Does Ram Brand Matter? [The Unbiased Facts Revealed 2024]

Written By Steven Arends

RAM is the most crucial component while building a new PC for gaming or work purposes. From tech geeks to novices, everyone wants to buy the best-branded RAM. Why not choose a non-branded RAM?

Does branded RAM truly matter when you are seeking superior performance?

Remember that a top branded RAM always looks nicer than a boring green stick RAM module. Who doesn’t want a RAM that looks like a piece of tech fabricated from the aliens? Branded RAMs look dope and deliver top-class performance.

Without further ado, let me guide you on why branded RAM matters and the reasons behind this. I will also cover other aspects that depend on this matter in this article. So, read till the end.

Let’s begin, shall we?does-ram-brand-matter

Why Does Brand Matter for RAM?

Branded RAM always delivers top-notch performance. In addition, you will get a good warranty and return policy. While testing and maintaining quality assurance, they don’t compromise a bit. You will get better frequency, CAS latency, and DRAM chips in the branded RAM than in the nonbrand.

Now, the RAM price is inflated more than a typical weather balloon. But you have got no choice left but to spend a bit extra penny to buy a top performing RAM.

Branded ram is bound to deliver the best performance to your system. So, why not buy a branded ram instead of a non-branded ram?

Random access memory (RAM), or temporary memory, is the pc component that temporarily stores all the data when your processor needs quick access to perform any task. So, ram comes to the rescue when you have to deal with a bunch of workloads on your PC.

The Ram market is populated with many ram manufacturing companies. You are wrong if you think top brands like Corsair, Gskill, and Kingstone make their DRAM chip for the RAM they sell. None of these brands make DRAM chips.

The fact is they buy the ram chip from the same place. DRAM chip makers like Samsung, Sk Hynix, and Micron group supply almost 95% of the DRAM chip to ram companies.

Meanwhile, the Intel and AMD companies dominate the CPU & GPU market. Conversely, the ram market is so fragmented and uncountable, like the branches of a giant tree.

Nonbranded ram won’t give you a good after services and return policy. They don’t perform the same quality control tests as branded companies do. You will find a significant difference in performance when you buy both branded ram and a non-branded ram with the same specs like capacity, speed, CAS latency, etc.

I hope you understand why the brand matters when buying RAM. Speaking of RAM brands, check out some of the best Corsair RAM available on the market now.

Why Should You Choose Top Branded Ram?

If you have read the above section, you already get a clear picture of why you should choose a top branded RAM. Yet, allow me to make it more straightforward for you. Certain factors make the branded RAM companies top of the bucket list.why-should-you-choose-top-branded-ram

Here are the factors that will force you to buy brander RAM sticks:

1. Warranty and Return Policy

Just think! You just bought a RAM manufactured by a non-brand company. After some days, you get the infamous blue screen of death, and you find out the RAM is the main culprit. At that instant, you went to claim the warranty or ask for a refund, but the manufacturer refused to give it.

Painful, isn’t it?

That’s where branded RAM companies will value your problems the most after buying it. The warranty policy is superb, and they don’t hesitate to resolve your issues with the RAM.

To maintain their reputation, they will support you with their fullest offerings. You can also return the RAM as they provide a return policy also, which you may not find if you buy an off-branded RAM. They will not care about your problems as branded companies do.

2. Quality Control and Performance Test

Branded companies didn’t achieve their names just in a few days. They have more knowledge and tech to test their products to the end of the breaking point. They perform speed and benchmark tests to ensure if the product is delivering the top-class performance or not.

They make the product compliant with JEDEC industry standards to ensure optimal compatibility and performance. Brand manufacturers test all the modules to the component, chip, and function level.

Each manufacturer tests higher-end RAM modules exceptionally to beat each other by improving their performances. The competition between the brand RAM companies makes the RAM stronger than nonbranded RAM.

As I told you before, RAM is manufactured by the three DRAM chip-making companies, and brands only do the tests and modify them before selling them to the market.

Understanding which RAM slots to use is vital to get the most out of your branded RAM kits.

3. Branded Manufacturers Offer High-end RAM Modules

In 2022, you will find all the high-end RAM modules with RGB lighting features. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB, Team Xtreem ARGB, G.Skill’s Trident Z Neo, and Trident Z Royal are the best in class.

