How to See Deleted Messages on Discord [3 Easy Ways - 2024]

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If you’re someone like me who often accidentally delete messages in Discord or needs to confront someone for an offensive deleted message, then you’re in the right place if you want to re-incarnate them.


Discord doesn’t permit you to take a screenshot of the messages as user privacy concerns. So, the only way to report a deleted offensive message is to view it somehow and then report to Discord with a screenshot of it.

In this post, I will show you three easy methods to see deleted messages in a Discord server. So, without any further adieu, let’s begin our journey.

Different Methods to See Deleted Messages on Discord

Based on your requirements, there are different ways of getting hold of deleted messages on Discord. You can see the deleted messages adding different plug-ins and bots with your Discord account.

If you’re a server admin, you can see the deleted messages by adding bots specifically made to do this task.

But don’t get hopeless if you’re just a general user and trying to see deleted messages for a noble purpose. There are some plug-ins for general users, specially built for reading the server log and presenting the deleted messages of the members to you.

I’ve saved you from the hassle of finding the best bots and plug-ins. I selected three of the best bots and plug-ins from all available methods to see deleted Discord messages.

However, you can not use them to view deleted DMs as there is no way of viewing personal chats once you’ve deleted them.

So, the best possible ways to view deleted messages on the Discord server are:

  1. Dyno Bot.
  2. Logger Bot.
  3. Better Discord with MessageloggerV2 Plug-in.

You can follow any of these methods to see deleted Discord server messages based on your position. I’ll show all the steps to enable these methods in the sections below.

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Follow these steps to see deleted messages in Discord:

1. Dyno Bot

Dyno bot is a powerful bot that you can add to your server and use its full potential to enforce various rules and regulations, custom actions, and log activities.

Dyno bot service is free, and it has a feature to log message actions, including edit and deleting history of users’ messages.

Adding Dyno bot to your server is a pretty easy task. Just follow the steps below to add the Dyno bot to your Discord server:

  • Open Dyno Bot’s website.
  • Click on Add To Server on the top right corner.
  • Log in to Discord on the pop-up screen using your credentials.
  • Click Select a Server to choose your preferred
  • Click on Authorize.
  • Verify the captcha to proceed.

Just like that, the Dyno bot is now added to your server. You can check it by typing. PING on the server message box and sending it. Dyno bot will respond to the message.

Now, you need to set up the Dyno bot to your preferences. Don’t worry; I’m helping you with that.

To see the deleted messages of the server, follow the steps below to set up the Dyno bot:

  • Open Dyno Bot’s website again.
  • Click log in with Discord.
  • Use your Discord credential and press Login.
  • Click Manage Servers.manage-servers
  • Give Dyno a nickname or change the command prefix from the Dashboard window if you want, then click on Update.
  • Click on Modules.
  • Enable Action Log from the menu.action-log
  • Click on Modules again and select Action Log under
  • Choose your desired server from Select Channel.
  • Select Message Deleted.message-deleted

Now, capturing deleted message log is activated in Dyno bot settings. You can check it by sending a message to your server and then deleting it. You’ll get a pop-up message from Dyno saying, Message sent by User Name deleted inside #audits-log.

So, you’ve successfully added Dyno Bot to your server and can see deleted messages using it’s log.

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2. Logger Bot

Suppose you don’t want a heavy bot like Dyno with various features on our server. You only want something to see the deleted messages; then the Logger Bot is your perfect alternative.

Logger bot just logs the actions related to messaging. It logs actions like deleted, edited messages. It can also log members joining or leaving the server.

It logs the last fourteen days’ activity inside it.

The process of adding the Logger bot to your server is similar to adding Dyno bot. Don’t worry; I’m explaining the steps to add the Logger Bot to your server.

