Add Border Around Text in Outlook [Highlight Texts Quickly]

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While in class, the teacher would always mark the text on the board with a box or border to highlight the crucial part. And in Outlook, it’s no different.

Adding a border to a text can enhance the visual appeal and help grab the reader’s attention or make an important point. It’s an effortless way to get creative, and you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity.add-border-around-text-in-outlookIn this article, I’ll provide straightforward methods to add a border around your text in Outlook email and customize them most imaginatively.

So, let’s begin.

How to Add Border Around Text in Microsoft Outlook

Inserting a border is the best way to help important texts stand out from the rest of your documents. Users in Outlook can add a border around the email text and attract the recipient to read the part. This method is vital for business, especially for marketing and email promotion.

Consider reading the following steps to learn how to add borders around text in Outlook email.

Here is the process to insert a border around text in MS Outlook:

  • Launch Outlook desktop client.
  • Create a New Email.outlook-pc-new-email
  • Type your text in the email body.
  • Highlight your text or multiple lines.
  • Navigate to Format Text from the top ribbon.
  • Press the drop-down menu from Borders under the Paragraph.
  • Choose your preferred borders from the list.outlook-pc-text-borders

Your selected borders will apply to your highlighted text or lines. Users can choose Bottom Border, Top Border, Left Border, Right Border, No Border, All Border, Outside Border, and Inside Border from the list.

Note: Text borders are only available for the Desktop client. Outlook on the Web and mobile versions don’t have such options for text.

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Customize Border Around Text in Microsoft Outlook

The custom border around texts is an artistic way to express your feelings and creativity. Customizing the border around text allows the user to change border design, size, and color. You can also use predefined settings to add effects to your text border.

Read the instructions below to customize the border around text in Outlook email.

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Here is the procedure to customize the border around text in MS Outlook:

  • Navigate to your email text.
  • Select the text or lines.
  • Go to the Format Text tab.
  • Click the drop-down menu from Borders.
  • Press on Borders and Shading.outlook-pc-borders-and-shading
  • Choose Style, Color, and Width from the Borders tab.
  • Click on the diagram or use the buttons to apply borders from the Preview section.
  • Press the drop-down menu from Apply to and select Text.
  • Click the OK button to confirm the process.outlook-pc-customize-borders-and-shading

Selecting a border style will put a box around text in Outlook. You can also choose Shadow or 3-D setting from the Border tab.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put a border around a text in an Outlook email?

To put a border around a text in an Outlook email, go to New Email > select text > Format Text > Paragraph > press on a border.

Can I use borders around text in Outlook on the Web?

No, Outlook on the web doesn’t have the borders options for text. It’s only available for the desktop application.

How to remove borders around text in Outlook email?

To remove borders around text in Outlook email, select the text > Format Text > Borders > choose No Border.


When trying to get the recipient’s attention, inserting the text border is the optimum method. It increases productivity and chances of reading your emails attentively.

This article has explained the procedures for adding borders around email text in Outlook, and I believe you are using the process to make your email look aesthetic.

Share your thoughts in the comment box below, and I’ll catch you at the next one. Goodbye.

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