How to Fix Steam Not Enough Disk Space Error 

Are you tired of seeing the steam not enough disk space error?

I know how annoyed you are feeling as I’ve faced the same issue although I had a good amount of space in my hard disk.

Don’t worry. I’ve a simple fix for this error.

At first, let me enlighten you by saying that you don’t need to delete anything for this error. 

So, in this post I’ll be showing you the exact solution to this problem in not more than 4 steps.

Be sure to comment for any type of enquiries. We’ll surely reach you by no time.

Let’s get started.

What is Steam Not Enough Disk Space Error?


Steam is one of our favorite gaming platform. But almost all of us had faced some issues with steam. There are several bugs, error codes that are continuously bothering the steam users.

One of this issues is the steam not enough disk space error.

I know you’re really tired of this tiny problem.

Yes, I’m saying it a tiny problem as its fix is super easy.

If you have already visited other websites to check its fix then I can say that you have messed up your mind and surely couldn’t find any worthy solution.

This error shows even though you have plenty of space in your hard disk.

I’ve searched for many solutions but none of them worked for me.

Then I’ve figured out the right solution after several times of trying.

Let’s not waste time and know why you’re seeing this error and how to fix it in less than 5 minutes.

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Why am I Seeing Steam Not Enough Disk Space Error?

Obviously, this is an important question. And you need to know the real answer:

Steam can’t make the proper choice where to save your data. It chooses fixed locations and if they fill up a definite amount of space than this error shows.

Steam is a big platform for downloading & buying games. This is not just a market place but also a good social communication system.

This platform is so big that you can’t even count the number of games in a whole day.

There are a lot of issues in steam because of the maintenance updates. You can’t even run anything without this updates.

The updates are good but most of the time they don’t suit properly with the hardware you are using.

It doesn’t mean that you really don’t have enough disk space.

I know you have that space in your hard disk. You just need to configure the steam app to use that valuable space.

How to fix steam not enough disk space error


Here I’ll be giving you a 4 step process. After finishing which I can guaranty that it’ll work for you.

The thing you need to check is:

Open steam and download the game/update you’re trying to download before right after finishing each step to confirm that it worked for you.

If any of these following steps worked for you then no need to follow to the rest. Just support us by letting us know if it worked for you.

Thank me later.


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Now let’s get right into the main process:

Step 1: Setting a Default Folder for the Downloads

I’ve given this step at the top as it’s the best fix and works for the most of the users.

And you might not need to follow the nest steps if it works for you.

So in this step you need to do the followings:

1.Open the steam app first

2.On the top left corner of the window you will find settings. Open the settings.

3. Go to downloads and then choose steam library folders.

4.If it’s already written C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam then no need to write it. If not written then write it in the box.


5.Then click Make Default Folder. Then close and restart the steam app.

I think you’ve already fixed the error.

Now try downloading the app you were willing to download.

If it works then definitely comment and tell us your experience. I’ll surely appreciate.

Again if this step didn’t worked for you then the next steps will surely help.

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Step 2: Setting a New Installation Folder

This is a much easier step to fix the solution then the previous one. So you need to do the following to achieve your desire result:

1.Open Steam and click on settings.

2.Go to downloads tab and look for the Steam Library Folders at the top.

3. Here you need to click on Add Library Folder.

4. Now, select a drive and folder which has a good amount of space (200GB+ would be good). Don’t choose the one that was already given here.

5.Click Ok. And the problem should be fixed undoubtedly.

Here's a fix for Application Load Error 5:0000065434 for steam. this might also help you in fixing this issue as well.

Step 3: Clear/Delete Steam Save Data

This is a pretty straight forward process. Let’s know how to do it. Here are the steps:

1.Open steam and go to settings and then look for cloud.

2.Disable steam cloud sync.

3.Exit the app. And close it from the right part of the task bar where running app shows.

4.Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata.

5. Go inside the folder named with numbers and find a folder names 448080or any other then go to the remote folder inside it.

6.Lastly delete the UserData.sav folder followed by few numbers.


Now you can check if it worked for you or not. Also don’t forget to turn on the steam cloud sync again just like you’ve turned it off.

Step 4: Repair Library Folder of Steam

It’s simpler than the previous step. Follow these steps very carefully:

1.Open steam and then navigate to settings.

2.Open Downloads and look for Content Libraries.


4.A new window will appear where you need to right click on the path given (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam) then click on Repair Library Folder.


Now you can open steam and try downloading and this how you can be sure that it worked for you or not.

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Step 5: Fix corrupted files of steam

This is the worst issues that you might face using steam.

But don’t worry.

Here’s the simplest fix:

1.Open the Run window by searching it or just by hitting the windows key and R key together.

2.Inside the box type cmd and click ok.

3.Now a command window will appear where you’ll need to write:

chkdsk c: /f

And then press Enter.

4.You can now type “Y to start the disk check scan.


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Question: Why am I Seeing Steam Not Enough Disk Space Error?

Answer: There are some bugs of steam create problem while making the proper choice where to save your data.

Question: How can I fix Steam Not Enough Disk Space Error?

Answer: Simple. I have 5 step solutions for this error which I've explained it the post. These are the steps:

  1. Setting a Default Folder for the Downloads
  2. Setting a New Installation Folder
  3. Clear/Delete Steam Save Data
  4. Repair Library Folder of Steam
  5. Fix corrupted files of steam

Question: Why game is not downloading on steam showing not enough disk space?

Answer: This is an error. it's not like that you have to free up your space to fix this problem. I have given a very easy solution to this problem is this post.


Steam not enough disk space error was a great pain for me. I couldn’t download the updates for my games and literally sat for a week not playing any games.

Finally I tried to figure out how to solve this error and it works perfectly. Hope that it works for yo too.

I’m hoping that steam provides us such updates that can solve this irritating error.

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