Companies like Corsair, G.Skill, Team, and Crucial make the best RAM modules. In those high-end RAM sticks, you will find bus speeds from 4000 MHz to 3200MHz, or even higher. You will see the lowest CAS latencies, like 14,15, or 16, along with the lower timings in the RAM.

In the nonbranded RAM, you won’t find these forms of high specs. Although, RGB is the coolest thing you will see in those RAMs. Non-branded RAM won’t offer you unlimited synchronized RGB effects and sustainability, which branded RAM will do.

4. Reliability

Branded RAMs come first when you talk about trust issues and longevity. They offer more reliability than off-branded RAM companies.

Buying a renowned branded RAM will give you a long service. You won’t face any problems soon, while off-branded RAM may give you more trouble than you can imagine.

You may face a blue screen of death, declining PC performance, failure while installing a program, computer beeping, random reboot, and problems like this while using a non-branded RAM.

After digging up all the key benefits of branded RAM, I think you are now convinced why branded RAM is way better than non-branded ones. But sometimes, it depends on the user if they want to buy a branded RAM or not. What’s your opinion about that?

Why Branded RAM Doesn’t Matter Sometimes

Earlier in this article, l already told you that RAM companies do several tests and modify their products before selling. But they make those DRAM silicon chips from the three leading memory chip-making companies. So, all the RAM modules will perform closely if the same chip maker companies make it.

While buying a non-branded RAM, make sure you know which DRAM chip it uses.

If a non-branded RAM matches all the specs advertised, go for it. Hence, most of the RAMs DRAM chips made by the same companies will perform the same.

When all the specs of an off-branded RAM like speed, timings, and CAS latency are matched with a branded RAM, you may go for it. In general, the brand really doesn’t matter in terms of performance. All that matter is the actual performance, whether it’s branded or not.

Looking for my recommendation? I will definitely suggest you not be the first person to buy a RAM that doesn’t have any reviews yet. Check the review for your desired RAM and go for the one which has the highest ratings.

Should You Use Mixed Brand Ram Modules?

This is the most controversial question when buying RAM for your rig. The fact is you can use mixed brand RAM on your system; it won’t be a problem.

But don’t use DDR3 RAM in your DDR4-supported RAM slot. You can definitely use the same type of mixed RAMs like different brands, but both of them must be DDR4 or DDR3 types.

You can run an 8 GB DDR4 3200 MHz in one slot with an 8 GB DDR4 2666 MHz in the other slot. It will run perfectly. But here, the lowest speed will dictate. Both the RAM will run at 2666 MHz speed. The RAM with 3200 MHz will also run with 2666 MHz, not with 3200 MHz.

When you want to use mixed branded RAM in both slots, try to match both RAMs bus speed, latency, timings, etc. Using mixed branded RAM together with the same specs won’t be a matter for your system.


Which brand offers the best ram?

Brands like Corsair, G.Skill, Team, Kingston, HyperX, and Adata offer the best RAM in the market. You will find all the high-end RAM from these brands. Crucial is a brand of Micron. Though, Micron is a leading DRAM chip maker along with Samsung and Hynix.

How to choose the best ram?

First, make sure what type of work you want to do with your system. Then make a list of how much capacity and speed you need, your required CAS latency, and timing. Choose your desired RAM brand and match all the listed specs you want in your RAM. Buy the RAM which matches all your criteria.

How much ram do you need in 2022?

It mainly depends on your work and how intense the type of gaming you do. If you are a hard-core gamer, then go for 16GB. Meanwhile, 32GB will be overkill for you, but it will tackle future gaming. If you are a CGI or animation creator, 64GB sometimes will be a sweet spot for you. It mainly depends on the user and how much RAM is enough for the work.

Final Thoughts

The RAM market is strange and confusing at the same time. But I think you now know which RAM you should go for. In my opinion, you should go for a branded RAM.

Choose your RAM according to your needs. Don’t buy a RAM with no reviews or too many negative reviews.

I hope you now can choose your RAM wisely if you have read the article till the end. Have any questions to ask? Just leave a comment below.

Your decision determines your future performance. Choose wisely!

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