Follow these steps to add and set up the Logger bot to see deleted messages on your server:

  • Open Logger Bot’s website.
  • Click Invite.
  • Click on Add To Server on the top right corner.
  • Log in to Discord on the pop-up screen using your credentials.
  • Click Select a Server to choose your preferred server.
  • Click on
  • Verify the captcha to proceed.
  • Choose the server again from Select a Server to Configure.
  • Click on Invite from the menu.
  • Toggle on the Join and Leave Messages, Message Edited, and Deleted

Now Logger Bot is added to your server. You can check the bot by sending and deleting a message on your server. You’ll get a pop-up message from logger Bot notifying you about this action.

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3. Better Discord with MessageLoggerV2 Plug-in

Suppose you’re a general Discord user and want to see the deleted messages of a Discord server. Then you can follow this method of seeing deleted Discord messages. Unlike the previous two methods, any server member can follow this method. You won’t be needing any authorization to follow this process.

Now, this method will allow you to see the deleted messages, but it’s against Discord’s rules. So, do this at your own risk. However, your account won’t be banned for this activity.

You have to go through a lengthy process to activate this method. But, don’t worry, I’ll guide you through the steps. Follow these steps to see deleted messages in Discord using the Better Discord app and using the MessageLoggerV2 Plug-in with it:

  1. To Download Better Discord, follow these steps:
    • Open Better Discord’s website.
    • Click on Download.
    • Open the downloaded file.
    • Select Install Better Discord and click next.
    • Select only Discord from the options.
    • Click on Install.
    • Close the app if it’s open after installation finishes.
  1. Once the Better Discord app is installed, follow these steps to download the MessageLoggerV2 plug-in for it:
    • Download the MessageLoggerV2 plug-in.
    • Click on Download.
    • Ignore the Windows warning and click Keep to download the file.
  1. Now, you have to install the plug-in inside the Better Discord app and activate it. Follow these steps to add and activate the MessageLoggerV2 plug-in in the Better Discord app:
    • Open the Better Discord
    • Click on the Settings Icon.
    • Scroll down and click on Better Discord.
    • Click on Plug-ins.
    • Click on Open Plug-ins Folder.
    • Open the folder containing the downloaded plug-in file in File Explorer.
    • Drag and drop it inside the previously opened Better Discord plug-ins folder.
    • Toggle the activate plug-in switch once the plug-in is selected.
    • Click on Download Now on the missing library pop-up window.
    • Cancel and close all other pop-ups and wait.
    • Enable the newly downloaded two plug-ins (Xenolib & ZeresPluginLibrary) below MessageLoggerV2.
    • Go to the server in which you want to see the deleted messages.
    • Right-click on the server name and select Message Logger then, Open Logs.
    • Click on Deleted Tab inside logs to see the deleted messages.

Like this, you’ve successfully enabled the MessageLoggerV2 plugin inside the Better Discord app.

Now, you can read the deleted messages with the time and date stamp of any server. Although, as you’ve just installed the plug-in, you need to wait for members of that server to delete messages.

You can also view the edited messages by going to the Edited tab beside Deleted tab. Wait for some time for the members of the server to delete their messages. If you want to clear the logs, just click on Clear Log, and it’ll delete all the entries.


Question: Can Discord server owners see deleted messages?

Answer: Discord server owners cannot see the deleted messages on their servers. Seeing the deleted messages goes against Discord’s rules. If you choose to use a bot like Dyno on your server, you can see that a message is deleted, but you cannot see the contents of that message.

Question: How do I recover deleted messages on Discord 2021?

Answer: There’s no way to recover a message once they’re deleted in Discord. However, Suppose you’re an admin of a server. In that case, you can go to the audit log of your server to see the activities like who deleted messages, actions of your moderator, member joining and leaving the server, etc.


There are several ways to see deleted messages in Discord, but I’ve covered the most straightforward and hassle-free methods to do that in this post. Hope that’ll get your work done.

However, if you have any issues regarding these methods, feel free to comment below. Our experts will resolve your issues asap.

Thank You.

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