook-pc-new-email
  • Select the line from where you want to remove line spacing.
  • Press on Format Text from the ribbon.
  • Click on the Paragraph Settings button from the top toolbar.
  • Press on the drop-down menu from Line Spacing.
  • Choose Single from the list.
  • Click on OK. outlook-pc-remove-line-spacing-2

It will reset your Outlook paragraph line spacing and make it default.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the line spacing in an Outlook email?

Follow the steps below to change the line spacing in an MS Outlook email:

  • Launch Outlook desktop client.
  • Open New Email and type your message.
  • Highlight your paragraph.
  • Click on the Format Text tab.
  • Press on Line and Paragraph Spacing from the Paragraph section.
  • Select your preferred line spacing.

How do I reset line spacing in Outlook email?

To reset line spacing in Outlook email, go to New Email > Highlight Paragraph > Format Text > Line and Paragraph Spacing > 1.0.

Is line spacing available on Outlook mobile?

No, line spacing isn’t available on Outlook mobile. It’s only available in the Outlook desktop client.

Wrapping Up

Line space is requisite and momentous to beautify your Outlook mail. But the spacing should be appropriate to make it elegant and perfect.

This article has provided straightforward procedures to modify the line spacing in Outlook mail. I believe it has helped you a lot to beautify your email and make it eye-catching.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment box below, and I’ll see you in the next article.


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