Spotify Overlay Not Working on Windows 11 [Proven Fix 2022]

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Control of any app’s primary features with a few Keyboard shortcuts gives the best user experience and helps to keep steady concentration.

Spotify overlay allows users to increase/decrease volume, switch songs and play/pause music with a few keyboard strokes.

You may love to enjoy and control the music using Spotify music overlay on your Windows 10 system while you work. But after upgrading from Windows 10 to the new Windows 11, you encounter Spotify music overlay not showing up.

Don’t be upset. You are not alone who is sailing in the same boat. All Windows 11 Spotify users are encountering the same issue.

In this post, I will show you a proven and tested way to solve the Spotify music overlay not showing up problem on Windows 11.

With that said, let’s dive in!spotify-overlay-not-working-on-windows-11

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Reason for Spotify Overlay Not Working on Windows 11

Spotify overlay is not working or showing up on Windows 11 because the overlay music control feature is disabled by default on the new Windows 11 OS. Microsoft is updating its design and optimizing the overlay for the new Windows 11. So, they decided to move the overlay to the Action center.

Spotify overlay is a handy feature that helps users control the music easily by using media keys on the keyboard.

On Windows 10, you can see the overlay feature on different applications, such as YouTube, Spotify, etc. That gives users a better user experience.

Microsoft is decided to change the app overlay design pattern on the new Windows 11. In the new Windows 11, the overlay design is completely changed.

Microsoft moved the overlay feature to the Action center on Windows 11. You can find Spotify overlay on the Action center or right over the taskbar. To access the Spotify overlay shortcut, use Win + A on your keyboard.

Though Microsoft is updating the Spotify design and optimizing it for the new Windows, it’ll probably push out in the future minor cumulative updates.

So, keep patience until Microsoft solves the problem or gets alternative ways to minimize the current situation. The following section will describe some effective ways to get the Spotify overlays.

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How to Fix Spotify Overlay Not Working on Windows 11

Music exerts a powerful influence on human beings, and it helps boost memory, build task endurance, and lighten your mood. Music reduces anxiety and depression, stave off fatigue, improves your response to pain, and helps you work out more effectively.

However, you already know the overlay feature is removed on the new Windows 11. So, Spotify overlay not showing up or not responding is neither a bug issue nor other technical issues.

You have nothing to do until Microsoft and Spotify gets the feature back. But what if I give you an effective way to get back the Spotify overlays? Sounds great, right?

There is an effective way to get back the Spotify overlays on Windows 11. Here, I will describe the step-by-step process of bringing back the overlays. It looks like the original Spotify overlay same as Windows 10.

So, without further ado, let’s jump to know the solution.

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Here are the steps to fix the Spotify overlay not working on windows 11:

Use ModernFlyout App

Using the ModernFlyout app, you can get back the Spotify overlay. The ModernFlyout app allows customizable flyout with a modern UI.

The flyout supports Audio Flyout, Media session Flyout, Brightness, Airplane Mode, etc. Each Flyout can be customized or disabled independently.

You can get the ModernFlyout application on Windows 11 Microsoft Store. After installing the application, the Spotify, YouTube, and other media overlay are returned to your Windows 11 system.

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Here are the steps to use the ModernFlyout app on Windows 11:

  • Go to Microsoft Store. microsoft-store
  • Type ModernFlyout on the search bar and click on the search result to open the application details page. modernflyout
  • Click on the Get button to download the app. After clicking the Get button, the app will automatically start to download. get-button-to-download-the-app
  • Wait until the download and install process is complete.
  • Click on the Open to run the application. run-the-application

Now, try to increase/decrease the volume or switch the song with media keys and see the magic. Your Spotify overlay is back on Windows 11.

Note: Make sure to enable the Run as Startup option if it was disabled. By default, the option is enabled. run-as-startup

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Final Thoughts

On Windows 11, Microsoft removed the media session overlay feature due to their new design modifications. So, users can’t use the default overlay feature on Windows 11.

Windows 11 came out a few months ago. So it is very usual to have some features missing in such a situation. Hopefully, Microsoft will solve this problem very soon.

However, if you are familiar with the Spotify overlay, you can download and use the ModernFlyout app from Microsoft Store. The  ModernFlyout app is an alternative solution to the default Windows overlay, and I bet the app will amaze you.

Alright, that’s all for now, folks. I hope you find this post useful and insightful as well.

Thanks for staying with me until the end. See you next one.

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