How to Use Google Meet in Google Classroom [Join the Class]

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Do you know you can create a Google Meet link for your Google Classroom and use it to take online classes, meetings, assignments, exams, etc.?use-google-meet-in-google-classroom

It’s pretty straightforward to do all the classwork with these two applications. In this article, I will explain how you can use Google Meet in your Google Classroom. I will also discuss the requirements and some important factors of Google Meet and Classroom here.

Without ado, let’s begin.

Requirements to Operate Google Meet in Google Classroom

Google Meet and Google Classroom get popular during the COVID pandemic. Both of these applications are easy to use, and you can also effortlessly arrange meetings in Google Meet in your classroom.

You must fulfill some requirements to set up Google Meet in Google Classroom. You can’t join Google Meet from Google Classroom until you accomplish them.

Check out the following requirements to operate Google Meet in Google Classroom:

Need a Google Workspace Business or Education Account

First, you will require a Google Workspace Business or Education account and sign in to create a Google Meet link in Google Classroom.

You can’t find any Google Meet links if you have created classes in Google Classroom with your account. Because the meet link for Google Classroom isn’t available with the personal accounts.

Need Access from the G Suite Administrator

Secondly, you will need access from your admin to create a meeting link in Google classroom. However, you can create a meet link if you are the admin.

If you are not and have no access from your G Suite administrator, you will not have permission to create or edit the Meet link. Contact your admin to get an access message to the Meet section. have-no-permission-contact-admin

How to Integrate Google Classroom with Google Meet

Once you accomplish the requirements, you can participate in the Google Classroom to link it with Google Meet. I will show both perspectives (teachers & students) to use a meet link in the Google Classroom.

Let’s see from the teacher’s perspective first.

Here are the steps to create a meet link in Google Classroom:

  • Go to the Google Classroom website.
  • Sign in using your login credentials.
  • Click on the gear icon to open Class settings. click-the-gear-icon
  • Scroll down to the General section and find Meet from there.
  • Click on the Generate Meet Link option. A Google Meet link will appear. general-meet-link
  • Toggle on the Visible to students options to make the link available.visible-students-toggle-on
  • Press on Save from the top right corner. click-save-top-corner
  • Go back to your classroom page.
  • Click on the meet link from the Stream
  • Select Join now to start the

There will be pop-up messages when you are on the Google Meet website.

One pop-up message will ask permission to let it use your PC camera and microphone. Click on Allow to approve. allow-camera-microphone

If you want to disable the link for your students, toggle off the Visible to students options. They won’t see the link until you toggle it back on.

There can be a moment when you have to share the link with other people who don’t belong in the class or school. In that case, you can send the link by copying it from the Classroom settings.

Press on the small dropdown arrow in the Classroom settings and select Copy. To generate a new unique meet link, just click on Reset. arrow-link-copy-reset

The link lets anyone from within or outside your institution join the meeting.

Now let’s see from the student’s perspective.

Follow the steps below to join a meeting in Google Meet from Google Classroom:

  • Go to Google Classroom.
  • Log in with your classroom email account that you provided to your school.
  • Press the meeting link from the Stream or Classwork tab to enter the room.
  • Allow the browser to access your PC camera and microphone.
  • Select the Ask to join

The teacher will receive Someone wants to join this call message on the screen. You can enter the class when the teacher clicks on the Admit option. someone-want-join-call-admit

There are several other ways a student can join a video meeting in google classroom. They can go there from the Google calendar event, Gmail, or using the invitation from the host.

If all the students are in the same school and they use the school’s official email address to join the meeting, you won’t need to accept or deny all the entry requests you receive. They can automatically join in.

Additional Important Factors on Google Meet

There are some essential factors you need to notice when using Google Meet. Check those out below.

Here are some significant factors on Google Meet:

The Teacher or Host Must Present Before the Meeting Starts

A student can only participate in a meeting with a teacher present. If a student or participant tries to enter the meeting before the instructor or teacher attends, he will have to wait until the meeting starts.

Not Everyone Can Join the Meeting Automatically

The meeting link is only open to registered students in the organization. If anyone outside the organization wants to join the meeting using a meet link, he will require a teacher’s, co-teachers, or host’s approval. Until then, he can’t join.

The Host of the Meeting Must Leave at the Last

If you are the teacher or host, make sure you are the last person to leave the meeting from Google Meet. Otherwise, someone can misuse the meet link.

Wait a while until everyone leaves. Or you can remove all the attendees from the meeting by yourself.

When you dismiss someone from a meeting, they can’t re-enter there. If you want to join them again, you must invite them back or approve them to rejoin.

To remove a person from the list, click on the people icon. Tap on the three-dot icon, select Remove from the call, and press Remove. Do this for all the students who haven’t left yet. three-dot-remove-from-call

Once all are gone, you can simply disconnect the call to get out of the meeting.

The Google Meet Settings Can Be Changed Anytime

The host or moderator can change the meeting settings anytime. If you can’t change the settings before the meeting starts, you can modify them while you are in the meeting.

The host, teacher, co-teacher, and moderator can modify the settings. They also can dismiss students, mute any participants, and control the meeting rooms.

What Are the Benefits of Using Google Meet with Google Classroom?

The primary benefit of using Google Meet with Google Classroom is that the teachers can instantly take online quizzes, classes, and meetings with a live feed. And you can host meetings for more than 100 people at the same time.

There are other advantages of Google Meet. One of them is its translated captions feature. You can see what teachers or students speak in a caption.

Plus, you can turn both your audio & video off while the teacher is lecturing on a serious topic. Check out our epic fix if the AirPods are not working on Google Meet.


Can guests join Google Meet in Google Classroom?

Yes, guests can join Google Meet in Google Classroom. But they can’t directly join the class. First, they must click the ask to join option to request the teacher attend the class. When the teacher allows them, they can then participate in that class.

How do I join Google Meet in Google Classroom?

To join Google Meet in Google Classroom, enter the class from the Google Classroom website or app. Tap on the meet link that your teacher has provided. Click on the Ask to join option. When the host presses the Admit option, you can join the meeting.

Why can’t I create a Meet link in Google Classroom?

You can’t create a meet link in Google Classroom because you don’t have a Google Workspace account. Moreover, if the G Suite administrator doesn’t give you access, you can create a meeting link in Google Classroom.

Final thought

Google Meet plays a vital role in Google Classroom. It brings those students closer to their teachers, who stay far away from the school. Moreover, Google Meet provides easy functionality in the application and good communication services.

I hope you have successfully utilized Google Meet in Google Classroom. Comment below if you have any questions.

Peace out!

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