How To Identify A Sound Card On A Motherboard [2024]

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Every computer in the modern era includes a sound card that is soldered to the motherboard.

However, users may need to know which model sound card is in their system but are unsure how to identify card-on-a-motherboard-s

So, in this article, I’ll show some methods for determining the model of the sound card on your system.

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How to Identify a Sound Card on a Motherboard

To determine the model of your sound card, first hit the Windows key + Pause key. Then, choose Device Manager. You can choose sound, video, and game controllers by selecting the Arrow sign next to it. Then a list will appear, showing your sound card model.

The methods for finding your sound card vary depending on whether you’re running Windows or macOS.

Here are the methods to identify the sound card model on a motherboard::

For Windows Operating System

Users of Microsoft Windows can determine their sound card model using the Device manager  as well as the Windows Search function.

Here are the ways to identify sound card model for Windows OS:

Using Device Manager

Device Manager displays a graphical depiction of the devices on your PC. Users that need to track and control hardware components and associated drivers can use this control panel. As a result, you can use Device manager to quickly identify your sound card model.

Follow the steps below to determine the sound card model using the Device manager:

  • Type Device Manager in the Start menu and open it. device-manager
  • Select Sound, video, and game controllers by clicking the right Arrow (>).
  • Double-click on the Realtek High Definition Audio

Note: The name will vary depending on which sound card you have installed on your computer.

  • Go to the Driver tab.driver-sound-card-model

A list will appear on your computer screen, displaying the model of your sound card as well as the driver version of the sound card.

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Identify Sound Card Model via Windows Search Option

Windows Search allows users to look for data and applications fast by file name, attributes, and comprehensive information.

You can find your sound card model using the System Information panel and Dxdiag, a program for collecting hardware data to diagnose DirectX audio and visual issues.

Via System Information

Here are the steps to identify the sound card model via System Information:

  • Type System Information in the search option and open it. system-information
  • Go to Components > Multimedia > Sound Device. components-multimedia-sound-device

When you select the Sound Device option, the right side of the screen will display all of the information regarding your sound card model.

Also, you can use the Dxdiag tools to determine the model of your sound card.

Use Dxdiag

The following procedure is for determining the sound card model using the Dxdiag tool: 

  • Type Dxdiag in the Windows search menu. dxdiag-tool
  • Open Dxdiag.
  • Go to the Sound tab.sound-tab

The Sound tab contains all of the information regarding your sound card’s model number.

If you are using macOS, proceed to the following method to determine your sound card model.

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For macOS

On macOS, you can identify your sound card model in the Sound section of the System Preferences. Let’s see how to do this.

Here are the steps to find the sound card model for macOS: 

  • Click on the Apple logo from the menu.
  • Select System Information. apple-logo-system-information
  • Choose Audio. audio-information

After selecting the audio tab, you will see all of your sound card’s information on the right side of the audio tab you choose.

Additional information: You may manually check your sound card model number by removing the side cover of your PC chassis and peeking inside the top area of the sound card.

You can also view the sound card model on their official websites if you have an OEM machine, such as Dell, HP, Sony, or Apple.

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Why Need to Find Sound Card Details on a Motherboard?

Users generally search for the model of their sound card on their motherboard in order to download the correct sound driver and utilize the necessary settings for the specific model to get the greatest experience out of it.

Users, such as audio composers, use customized music or song settings. To obtain the specific settings, the user must first determine the correct model of the sound card that he is using, as each model is designed for a particular style of music.

Furthermore, some users need to know the sound card model on a motherboard so that when they disconnect some hardware, they do not accidentally disable their audio device.

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Does my motherboard have a sound card?

All motherboards on the marketplace include integrated sound cards, commonly known as inbuilt audio.

How do I know if I have an integrated sound card?

Check for the audio connection cable that connects the loudspeakers to the PC. Next, look for the location where the wire attaches to the PC. Your system probably has an inbuilt sound card if there are holes between the cursor, keypad, and USB ports beach of your casing.

Is Realtek a sound card?

Yes. Realtek audio chips integrated into boards are appropriate sound devices; specifically, the Realtek 892 and 887 are stable sound devices used in the majority of motherboards nowadays.


Knowing the proper model of your sound card allows you to select the appropriate driver for your sound card as well as the appropriate sound settings for your computer.

So, in this article, I demonstrated the most straightforward techniques for verifying your sound card type.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comments box below.

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