What to Do With Old Graphics Card? [Reuse, Sell or Recycle]

Written By Steven Arends

In most cases, upgrading the GPU is the first thing that comes to mind whenever you’re rebuilding your rig.

Despite upgrading to a new GPU, there are many ways you can utilize the old GPU. I still use my 2014 GeForce GTX 970 on my second PC to enhance its performance.


Maybe you don’t like to use it to boost another pc, but GPUs are some costly components, and there are many ways to after using them even if the card is aged. And I’ll talk about those options in the below article.

How You Can Take Advantage of Your Old Graphics Card?

Recycling old GPUs is one of the greatest options. And there are companies who will recycle your old GPU with pleasure, also they offer higher prices than usual people. Otherwise, you can sell them to other people. And don’t forget, this can be a great gift for your friend.

There are numerous ways to use your old GPU. Gift the GPU to your buddy, apply it as a secondary GPU, or attach it with other hardware like a home theater or emulator.

Also, there are many ways to take benefit from old graphics cards.

And if there is no need, then you can always sell it for a reasonable price. And you can obtain better hardware with the money. Now let’s take a look at what you can do with an old dGPU.



Meanwhile, there are several ways to reuse an old video card. And it depends on your demand and how old your GPU is. You might use it as your home lab for testing, or maybe use it as a video card for other devices if there are possibilities.

Popular eSports Games Can Still Be Played on Old GPUs:  Many titles like CS:GO, Fortnite, Dota 2, League of Legends, and many more still run well with older video cards. So, for esports players, old graphics cards still hold good value, and also it can be used for gaming readily.

Apply it to a New Device Such as A Home Theater PC, A Streaming PC, or An Emulator: A computer is more than just a machine for gaming or work; it can also be used for home theater or as a streaming deck. Many people create emulators using PC components.

That being said, just simply adding a graphics card can improve the performance and experience in various ways.

Personal Server: You can always use your previous rig for network-attached storage (NAS) instead of building a separate server. GPU is not strictly necessary for this solution, but it can provide additional benefits when required.

When video cards are installed in the system, you can stream, play games, and perform graphical tasks. And don’t forget, on top of that, it’s already doing its job as the server.

A Low-Cost Method of Making a Non-Gaming Rig Game-Ready: Maybe you have a different computer that only uses for official tasks, but it’s gathering dust in the corner. With a GPU, you can modify an old machine into a gaming machine.

Adding an old GPU is just plug-and-play, and more convenient than purchasing a new one for a non gaming machine.

Keep it Somewhere Safe For Future Use And Testing: Graphics cards are a valuable piece of component for every PC user. Maybe after upgrading the GPU, there can be many times when an extra card will be necessary.

For testing another display, test any motherboard, or if your current video card dies, you can still keep up with the old card. That’s why, if possible, keep the old graphics card safe for later demand.

Create an Arcade Machine: Building an arcade machine could be a great solution. Joysticks and buttons can be connected via USB, and the GPU will provide excellent support for playing classic arcade games. Building from the ground up will keep costs low and provide you with a sweet experience

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Sell or Give Away

You can sell the graphics card if you wish. And the used market for old display cards is still doing better. You will get a reasonable price for the card depending on its age, condition, specifications, and where you sell it.

Even though GPU technology is rapidly evolving, the value of older technologies has diminished. Simply sell it patiently, and you will find many people willing to give you a reasonable price for the display card.


An old video card might be a great help for your friend or your younger siblings. Maybe it’s the main components they are missing on the machine that they can’t afford. So why not spread some love to grow the bond?

There might be a great chance you can get some more gaming buddies with this action, and you can play together in the future.


Assuming that you can’t reuse the video card or sell it, it’s not a good practice to throw the graphics card into the trash. Cause, it’s not suitable for your landfill, and you might lose the chance to get some rewards.

Some companies recycle or sometimes rebuild your old video card. Also, sometimes they offer higher value than the second-hand market. There are random elements inside an aged video card that are reusable.

For Nvidia cards, there are certified E-waste retailers where you can send your Nvidia cards. Also, Best Buy has a dedicated department for recycling.

If you get good value, then you are lucky, despite that it’s overall better to send the GPU to recycle facilities than through it in the bin. Recyclers can extract the metals and dispose of them in an eco-friendly way. So, if every path gets closed, this is the right path to follow.

Also, what to do with a broken GPU? In case your graphics card is old and broken, then sending it for recycling is one of the best options. And if it’s still under warranty, then contact your seller before your graphics card dies.

Other Stuffs You Can Do With Old Graphics Card

Throughout the article, I discuss many possibilities for reuse or other ways to get benefits from the old graphics card. There are still some more things that can be done with an old video card. Let’s discuss the matters you can do with an old GPU.

Keep It As A Spare Component: An extra part is always helpful in times of need. You can keep the card as an additional component for troubleshooting or solving specific problems, such as testing the motherboard’s PCI Express slot.

Modify The Graphics Card: In case you wish to know more about computer hardware, then it will be an excellent opportunity to work with an old GPU. The video card is a very crucial component for a PC. You can open up the card and change some parts with better choices.

Modifying your GPU will cost you its warranty, and apparently, that’s not available for your antique graphics card, right? So, in case you have the chance, then take the experience if you wish.

Whenever I got the chance to work on a graphics card, I never miss the chance. And when it’s an old card, then there is no risk. So, I open up the card, change the fans, apply new thermal paste. And if you have the chance, I suggest you take the trip.

Swap It For Other Hardware: Graphics cards are expensive, and whether it’s old or not, it always has better value than most of the other parts from a PC. So in case you have an old display card, you can always exchange it with different hardware.


Should you sell an old GPU?

If you desire to upgrade your video card, selling old graphics cards can manage some extra support for purchasing your new card. Otherwise, it can acquire a good amount of returns that could be used.

Can a graphics card be too old?

In recent times, GPU technologies are advancing rapidly. That’s why old cards are becoming too old. When your card is performing low with a modern title, then you realize it’s time to upgrade because the card is getting backdated.

Can you have two graphics cards in 1 PC?

Although most gamers use single graphics cards, it’s possible to use multiple cards. Utilizing PCI Express Bifurcation can run numerous cards together.

Final Thoughts

You can reuse it for a good cause, or sell it. And if none of those options appeal to you, graphics cards contain a wealth of valuable materials, some of which are unsuitable for disposal.

That is why I recommend that instead of throwing it away, send it to proper recycling facilities.

There are numerous ways to make the most of your old graphics card, as I will discuss briefly throughout the article, and I will be honored if the article inspires you in any way.

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