How to Tell if HDMI Cable is 2.0? [Complete Guide 2024]

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Sometimes you can’t find any clue to detect the version of an HDMI cable, though you check the labels or written numbers on the cable.

However, this is a Disappointing situation for you. But, don’t be panicked about this situation. I will help you to determine, the version of the HDMI cable.

As a techie guy, I know some simple techniques of determining an HDMI cable version.

How to detect HDMI 2.0 cable?

You can Detect HDMI 2.0 by using the User Manual. You can check all the information on the manufacturer’s website and detect the version. The support equipment also helps you to detect the HDMI 2.0. CPU Test also helps you to determine HDMI 2.0.

Before knowing the detecting methods, first, we have to know about the HDMI 2.0 cable.

Without wasting any more time let’s start the main

What is an HDMI cable?

HDMI cable is a standard type cable that is transmitting digital video and audio from one device to another. The acronym of HDMI is High-Definition Multimedia Interface. This extension cord is so top-rated product because you can transmit high-quality media data by using this cable.

You can make a connection between your laptop and projector with the HDMI cable and transmit high-quality video, Pictures, Audio. Data transmit rate and quality depend on the version of the HDMI cable.

Here is the list of different types of HDMI Cables:

HDMI Version 1HDMI-version-1

From the name, you can understand that HDMI Version 1 is the first version of HDMI cables. It launched in the early 21st century. When it was first available in the market, it got so many users compliments for it’s awesome frame rate. The very first version name was 1.0. After that, there were many updates to Version 1.

Here are the most popular Versions of HDMI version 1

HDMI 1.0,1.1

The first two versions of HDMI cables. It supports 720p Videos. The refresh rate is 60Hz.

HDMI 1.2

In this version of the cable, the resolution remains the same 720p. But the refresh rate jumps from 60Hz t0 120Hz.

HDMI 1.4

The first HDMI with ARC capabilities Besides 1080P it is the first version that supports 4K videos.

It supports 4K at 30Hz. It also supports1080p and 1440p at 120Hz and 60Hz.

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HDMI Version 2HDMI-version-2

HDMI version 2 is the first update of a new HDMI forum. The updated version number is raised from 1 to 2. The cable also makes some major changes in outlook and internal infrastructure. Manufacturers increase the bandwidth parameter in the version.

Here are the most popular versions of HDMI version 2:

HDMI 2.0

This is the first version to support 5k videos. Released in 2013 and it has a refresh rate of 30Hz. It supports 1080p at 240Hz, 1440p at 120 Hz, 4k at 60Hz and 5K videos at a 30Hz refresh rate.

HDMI 2.0a

It’s an updated version of 2.0. It contains all the features of the 2.0 cable. But it supports HDR videos.

HDMI 2.0b

Another updated version that has all the features of 2.0 just with an extra feature. It supports

HLG HDR videos. HLG means Hybrid Log-Gamma.

HDMI Version 2.1

This is the latest version of HDMI extension cords. Released in 2017, this new HDMI has a transmit speed of 48 Gbps. Greater than all the previous ones. The vision of the images from this HDMI is most clear and Realistic.

These are the most used versions of HDMI cables.

Now I will give an overview of HDMI version 2.0.

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Characteristic of HDMI Version 2.0

HDMI version 2.0  is the 2nd generation of HDMI cables, released in September 2013.

It is also called HDMI UHD.

There are some important changes introduced to this new version of HDMI cable.characteristic-of-hdmi-version-2.0

Here are the basic characteristics of HDMI cable 2.0: 

Higher Frame Rate

The higher frame is one of the exclusive characteristics that manufacturers introduced with HDMI 2.0. It has a 60Hz frame rate for 4k resolution. This frame rate reduces the motion blur and provides higher bandwidth to HDR videos.

Increased Bandwidth

Another main feature of HDMI 2.0 is its increased Bandwidth. The maximum Bandwidth of HDMI 2.0 is 18Gbps. This bandwidth supports the detailed color vision of 4K videos. Advanced High-Quality Audio also supports the bandwidth.

Increased Color Bit Depth

In this version of HDMI Cable Color, Bit Depth is increased to 12 bits. There are 4096 shades per channel Outlined in the cable. This makes the gradients of display pictures smoother than the previous versions.

Chroma  Subsampling

One of the best specifications of HDMI 2.0 is 4:4:4 Chroma Subsampling. It helps the color to display in an uncompressed state. It gives a clear view of images from computers.

HDR View

HDR means High Dynamic Range.It increases the detail level of dark view and light view by expanding the range of contrast and color Allowing.

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Improved Audio Performance

The audio performance is incredibly improved in this version of HDMI. HDMI 2 supports

Dolby ATMOS, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD quality Audio. These advanced Audio features improve the audio quality higher than the previous versions of HDMI cables.

These are the main characteristics of HDMI version 2.0.

But it’s so tough to detect the different versions of HDMI.

Don’t worry, I know some simple ways to determine HDMI version 2.0.

In the next portion of the article. I describe them elaborately.

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How do you Determine HDMI 2.0 Cable?

If you are newbie at the technological field than it’s hard to differentiate among HDMI cables.

So, let me share some expert methods with you to determine it successfully

Here are the methods that detect HDMI:

Check From Website

Manufacturers’ website is the best option to know about the product. The users Website is contains all the necessary information of the product.

So when you try to detect HDMI cable 2.0,

first go to its manufacturer’s website. Then search for the specification of HDMI 2.0. Now match the Bandwidth,HDR, Audio performance,Display Color with your extension Cord.

If your cord contains all the features then it is HDMI 2.0.

Check The User Manual

You will always get a user manual book or card with the product. This book holds all the information about the Product. It actually works the same as the Manufacturer’s website.

You need to find out the specification and special features of the HDMI 2.0. Then match it with your Extension Cord. If every feature are matches your extension cord then your cable is HDMI 2.0.

Check with Different Devices

Different types of Pc’s Support different types of HDMI cables.

You can check your HDMI cable with your laptop. Because each model of laptops support different kinds of HDMI cables.

Such as, 9th gen Intel Processors are support the HDMI version 1.4. But the 10th generation laptops support 2.0 HDMI extension cords. All you have to do is check the configuration of your laptop. You can check it manually or you can check it through internet.

Manufacturers website is the best website to know your Laptops configuration.

Check that which kind of HDMI your laptop supports.

Now connect the HDMI with your PC. If your PC supports HDMI 2.0 and the connected HDMI works perfectly with your HDMI then it’s definitely the HDMI version 2.0 cable.

These are the most common methods of determining a HDMI 2.0  cable. You can apply this methods to determine your HDMI cable.

HDMI 2.0 cable also has different types.

Here are the types of HDMI 2.0 cable:

  1. High Speed HDMI cable.
  2. High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet.
  3. Standard Speed HDMI cable.
  4. Standard Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet.

These are the different types of  HDMI 2.0 cables.


HDMI cable is one of the top-rated products for your computer. It can transmit High-End audio-video data from one device to another. It has so many versions.

From the 1.0 to the latest 2.1.

But Determining an HDMI cable version is not an Easy thing.

In this post, I describe briefly the tricks to detect HDMI 2.0.

Hope this is helpful and you are able to Determine HDMI 2.0 with these techniques.

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