How Long Does it Take to Build a PC? [Technical Guideline]

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Constructing a PC faster requires experience. You may need a little more time to assemble your rig than the experts if you are a beginner.

Depending on the components and complexity of the required building, a PC structure may take variation in

If you are assembling your computer for the first time, you need to do some research. Here, I will help you learn how to build your PC faster.

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How Much Time is Required to Build Your Computer?

An expert can take one to one and a half hours to build a PC, whereas an amateur can take three to four hours. Whatever the difficulty level, forming a computer may take a maximum time of three to four hours. These also include preparation and troubleshooting time.

The most crucial part of creating a computer is getting the correct hardware and wire management. And Budget is the top primary consideration in choosing compatible components.

I recommend choosing the ambient budget to assemble the computer that fulfills your needs.

The things you should know about are the parts and the price range, which could be very confusing to select sometimes.

Here is the list of segments that you will need to build your rig:

1. Processor

While talking about processors, both AMD and Intel processors are gaming-compatible. AMD processors stay cooler than the processors of Intel. Intel processors are expensive compared to AMD processors as Intel processors are faster, but both of them have almost identical performance. You can choose any of these two, depending on your budget.processor

You must choose a powerful CPU that will be compatible with your other components. One thing to remember is that a high-end AMD processors costs less than the similar performer Intel processor.

And as per CPU installation time, it will only take how to get out of the diagnosing your PC loop.

2. Graphics Card

There are a thousand types and brands of Graphics cards in the market. Research the type of graphics card suitable for your computer and budget. A common suggestion is to read the review of those

You just need to set the right side of the framing to place your Graphic card. Installing the graphics card is pretty straightforward. 1 to 2 minutes will be needed to complete this function.

3. Motherboard

The motherboard is the most crucial and mandatory element of your PC. You can choose the motherboard to measure how many ram or other ports you may need. And choose your motherboard compatible with your DDR ram. If you are using a DDR5, you must select a mother that supports DDR5.motherboard

Here are the steps that you will need to follow while dealing with the motherboard:

● Setting the motherboard

These are the fixed connections, and you won’t need to worry much about to place in the correct slots. There are a CPU, RAM, M.2 storage drive, and CPU cooler that you need to install.

● Case management

This is where you will need to put an intense concentration because the cable management here consists of various combinations which are case preparation, pre-routing the case cables, installing the I/O shield, putting the motherboard in the case, plugging the case cables into the motherboard, and installing SSD or HDD.

If you are an expert user, you will need 10 minutes to fit the Motherboard in the CPU case; if you are not, you may need 15-20 minutes.

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4. RAM

Every motherboard has the same retention lock style on the RAM slot. Some motherboard has two, and some have 4 to 6 slots for RAM. I recommend dividing the RAM and using it in the motherboard. This way, you will have faster access, and if you face a RAM failure, you will not have to buy a complete set.ram

It will take 2 minutes to put the RAm sticks, including unboxing. And for a beginner, it can be 5 minutes.

5. CPU Case

Though we don’t prioritize CPU cases compared to other components, a good-quality CPU case can save you from a lot of painful activities.cpu-case

You should choose a CPU case that can fit all of your components. It is better to select a more significant case In case you need to customize it again.

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How to Reduce Your Time to Assemble a PC?

There are three ways you can reduce your PC management time: your previous experience, your research on building the PC, and the issues you may face while building the computer or the right troubleshooting method.

Here is the pathway for being a time consumer:

1. Research more

There is no alternative to research. To be good at anything, read and analyze the related things that have been done before. Before building your pc, you will have enough time to know about the construction of a computer. Make good use of that time. You can watch videos on YouTube or ask a skilled friend to tell you about the building process.

2. Experience

Experience is the most crucial factor needed to construct a PC faster. An experienced person knows how to fit and choose the correct components for the combination. It is something that you can gather by helping others or learning from different sources. Being experienced saves a significant amount of time because you do not have to open a YouTube video or ask any professional to guide you.

3. Handle Issue

There are a bunch of things to keep in consideration while you are working on your construction. The proper length of the cables, enough RAM clearance for the CPU cooler, BIOS and CPU compatibility, and your PC could not turn on due to improper connections, which damaged your pins. These problems can mean a replacement of the hardware sometimes.

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How Difficult is it to build a PC?

If you got the proper planning, building a pc is easy. Building a pc can take a lot of work for beginners, but if you have researched enough and have previous experience, it will be elementary for you.

There are a few things that you should also care about, which are cable management, cooling variation, RGB lighting, airflow, and installing the power supply.

Here are the things that you will also be putting your time on:

Cable management

While dealing with cables, you should be very careful. You may need to fit the cables which are not fitting, in case you also may need to replace the wires. Putting lines in the correct places needs art in placement. There is an art in plugging the cables; if you are in a hurry, you can damage things permanently. It will not take more than an hour to manage the lines whether you are a nonuser or a profound user.cable-management


Cooling systems can be found in two models, onesies liquid cooling and another is air cooling with fans. Those PCs with high-end configs prefer liquid cooling, and this may require creating a custom loop. You also need to ensure there is enough airflow in the CPU. This is to consider when you are choosing the CPU case.cooling

This process will require a couple of days to plan and fit, as it can damage the other components through any leakage.

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RGB Lighting

To attach RGB lighting, you must ensure enough RGB headers in the motherboard. You will need to provide the correct RGB light control. These strips simply need to be plugged into the motherboard by its RGB header, and it is done.

If your RGB header is in place, you will need less time after setting the lights.

Knowing about the procedure and analytics helps you consume your time. If you are a beginner, you may need to research more about the process, and the more you explore, you will know the exact thing to do. Time is not the fact here, but learning about the components and wire management upsets the cards.

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Can I build a gaming computer for 500 dollars?

Yes, you can build a gaming PC for $500 with a 12th gen intel CPU and discrete graphics. You will also be able to grab a 1080p screen for your gaming PC.

How long does it take to build a laptop?

If we consider the research and delivery, it can take one to two weeks to construct a laptop. Assembling the laptop may take forty minutes to one hour.

Final Thought

As you can see, the time it takes to build a PC can vary greatly depending on the person doing the building. Some people could get everything, with preliminary research included, done in a day if they buy all the components from a local store. But for others, it could take much longer.

I hope you have your answers about the time you will need to build your PC, and if you have any other questions, you can ask them in the comment box below.

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