Fix: NVIDIA GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003 and Error Code 0x0001

Are you seeing the message that says, “Something went wrong” when opening the NVIDIA GeForce Experience app having an error code: 0x0003 or error code 0x0001?

I have found a very easy solution to fix both of these errors. It worked for me and my friends. And I can promise you that you won’t see any error further after reading this full post.

So, in this post I’m going to give you a 4 step solution. So, make sure to follow each of them to make sure that you don’t face these problems anymore.


Why am I seeing Error Code: 0x0001 or Error Code 0x0003?

Error CodeOrigins of ErrorOperating SystemCaused ByPossible Fix
0x0001NVIDIA GeForce Experience SoftwareWindows 10, 7corrupted Driver FilesFixing Driver
0x0003NVIDIA GeForce Experience SoftwareWindows 10corrupted/misconfigured DriverUpdating Driver

NVIDIA GeForce Experience is an excellent app for optimizing games, screen recording and taking screenshots of gameplay and getting driver updates regularly for your graphics card.

But the main problem is:

This app is itself a great problem maker when it comes to the real experience.

Nvidia control panel can fix this error very easily if you teak it rightly.

Moreover, error code 0x0001 and error code 0x0003 are the most annoying problems of a NVIDIA GeForce Experience user. Most of the People face these error messages when they open the app.

It gets worse:

When the error code 0x0001 keeps coming back again and again. This destroys the overall experience of the users.

In addition to this error if you see Application load error 5:0000065434 while opening steam then here is the possible fix.


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100% Working Solution for Error Code 0x0001 and Error Code 0x0003

Enough of talking, now let’s get right into the point.

I’ve given a 4 step solutions to these problems.

But, your question might be:

Which one should I follow?

My answer is:

Try each of them and check if they work for you. And don’t forget to comment below if it worked for you also if you have any inquiries.

Also if you face problem while hearing anyone on discord then here's an easy fix.

Step 1

Most of the users facing this problem got rid of those errors just by Uninstalling their current Nvidia GeForce Experience version and reinstalling the latest version from nvidia’s official website.

This is a very normal software issue. Using a dedicated installer can help you fix the solution very easily.

Also don't forget to fix overlay features of different game. this may cause difficulty for your GPU to render games.

Step 2

Believe me:

This solution is worth the struggle and I’ve given it earlier as most people have solved the problem just by following these 3 steps given below:

1. In the search bar search for RUN or Press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialog box and type Services.msc in it and click ok.

2. In the new window you‘ll find Nvidia Telemetry Container and then right click and select Properties – then click on Local System Account. Don’t forget to check the option Allow the service to interact with the desktop. Finally click Apply.


3. Now Right click on Nvidia Telemetry container service and select start.

4. Again open Run then open Services.msc find Nvidia Display service container, Nvidia Local System Container & Nvidia Network Service Container. Right click on each of them and click start.

Hope fully this method worked for you. If you still see the error then the next step is for you.

Step 3

We have observed that in most cases, the main culprit is the NVIDIA Telemetry Container service behind these errors. The reason why this problem happen is for is for modifying the settings for all NVIDIA Container services.

Also check out if there's any app eating up all your CPU & GPU for no reason.

Here’s the solution to get rid of the error 0x0001 and error 0x0003:

  1. Open the Run dialog box (like step 2). Then, type “services.msc” and click OK.
  2. Search for Container services used by NVIDIA. Right-click on the first container services then open Properties.
  3. Inside the Properties window, go to the Log On tab and chek the box for Local System account then hit Appy to save the changes.
  4. Do the same for the rest of Nvidia container services.
  5. Restart the PC. After the startup, open the GeForce Experience app. The error shouldn’t appear again in your entire life.

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Step 4

This solution is for those who failed using all of the previous processes. The steps are given below:

1.Open up a Run dialog box (As shown in step 2). Then type appwiz.cpl and click OK.

2.Here you’ll need to find NVIDIA Experience and then right click on it and select Uninstall.

3.Restart your computer after the uninstallation process is completed.

4.Now, you will need to download the latest Beta version of NVIDIA GeForce Experience from the Official website.

5.Finally Install the utility app and restart your PC without opening the app.

This will surely fix the error you were seeing before.

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NVIDIA GeForce Experience is an excellent app but it has some bugs. These issues might get fixed with newer update of the app.

The error code 0x0001 means the application is unable to start for inappropriate installation process.


The Error Code 0x0003 means: GeForce Experience is unable to open for complications made by other apps.

These two problems can be easily solved by the methods that we have discussed here.

If you are annoyed of this app. you can uninstall Geforce and then reinstall it.


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