Add Emojis in Microsoft Teams Chat [Inject Fun to Chatbox]

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Do you want to remove boredom from the Teams chatting box but don’t know how?

Just send a funny emoji, and it will get the laughter out of everybody.add-emojis-in-microsoft-teams-chat

If you don’t know how to send emojis in Teams chat, don’t make a sad emoji face. Allow me to put a smile on your face by showing you the proper guideline.

So, read till the end to inject some fun into the Teams chatbox.

How to Send Emojis in MS Teams Chat

Click the emoji icon beneath the message box. Choose the emoji you like and click on it from the popup window and when it appears in the message box, click the Send button. Similarly, you can click on the GIF or sticker icon to send those when chatting in Teams.

Teams added emojis, stickers, or GIFs feature for platforms like Windows, Mac, Android & iOS. We all know that Teams is an excellent platform for managing team-based work. Either formal or work-related conversion happens in the Teams chat section.

However, sending a funny & decent emoji isn’t a crime, and your boss won’t sack you for sending one. So, to add joy to the Teams chat, let’s discuss the steps.

Here are the steps to insert an emoji in Teams channel or chat messages:

On Windows & Mac

  • Select the Emoji icon beneath the message typing box. click-on-emoji-icon-in-teams
  • Choose the emoji you want to send or simply search for it using the Search option.
  • Click to select the emoji, which will appear in the message typing section. send-emojis-in-teams-chat
  • Select the Send button to send the emoji. click-send-button-to-send-emoji

On Android & iOS

  • Tap on the emoji icon (smiley face icon) from the message typing box. click-smiley-icon-teams-mobile-app
  • Choose any emoji from the categories.
  • Use the Search option to look for a specific emoji. select-emoji-from-teams-mobile-app
  • Touch on the emoji to select it.
  • Tap the Send icon to send a selected emoji. click-send-button-mobile

So, follow the above steps to add emojis to your channels in Microsoft Teams. The Teams app’s primary goal is to support team-based work. You must select your emojis and stickers wisely before sending them.

Many users reported that they are unable to send emojis in Teams. There are many reasons behind it, but you can apply quick methods to fix the Teams emoji not working issue.

How to Customize Emojis or Stickers in Teams Chat

Not all emojis support customization in Teams chat, but emojis with a dot in the top right corner are customizable. You can only change the color tone of the emojis in Teams. As for stickers, just click on the edit icon on the sticker, and you can alter the text as you prefer.

Also, changing the color tone of the emojis is a great way to customize them. So, follow the below instructions to add custom emojis in Microsoft teams.

Read the instructions below to send customized emojis in Teams:

On Windows & Mac

  • Select the Emoji icon under the Type a message section.
  • Choose Hand gestures or People emoji from the category. customizable-emojis-in-teams
  • Right-click on the emoji with a dot in the top right corner.
  • Choose any color tone you wish to select for the emoji. right-click-on-emojis-with-dot-teams

Now, click the Send button to send the personalized emoji.

On Android & iOS

  • Touch the Smiley icon on the right corner of the message typing body.
  • Tap on Emojis and go to the Hand gestures or People emoji category.
  • Press and hold on to the emoji you choose, and several color-tone variants of that emoji will pop up.
  • Select the desired color tone. tap-and-hold-to-custom-emojis-on-teams-mobile

After choosing the desired color tone, tap on it. The personalized emoji will automatically appear in the message typing section. Simply, touch the Send button to send it. send-customized-emoji-teams-mobile

You can also alter texts in the memes or stickers before sending one. It’s only possible from Windows, Mac & iOS platforms. Microsoft Teams Android version doesn’t have a memes option yet. So, let’s take a look at the below steps to send customized stickers or memes.

Follow the steps beneath to send customized stickers or memes:

On Windows & Mac

  • Select the Sticker icon, and you’ll find edit icons on the sticker’s category name in the left pane.
  • Choose any editable stickers from the category section.
  • Select the edit icon on the sticker. click-sticker-edit-icon
  • Edit the text as you want in the text box and click Done. edit-sticker-texts-in-teams-chat

Instantly the text will emerge on the sticker after modification. Click the Send button to send the text-modified sticker. click-send-edited-sticker

On iOS

  • Tap on the smiley icon from the message typing section.
  • Select the Memes option and tap on the sticker to edit the text. select-memes
  • Edit the text as you wish.
  • Select the Top or Bottom option to select the appearance position of the edited text. customize-memes-in-teams-iso-app
  • Touch the Send button to send it. send-customized-memes-teams-mobile

Note: Microsoft still didn’t add the Memes feature for the Teams Android app. You’ll find the Memes feature in the iOS version of Teams.

You have successfully sent personalized stickers or memes on the Teams messages or channel.

Animated GIFs, emojis, or stickers can create a visual disturbance while chatting on essential topics in Teams chat. As an admin, if you want to disable the autoplay of any animated GIFs, texts, or memes in Teams chat, it’s possible by applying a few steps.

How to Send a Quick Reaction to a Message in Teams

To send a quick reaction to a message in Teams, simply get the cursor over the message and choose any of the prompted emojis. Click on the more reactions button to react to the message with more emojis. It will take you to the emojis section.

You can send quick reactions like heart, laugh, surprise, etc., from the prompted quick reactions.

Here are the quick steps to send quick reactions to a message in Teams:

On Windows & Mac

  • Hover the cursor over the message, and a line of quick-reaction emojis will appear.
  • Choose and click on any of those to give a quick reaction.
  • Click the More reaction button (Smiley with a plus icon) to send a quick reaction from the Emojis section.send-quick-reactions-teams-chat

On Android & iOS

  • Press and hold the message where you want to add a reaction.
  • Choose and touch on the preferred emoji from the prompted window.
  • Touch the plus icon to send a reaction from the emojis section.send-quick-reaction-from-teams-mobile

I hope you have learned how to send emojis in Microsoft Teams by following the above steps. Now, you can send personalized stickers or memes and know how to give a quick reaction to a message in Teams.

Sometimes bugs or other problems can mess up a Teams app functionality. Moreover, it can freeze your PC too. If that’s the case, you can fix Teams that kept freezing the PC by applying several methods.


Are there emojis in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft added a library of emojis in the Teams chat section. Not only emojis, but you’ll also find many stickers, GIFs, and memes beneath the message box.

How do I add reactions to Microsoft Teams?

To add reactions to MS Teams on a message, simply tap and hold the message. You’ll see emojis will prompt for giving a reaction. Tap on one to send a quick reaction. The sender will get a notification of that reaction.

Which emojis support customization?

Among various emojis, only Hand & People emojis support customization.

Wrapping Up

I have covered everything on Teams emoji in this article, from sending an emoji to customizing one. Additionally, I showed the steps for sending a quick reaction to a message in Teams chat.

I hope you get all the steps quickly. So, have fun by sending those emojis, stickers, and memes.

For more additional guidance on Teams, knock me in the comment box. Enjoy sending emojis!

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