How to Like an Email in Outlook Desktop [Latest News 2024]

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Outlook is a commonly used workplace application from Microsoft that organizes the working process effectively. It manages contacts, emails, calendaring, and file sharing in one place.

The outstanding features of the Outlook application help users to use it in a way that makes them much more productive.

Inclusive of numerous remarkable facets, the Outlook web application introduced an exclusive feature that provides the ability to like an email instead of typing a long

When using the Outlook web version, you can like any email to let the sender know that you appreciate the context of the email. In this well-researched article, you will learn about the like feature of Outlook.

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What is the Like Email Feature?

With the evaluation of social media platforms and communication, people started to feel the necessity of emojis. Shigetaka Kurita, known as the father of emojis, first introduced a 180 emojis collection for a Japanese mobile web platform.

People all over the world started to fall in love with the idea of using emojis while communicating with others using any messaging platform. After understanding the future of emojis, the communication and messaging industry adopted the new trend.

Nowadays, emojis are playing a significant role in our daily life and making communication easier and quicker than ever before.

Besides all other prominent organizations, Microsoft also focuses on creating a meaningful emojis set and implementing them on most of their communication platforms. Microsoft introduced the idea of using the like feature in Outlook to increase productivity.outlook-mail-web-version

When someone sends an email in Outlook, you can reply to them with thanks or easily like the email to inform the sender that you received the email and appreciate their work.

Though this feature may seem silly at first glance, this simple option can save your time and let you focus on more productive tasks.

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Can You Use the Like Email Feature in Outlook Desktop?

No, you can’t use the like email feature in the Outlook desktop application right now. Microsoft introduced this feature only for the Outlook web version. However, like any other feature implemented on the web version, it will be available on the desktop version today or tomorrow.

Microsoft roadmaps include a feature in the development stage, “Outlook for the web: React to an email message.” This feature will help users react to an email without writing a full body text.

The like email feature has been available in the Outlook web version for years. As an alternative to writing a reply, you can use the thumbs-up icon to inform the sender that you received the email.

You will receive a notification about the activity when someone likes an email. You can easily see how many people like your email. And by hovering over the thumbs-up icon, you can effortlessly know the name of the people who liked it.

Though there is no specific information about when Microsoft will implement the like email feature in the Outlook desktop, you can use the Outlook web version to utilize this great feature.

Let’s see how you can like an email in Outlook web.

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How to Like an Email in Outlook Web

In the Outlook web version, you can like a received email instead of typing a message to express your satisfaction with the content of the email. This is an effective way to show your support or confirmation about the email.

You can also effortlessly see who else likes an email by hovering your mouse over the like button. Follow the below instruction to like an email on the Outlook web.

Like an email

When you need to use the like feature in Outlook, I suggest you follow the steps below correctly.

Here are the steps to like an email in Outlook web:

  • Open Outlook web.
  • Navigate to Inbox.
  • Select the email you want to like.
  • Click on the Thumbs-up icon from the top right corner of an open email message to like an email.outlook-mail-like

There have some additional features to understand who is reacting to your email. Follow the instructions below to learn more.

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How to check if someone likes an email

When someone likes your email, you will see a Thumbs-up icon in your inbox. To see how many people like your email, open the email, and you will see a number next to the Thumbs-up icon.

When you hover your mouse cursor over the Thumbs-up icon, you will see the name of the people who like it.

View all email likes

You can easily find all your email likes in one place by clicking on the Notification bell icon from the top right corner of the screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you thumbs-up an email in Outlook?

You can thumbs up an email when using the Outlook web version. Click on the thumbs-up icon from the top right corner of an email. This will inform the sender about your activity.

Can I react to an email in Outlook?

Currently, the react feature is only available on the Outlook web application. You can effortlessly like an email from your Outlook inbox. When you react to an email, the email’s sender can view the reactions.

Where is the like button on Outlook app?

You will find the like button in the reading pane of your Outlook email inbox. When you like a message, the like icon color changes from gray to blue.

Final Thoughts

The like email feature is an experimental facet from Microsoft in the Outlook web. With the development of modern communication, emojis are becoming an essential part of our daily life.

Using emojis in email platforms is not yet widespread, but Microsoft understands the future of email communication. That’s why they implemented the thumbs-up button in the email system. As it is in an experimental stage, this feature is unavailable on every Outlook platform.

However, the experts believe that Microsoft will implement the emojis features on every platform. Just need a little more patience to enjoy your favorite facet on the Outlook desktop.

Until then, keep using Outlook web to access this incredible feature. Don’t forget to leave your valuable opinion in the comment below.

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