How to Add/Set Gmail to Outlook [Step by Step Guide 2024]

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There has been a long debate about who is better between Gmail and Outlook. They both are email client software and provide fantastic service to their customers.

Gmail has a better interface and security system. On the other hand, Outlook provides features like Rules, Clean Up and Archive that help to manage your email

But why just use one software when you can merge them and get the double benefit? You can use your Gmail account in Outlook and enjoy more storage, spam protection, and the unique features of Gmail.

Before starting using Outlook, you need to add your Gmail account in Outlook. This article will explain the procedure of adding a Gmail account to Outlook in Windows, Mac, web, and mobile.

Let’s begin.

How to Prepare Your Gmail Account Before Adding to Outlook

Before setting your Gmail account to Outlook, you need to enable IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) settings from the Gmail settings.

Outlook uses IMAP, which helps you access your message regardless of your device and application. By default, the option is disabled from the Google settings.

The enabling process is necessary for setting up your Gmail account on every platform. Follow the steps to enable IMAP from your Gmail settings.

Here are the steps to enable IMAP access in Gmail:

  • Go to your Gmail account.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Press on the See all settings.
  • Go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option.
  • Choose the radio button beside Enable IMAP from IMAP Access. gmail-imap
  • Press on Save Changes.

Enabling IMAP is sufficient for preparing your Gmail account to add in Outlook. But, if you face any problem with the 2-Step Verification method in your Google account, you need to disable it from the Gmail account security settings page.

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Here is the way to disable 2-Step verification:

  • Go to the Google Security page.
  • Click on the 2-step verification option.
  • Log in to your Gmail account.
  • Press on the Turn Off button to disable 2-Step verification. 2-step

Once you’ve completed the preparation, you are ready to set Gmail to Outlook. You will find the process to add a Gmail account on Windows, Mac, web, and mobile from the article below.

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How to Add Gmail to Outlook for Windows PC

By clicking the Add Account options from the File menu, you can set a Gmail account to Outlook for Windows

You need to provide valid Gmail information and verify the process. After completing the verification, you can add your Gmail to Outlook. Follow the procedures below to set them.

Here is the procedure to set Gmail to Outlook for Windows:

  • Launch your Outlook application.
  • Click on File from the top left corner.
  • Press on the Add Account button in the Info section. outlook-pc-add-account
  • Enter your Gmail address and press on Connect. outlook-pc-enter-gmail
  • Sign in with your Gmail account password. outlook-pc-enter-pass
  • Complete the verification process if you have 2-Step Verification. outlook-pc-verification
  • Allow the Google account permission.
  • Press on the Done button to complete the account setup process. outlook-pc-gmail-added

The interface and Gmail account addition process differs in Outlook Windows and Mac. You may not be familiar with the settings if you are a new user. The next section will help you to add a Gmail account on your Mac.

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How to Set Gmail to Outlook for Mac

Outlook on Mac also supports adding a Gmail account. You need to go to the New Account option in Preferences to add a Gmail account. Allow me to guide you with the complete procedure in the steps below.

Here are the procedures to set Gmail to Outlook for Mac:

  • Open the Outlook application on Mac.
  • Click on Outlook.
  • Navigate to Preferences. outlook-mac-preferences
  • Click on Accounts.
  • Press the ( + ) button at the bottom left to add a new account.
  • Click on the New Account option.
  • Enter your Gmail address. outlook-mac-signin
  • Type your Gmail password and press on Add Account. outlook-mac-pass
  • Press on Continue. outlook-mac-continue

If you are an Outlook Mac user of Build 16.15.18070902 and higher, it will redirect you to a browser while adding a Gmail account. You need to provide information and permission to set your Gmail into Outlook.

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How to Add Gmail to Outlook Web

Outlook web or OWA also supports logging in with a Gmail account. Outlook web has additional security to keep your account safe. If you set your Gmail account in Outlook web for the first time, it will ask you to provide a different password for logging into it.

You will find the Gmail account setting procedures in the steps below. Consider following the instructions carefully to learn how to add gmail to Outlook web.

Here is the way to set Gmail to Outlook Web:

  • Visit Outlook web.
  • Enter your Gmail address when the login prompt opens and press Next. outlook-web-signin
  • Type your password. outlook-web-pass
  • Complete the security process.

While setting up a Gmail account in Outlook, you need to add a specific password for the Outlook web. And the password needs to be different from the Gmail account.

The Outlook app on mobile is convenient and easy to use. You can add a Gmail account in Outlook mobile in a short time. Continue reading to find out the process.

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How to Set Gmail to Outlook Mobile

Adding a Gmail account in Outlook mobile application is very effortless. If the account is already logged into your Gmail apps, you can easily add a Gmail account from the Mail accounts option in Settings. You’ll find the complete account setting process here.

Here are the steps to set Gmail to Outlook mobile:

  • Open the Outlook mobile apps.
  • Go to Settings. outlook-mobile-settings
  • Press on ADD MAIL ACCOUNT from the Mail accounts section.
  • Choose to Add an email account. outlook-mobile-add-an-email-account
  • Click on ADD GOOGLE ACCOUNT. outlook-mobile-add-google-account
  • Choose your Gmail Account. outlook-mobile-choose-account
  • Provide Google account permission by pressing the Allow button. outlook-mobile-allow

If the account isn’t on the list, you need to add it to your Gmail application. Try setting the Gmail account in Outlook after completing the process in Gmail apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Gmail into Outlook 365?

To add a Gmail account, go to File > Info > Add Account and provide your information.

Should I use IMAP or POP for Gmail in Outlook?

You should use IMAP for Gmail in Outlook. It allows you to read messages in real-time. POP is an old feature and only allows you to download messages in your inbox.

How do I stop Gmail from blocking in Outlook?

To stop blocking, go to less secure app access and enable the option after disabling the 2-Step verification in Gmail.


It’s completely alright if you only use Gmail or Outlook as your email client. But, to get the best outcome, you can use a Gmail account in Outlook.

Many people don’t know there’s a way to add a Gmail account in Outlook. They miss the opportunity to get the best out of it.

This article will help you add a Gmail account in Outlook on every platform, and I presume you will get the best outcomes.


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